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  1. I did SFMM in A day (Not everyone I was travelling with loves coasters and gets the idea of spending more than one day at a park!) and you really should get there early as possible. The only coasters I missed out on riding were New Revolution, Superman, Green Lantern and Gold rusher. New revolution is probably the only coaster I missed out on that I would have liked to ride. Superman is basically the same as TOTII and Gold Rusher isn't anything special from what I've seen. Get there early as possible and head for either Twisted Collossus or Full throttle. The former is popular and the latter has rubbish capacity, apparently X2 usually takes a bit of time to start running and dies off in the afternoon. I found the que for X2 wasn't too bad mid afternoon although it wasn't a very busy day. I'd say in terms of what you should be prioritising: 1) Twisted Collossus (Really good ride, racing adds uniqueness), X2 (Nothing comparable other than Eejanaika in Japan), Tatsu (Well executed flyer, very high off the ground adds to the flying experience, I enjoyed it even tho flyers aren't really my thing). After these 3 its really about what you think you'll enjoy more, Riddlers is well executed for a standup, Goliath is a solid Hyper, Very intense helix in the middle of the ride, Batman:The Ride is the same as all the other clones, good experience but I wouldn't call it unmissable. Apocalypse is a pretty hectic woody, a bit rough but good fun. I really enjoyed full throttle, the Back row has some mental hang time in the loop, bit of a missed opportunity as the ride feels as if it ends too early but its a good ride. Scream is a decent ride, nothing special and its literally over a carpark but if its basically a walk on its worth the 10 minutes out of your day. Ninja is a suspended coaster, decent ride, not very forceful. I really enjoyed viper, it's a bit rough especially going into one of the half loops, but it was a good experience and showcases what Arrow were making in the 90s.
  2. As @Richard said Greying/Blacking out is due to sustained positive G-Forces such as what you get in a long, fast helix like on Goliath at SFMM. I've ridden Goliath and did grey out a bit on my first ride but if you hold your core and legs tight it helps prevent that. The coaster going in at Movie World has a lot of wild transitions but these are more likely to create nausea (if you're prone to that) rather than make you grey out. Looks like it's going to be forceful but not in a way with sustained forces, I guess we will be able to make a call when we see more of the coaster come together.
  3. Pd46

    The Best Rollercoaster in the world

    I haven't been to many parks outside of Australia but TC is my favorite coaster that I have ridden. It just doesn't stop for the whole ride (apart from the lift hills) and it's just so hectic. Great ejector airtime and the inversions are well executed. The (sort of) racing element is something unique for a RMC which adds to the experience. I would really like to ride Lightning Rod some time, that just looks incredible.
  4. The Schwarzkopf truss track looks pretty nice, something a bit different to most modern stuff, the Loops look impressive as well with the square spine all around. Pretty similar to the Intamin 4 spine which is also a favorite of mine, similar but a more modern look.
  5. 61 Metres according to Movie World's website.
  6. Yeah it's just you, Most people prefer to be uninjured when they get off a rollercoaster.
  7. Pd46

    Is the "hyper" branding really important?

    I don't care if it's 200 ft I'm sure it will be great regardless, BUT if it is less than 200 ft, it's not a hypercoaster. While it would be nice to have 'Australia's first hypercoaster' (potentially the first in the southern hemisphere?), I don't think many people will actually care about if its a hyper or not.
  8. Oh of course, Cheers mate!
  9. What's in the top right of the nearmap image? Looks like some sort of track?
  10. Wow Donkey Kong Country...That takes me back
  11. That's how it would be done, concrete lining removed from the reservoir and channel, filled with soil and then capped with concrete if needed. Might be a good opportunity to have a ride that interacts with the reservoir? Retheme the area to a lake in a forest or something like that?
  12. Doesn't flash have a twist in the drop as well?