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  1. Heading down now to get my second ride in and to marathon it with my friend that is scared of heights😂
  2. Well today The general line looked insanely busy but we only ended up waiting like 30mins but then it broke down....
  3. We where at the front of the line and they said it's having technical difficulties... we just left and it started testing😭
  4. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    But they just opened.
  5. DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

    Can you take some photos of the queue line and station? Just asking...
  6. DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

    I thought it would have more like colour... or is it because of the sun?
  7. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Wild West Falls maintance has been pushed back. Closed for scheduled maintenance on Monday 26th June and will re-open Saturday 23rd September 2017
  8. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - new trailer/TVC

    I'm heading down.