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  1. @webslaveYou made your decision based on whether they gave a press release to Parkz. Im sure you'll find you are the only one in that boat.
  2. Yeah, I think they're going to have half the crowd they could have had because they didn't issue a press release to Parkz. Wouldn't surprise me if protests start.
  3. But surely they wouldn't remove it just because it's unpopular. They desperately need thrill rides and Buzzsaw was bound to become more popular when ST opens.
  4. Well village passes are around $170 - $150 now, and people are clearly willing to pay that if the offerings are as great as villages offerings. Dreamworld's own fault they have to offer a discounted pass because the offerings aren't there to ask more.
  5. No, assume it’s still being tested because some of them, the gondola wasn’t in the frame
  6. Same spot near the train track where the elevated seat is.
  7. Not sure if already mentioned but Giant Drop has ride photos again.
  8. Well maybe they are waiting to see the site after filled, are still in the process of deciding what to place there, water ride is being built elsewhere. Point is it most likely isn't confirmation of anything, would understand why it sounds like that though!
  9. Geez, it seems like the rides come out of maintenance for 2 months or so then go straight back down for a month. Not bothered if it's off peak though.
  10. Wasn’t the park after dark included with your pass the last time?
  11. They never had a marvel precinct though, did they?
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