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  1. 61 Metres according to Movie World's website.
  2. Yeah it's just you, Most people prefer to be uninjured when they get off a rollercoaster.
  3. I don't care if it's 200 ft I'm sure it will be great regardless, BUT if it is less than 200 ft, it's not a hypercoaster. While it would be nice to have 'Australia's first hypercoaster' (potentially the first in the southern hemisphere?), I don't think many people will actually care about if its a hyper or not.
  4. Oh of course, Cheers mate!
  5. What's in the top right of the nearmap image? Looks like some sort of track?
  6. Wow Donkey Kong Country...That takes me back
  7. That's how it would be done, concrete lining removed from the reservoir and channel, filled with soil and then capped with concrete if needed. Might be a good opportunity to have a ride that interacts with the reservoir? Retheme the area to a lake in a forest or something like that?
  8. Doesn't flash have a twist in the drop as well?