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  1. No, like take all of the LSM's And Maybe Replace Track, so it could go higher again and no rattle.
  2. This Might Sound Random But Do You Think Tower Of Terror Is Getting A Refurb? Because it's been having quiet a few Problems, Like I don't mean a new train and all of that like just something that will fix it permanently.
  3. Build an RMC Trex, B&M giga and a Intiman Launched Coaster Please.
  4. Atleast we know that they are trying to make everything as safe as it possibly can.
  5. Your most likely right, sorry for doubting you.
  6. His name is Justin the best staff memeber ever! He sets the mood for the place and he is really funny.
  7. And also QSMART says it's open until 9:00pm
  8. I'm not in the park but i drove past at 6:00pm and the car park had lots of cars in it and Giant Drop was going up with people in it.
  9. It is. I drove past at 6:00 and the giant Drop was going up with people in it and the car park had lots of cars in it.
  10. DOse anyone know why Dreamworld is open until 9:00pm tonight?
  11. Fury 325. Maverick. twisted Collosus. mystic timbers. Mako. intiminator 305. Lightning Rod. Tatsu. Goliath. ( SFGA RMC ) The Flash at Lewa Adventure.
  12. Well last time I went on Hotwheels I got a huge migraine and my back cracked and I couldn't walk so I prefer MDMC.
  13. I'm just asking, can DW demolish Hotwheels and replace it with something like a euro fighter Or an Mack Big Dipper?
  14. Why are so many accidents happening? Especially on these River rapid rides
  15. To be honest I'd like to see them replace all the LSM's For New ones so Tower Of Terror II can go higher or maybe even as high as Tower Of Terror use to go when they opened it in 1997.