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  1. Maybe this coaster uses some groundbreaking technology (or at least new for Mack), kind of like Lightning rod being the first wooden launch coaster. Maybe Mack is trying something new, like a changed style of track, or a launch lift hill instead of a chain. Something mack hasn't done before (considering all the new things they did last year, it wouldn't surprise me). And because this is a new technology for them, they took longer than expected to finish manufacturing it. Mack and Movie World, wouldn't want a Dollywood on their hands so they're holding out on setting an announcement in concrete until they are both sure that this new technology is ready to go without further delays.
  2. Sorry if this is unclear or confusing, but looking at the photos of the site, I couldn't help feeling that a helix similar to the one ending Goliath at Walibi holland fits perfectly in the space that has been cleared. I also looked closer at the footers seen clearly and could kind of make out the shape of a helix? Sorry YLFATEEKS if this post is weird and confusing.
  3. Maybe it needs a lot more energy, that in turn costs a lot more, and the public probably wouldn't notice the difference, so I assume Dreamworld is saving itself a lot of money. I do think a roller coaster should be judged by the height the car reaches, because otherwise tower of terror could literally go ten feet up the track and back down and still be classified a giga, because the track is 300+ feet.
  4. So, speaking to friends today, and found out that one, are really good friends with the guys constructing the coaster. He said that it would be 1 kilometre. This is roughly 3280.84 feet. Now, flash at Lewa is over 4000. My friend does tend to round things to whatever he can remember, so if the construction guy, said 1.4 k, my friend would likely just say 1 kilometre. So we now know that the hyper is at least 3200 ft or larger. For comparison: Sky rush is 3700 ft. I think ours will be at least this length at the bare minimum. Its not a bad length but I really think our hyper will be longer. A no limits recreation of Sky rush. GOLIATH ( the six flags over Georgia one) is 4,480 feet So I think we have a pretty decent length hyper, not to short that people complain, but not so long that you get bored. (I've tried everything but the second picture of sky rush wont delete from the post.
  5. You know, since we've come back to Australia, I've really missed massive lift hills that give awesome views of the park. Movie World doesn't really have any. Green lantern's is probably the closest, but its pretty fast and steep. Arkham doesn't have a vew of the park. Bat shot does a good job of it, but its not a coaster. So I'm really looking forward to the lifthill. Never thought I'd say that.
  6. Red and yellow is pretty good... Not my favorite but damn that has gotta be one of the best views from a coaster ever. Also, if we're trying to rack our brains as to what the ride could be themed to other than super heroes, here are the rankings of box office for Warner Brothers: So... Super heroes are pretty popular. (No wonder there are so many rides themed to them) Other then super Harry Potter, I can see: American Sniper Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings Matrix Gravity Inception Out of those I don't think I could ever see American Sniper being a ride at Movie world, and I can't see inception making a hyper coaster, but maybe Gravity could make a cool hyper? I can see the forces of falling through space comparing to a roller coaster hyper drop, but I think it would be a bit much of a stretch. Now, Hobbit/Lord of the rings? I'm not going to rule it out, but for the ride to be effective enough, it would need a massive deal of theming, like Disney level, and even then I can't see it being a world class ride. Matrix, could make a cool ride, but I'd rather see it as a dark ride if ever. So from the Warner Brothers side, I would think it would be a Superhero coaster. And I dont see it coming from other VRTP movies like their Sony ones, because there is already a themepark being built for that. I would like to say it could be a mad max ride, and it would be very nice to have the flagship ride being an aussie movie. I could see grey track, which would look great with brown supports, with a heavily themed car to the vehicles in the movies. The only reason I dont think this would happen is I'm really hoping that one day itll be an RMC in the wild west section. One thing that does pike my interest is the advertisment. The pink signs really intrigues me. I don't see pin kas wonder womans color or the jokers, or basicaly any big DC characters. So that has me thinking. Maybe Movie world is trying to lead us off the trail because they know we're right on to them, or its something none of us have predicted and the ride is themed to something we never would have expected. Also, only two pages till 100!!!
  7. Has anyone asked VRTP to make an announcement? Also, surely they must have a good reason.
  8. Has anyone considered that the coaster could be 200 ft high (still a hyper) but a new innovative style that no one has ever seen before? That way it would easily be the world's best (world class) because its the only one like it anywhere. That would get people visiting.
  9. Really?
  10. Okay. I understand not many people classify it as a coaster. Even non coaster enthusiasts in discussion go, "its not really a roller coaster, it's more like that claw thing"
  11. I don't want to sound rude but I thought Tower of Terror was 377 feet which is much taller than a hyper. But please correct me if there is something I've missed. Sorry
  12. Is it really. Maybe he knows something about this tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster that we dont.
  13. I know a loop isn't a very inspiring element to coaster enthusiasts, but to friends of mine who aren't inversions are generally how they rate coasters. If it goes upside down, they're generally a little more freaked out to try it. Also, there is nothing more fear-inducing than a massive loop looming over you as you drive into the park. Personally, I think if the coaster is good, it doesn't need inversions, but from a marketing perspective it may get people talking about it more, and it may also set it apart from Superman (similar track, and if it doesn't do inversions, similar elements.)
  14. How does that not look cool?
  15. Why not have a splash down. Seems to do the job well. And add a viewing platform and you've got an option to cool down for people who don't want to go on the coaster.