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  1. Sorry lol I'm extremely tired, running off 1hr of sleep.
  2. I went to Dreamworld after school for a quick visit and maintance workers where in the ride and when I went on giant Drop they where checking the turn that Gose out of the mountain.
  3. Is ti just me or judging by the news clip it looks smaller than the claw?
  4. Bikini Bottom Express Bikini Bottom Crosstown Express is currently closed for maintenance.
  5. At Dreamworld a few years ago it was a school day so no one was there, and every time when we came back into the station there was only like 1-4 riders there, so we stayed on the ride moved seats every time and got about a good 10 rides on it in a pan of 30-45mins
  6. Superman Escape is closed for maintance on Monday 10th of July- Monday 24th of July
  7. I'm surprised they didn't say anything about Greenlauntern being stuck yestruday
  8. When I arrived at MovieWorld today we were watching Greenlauntern and it got stuck, for about 30-40mins on the 2nd last breakrun before the barrel roll.. huge line she today SE:1hr JL: 1hr 30mins SDSC: 2hrs
  9. Wait times?
  10. Dose anyone know how busy MovieWorld is today? I'm going down soon with a few friends
  11. Oh, didn't know about that!
  12. That's why I think they need a S&S Extreme Swing, swinging over the oacean and all of that, in the sea Viper area in the future I'd like to see a premiere Rides sky rocket II ( like electric eel )
  13. This is what I was thinking About... 2017: Jellyfish attraction/Exhibit 2018: S&S Extreme swing (Where the former waterpark is and it could swing over the water) 2019: New Rollercoaster (to replace Vikings Revenge)
  14. Just asking... why did they get rid of the waterpark and sea Viper?
  15. So dose this mean here will be no vikings Revenge Announcment (sorry if this sounds stupid I'm really tired)