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  1. Also also yesturday they filled the whole boat, i think they only fill the whole boat if it is a nig line or not because yesturday it had a big line but last time i went it had a short line and they weren't filling up the whole boat
  2. Would they do that since they just gave it new trains like 6 years ago
  3. Hey, Most of thoes schedules have been up there for about a month now JL is the only new one, i think it got added today because i dont think i saw it yesturday when i checked out the maintance
  4. Arkham will be out soon, when it is time for the next coaster they should take arkham out and put in either a mack launched coaster (similar to star trek) themed to flash or a RMC Trex
  5. There where worse then they normally are, it took nearly 5 mins to get one train out and i normally get stapled
  6. Went to movieworld yesturday and lets just say it was a very intresting day😂 - staff on DC Rivaks where very slow and started stapeling people - Scooby got stuck just after the elevator before the backwards drop - Arkham was having pretty fast dispatches - Wild west was open 10-5 not 11-4 - Doomsday Was having technical difficulties with the floor - Staff on greenlauntern where so rude and Got angry at a kid because he didnt want to go on - there was a really bad smell (sewage problem or something) at the wild west backdrop
  7. Today was raining nesrly all day and Arkham was broken down all day, also it was extremely busy, what was really stupid is DC rivals at one point had a 75min queue and they where only running one train
  8. 2 of steel vengeance’s trains colided in the station this morning, i have heard that there is some damage on the back of one of the trains and wont be reopening for a while
  9. My little sister who is 7 went on it like 2 days ago??
  10. I agree it does look rubbish from the trailer and i wasnt exited to see it but it really surprised me, im seeing a quiet place soon
  11. I aaw truth or dare today and it as a great movie! It would be great as a fright nights maze and it was probably my favourite horror movie wo far!
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