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  1. Harley Quinn wouldnt work as a huge hyper in just about every where else in the world. But in the Gold Coast it would be great. Harley Quinn is portrayed by an Australian actor who I believed lived or lives (correct me if I'm wrong) on the Gold Coast. Maybe some signs would be needed in the qeue to explain this, but I see it working well. For a park themed to movies, having a huge actor from the same area as the theme for your major attraction doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  2. They said the VR replacement is 2 years away. They never said anything about other attractions.
  3. Having ridden both styles, Intamin/Mack (I/M) vs B&M, I'd say B&M track feels more controlled, and that in part is probably due to the fact that the B&M style is thicker, and it appears stronger. On the other hand the I/M track feels a lot more uncontrolled and crazy, which I personally prefer in a coaster. I think that the I/M track can offer more experiences, so if I had the option for an all I/M coaster park, or an all B&M coaster park, I'd pick an all I/M park, because I see the track to be more versatile. B&M coasters are amazing, but they all look pretty similar and I reckon they are not as versatile and too many B&M coasters would get old. (Just an opinion, I'm open to all views)
  4. I understand all of that, but friends of mine have been talking about the Coaster, and they didn't even know Doomsday was a ride.
  5. I think that this advertising campaign was well planned, but I don't know if it came across successfully. The only people I'd talked to that knew of the ride, were people who had been to the park and happened to find a new ride. Maybe Doomsday was a trial of one style of advertising campaign, and MW wasn't happy with the amount of hype (ie they wanted more), so now they have decided to use their second style of advertising campaign, and I think it's working. We've already been talking about the coaster more than we had about Doomsday. But hey. Thats just a theory.
  6. I personally don't think they have fallen asleep. See, the only people an early announcement would please are coaster enthusiasts and sadly they are lacking in Australia. For the rest of Australia, advertising for a ride now, when it's not going to open for about six months, would be annoying. If I were not an enthusiast, I would probably look into the ride, find out it hasn't even been built yet, and then I'd probably forget about it and never think about it again. But say the advertising started hyping up maybe a month out from opening or even a little earlier, I'd probably plan a trip to Movie World. So I don't think they have fallen asleep, if anything they're doing a great job not messing up.
  7. Actually, we know that the villain is Steppenwolf, portrayed by Ciarán Hinds. Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle in case you want a picture of where he sits in the DC universe. But his color is more red-brown: So I dont think the coaster will be themed to him.
  8. I really think its Suicide Squad. It's a huge movie that had so much momentum and hype, it's known by so many and it's perfect for the age group a ride like this would appeal to. And I think the placement of the coaster is no problem. You want your biggest ride to be up front and you want it to be themed to villains, but the villain section of the park is a fair ways away. Why not connect the two? You've now got a strip of villain rides: Sorry Doomsday and the villains area isn't there, but imagine it is where the show stage is. So you've got a long line of villain themed rides and attractions, it really wouldn't take much to connect them. The pink area highlighted is where a path could be made. This could be like the "Villian Walk Of Fame" (cheesy I know). It could have some more of the figures kind scattered around, maybe with more of the wristband interactive features. You could even have nods to older less known villains from older movies, keeping the Movie World theme, I could see Bizarro figures, maybe more etc. Now how would the all connect? The new coaster will probably have some new paths so it wouldn't be an issue starting the path. I could see a bit of the path going underneath Arkham connecting to the plaza. This would look really cool. You could literally walk through the coaster. The reason I think this is a possibility is thus: That's plenty of time to build a path underneath the coaster. How does this then connect to the Doomsday area? Where the arrow is, is where a tunnel could go through the buildings at the back of the Doomsday area. I know this sounds really far-fetched, but it would be really cool, and it would actually help with crowd control and making some areas less congested. Just an idea how the theme could work.
  9. I reckon its Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad appealed to people around 13-18 which is also the kind of people who you see at Movie World the most, the younger of that gap gets the parents to come as well. Those at that age actually enjoyed the movie, so I think it would be a great decision for Movie World. It was a movie with big hype and big momentum that personally I didnt think dropped when the movie got bad reviews. It still got a lot of people watching. I think it would be a great theme. It appeals to the key audience and its recent enough for people to know the name.
  10. Maybe this coaster uses some groundbreaking technology (or at least new for Mack), kind of like Lightning rod being the first wooden launch coaster. Maybe Mack is trying something new, like a changed style of track, or a launch lift hill instead of a chain. Something mack hasn't done before (considering all the new things they did last year, it wouldn't surprise me). And because this is a new technology for them, they took longer than expected to finish manufacturing it. Mack and Movie World, wouldn't want a Dollywood on their hands so they're holding out on setting an announcement in concrete until they are both sure that this new technology is ready to go without further delays.
  11. Sorry if this is unclear or confusing, but looking at the photos of the site, I couldn't help feeling that a helix similar to the one ending Goliath at Walibi holland fits perfectly in the space that has been cleared. I also looked closer at the footers seen clearly and could kind of make out the shape of a helix? Sorry YLFATEEKS if this post is weird and confusing.
  12. Maybe it needs a lot more energy, that in turn costs a lot more, and the public probably wouldn't notice the difference, so I assume Dreamworld is saving itself a lot of money. I do think a roller coaster should be judged by the height the car reaches, because otherwise tower of terror could literally go ten feet up the track and back down and still be classified a giga, because the track is 300+ feet.
  13. So, speaking to friends today, and found out that one, are really good friends with the guys constructing the coaster. He said that it would be 1 kilometre. This is roughly 3280.84 feet. Now, flash at Lewa is over 4000. My friend does tend to round things to whatever he can remember, so if the construction guy, said 1.4 k, my friend would likely just say 1 kilometre. So we now know that the hyper is at least 3200 ft or larger. For comparison: Sky rush is 3700 ft. I think ours will be at least this length at the bare minimum. Its not a bad length but I really think our hyper will be longer. A no limits recreation of Sky rush. GOLIATH ( the six flags over Georgia one) is 4,480 feet So I think we have a pretty decent length hyper, not to short that people complain, but not so long that you get bored. (I've tried everything but the second picture of sky rush wont delete from the post.
  14. You know, since we've come back to Australia, I've really missed massive lift hills that give awesome views of the park. Movie World doesn't really have any. Green lantern's is probably the closest, but its pretty fast and steep. Arkham doesn't have a vew of the park. Bat shot does a good job of it, but its not a coaster. So I'm really looking forward to the lifthill. Never thought I'd say that.
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