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  1. Isn't this topic for the 80/90s theme park footage.
  2. No, batman dosent make an appearance and the plot is different.
  3. Here are some shows from the event-
  4. No one also knows how to put the restraint on so everyone becomes annoyed and the dispatch times are much longer. Also, the staff seem to hate it aswell.
  5. The dispatches are significantly longer now as well.
  6. Basically it is a weird belt that is attached to the front, you put your head in the first of 3 gaps and than clip it into the back support. Has been used today and yesterday.
  7. You can't run in the mazes
  8. I think you should note that it's good that the theme parks on the Gold Coast are currently getting good publicity for a change. Hopefully this helps people forget and forgive what happened at Dreamworld. In response to the topic, this I think will just bring Dreamworld closer to its death. I mean Movie World now has the spotlight of interest on them, and Dreamworld are not likely to be able to pull a massive announcement out in response to Dreamworld. They are going to announce soon that Coroborre stage whatever is finished and no one is going to really care. Dreamworld is going to loose appeal and loose customers. They already are having much less customers because of the incident and now people that are still interested and don't care about the incident, will probably care more about Movie Worlds new attraction and want to experience whats happening their and what all the hype is about. Dreamworld is eventually going to die in my opinion, unless maybe it's sold to a company that has money that can put into it to revive the park.
  9. What are the confirmed characters being featured in the ride apart from the joker?
  10. For anyone interested, here is the Facebook livestream
  11. Forgive me if previously mentioned but Movie World shared a video on Instagram summarising the coaster and hyping it up. From 1:50 in is the Instagram video Original post from Instagram Heres a drone overview of the site
  12. You're right, took it the wrong way, my bad.