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  1. You're right, took it the wrong way, my bad.
  2. What's wrong with it
  3. Have you guys ever incountered any effect or sound errors? Here is an example Or any unique experiences, like a funny ride operator. Here is an example
  4. Hopefully they play the jet rescue video on it along with the audio of the seals.
  5. Just to get the thread started Here is an explanation video of how the dolphins are kept- Here is a protest from sea world- Why are people protesting if the dolphins live freely. Also, I'd like to note how vr theme parks are making videos explaining simple things so the general public trust them. E.g. Ride procedures and animal handling videos.
  6. These track pieces all tease an inversion but than just say nah and turn around the other way
  7. Parkz News

    In regards to my post, I still standby my thoughts on the theming of the rides. Yeah, they have a barely evident or obvious theme, but they are completely irrelevant to each other. You go from riding a wave, to flying sea planes to riding in a hot wheels car. Not real collective theme anywhere. As an example, movie world has a decent theme which helps bring atmosphere, story telling and obvious theming to the majority of the rides. And if you want to know how to theme and individual ride, look at wwf. Gold rush is really the only consistent or substantial theme at dw. Although after the shut down of the trr, it really isn't as good as it once was, with the area being split in half. I do however, realise that saying dw has nothing going for it was false and just a statement during rant. Although I still think what I said above can be used in rebuttal of magaicians post. This thread will be more relevant when the free time is up on people's passes and renewed passes is scarce. You can already see that Movie World has reasons for people to rejoin. The rides are obviously great, but with a new flat ride and massive hypercoaster, people are most often going to renew or join. In regards to grammar, I'm not concerned, but I know it's not a conversation on Parkz without someone complaining about gramma.
  8. Obviously past the vintage cars being moved their. I would want them to keep the gold rush theme. It is such a unique theme and is really the only themed area of the park with more than one big ride. I would want to see a large scale rollercoaster installed as Dreamworld is exhaustsd with flat rides and completely lacking in rollercoasters. A rollercoaster is really the next step for them.
  9. Parkz News

    This is my opinion and my opinion only. You will probably disagree. I think Dreamworld has little to nothing going for it. Personally, I dislike most rides their. The buzzsaw, hwsw give headaches when they bump your head around. Wipeout, Tot, gd and claw are good. Mdmc is slow and uncomfortable. Tailspin is slowly paced unless you can spin which will make you sick. Pandemonium makes me nauseas and sick on hard mode. The park is quite dead at times and is a little disheartening. When you think of a theme park, you think of lots of people just enjoying themselves, not an empty park. This is obviously not in all areas but a reasonable amount. The staff are mostly nice but some of the dispatch times for rides like tot and gd are terrible. I've seen staff seem like their just talking while everyone is waiting 10 minutes and the staff are to busy talking. (Yes, the gd is connected at this point). The gold rush area is dead and with the rides having unique opening hours, it really adds inconvenience. When you go to movie world, it if more often than not busy and their is a good, lively atmosphere. The rides are always open and the dispatches are fast and effective. The staff are their to do their job and I like it like that. It is also odd when Dreamworld appear to have more staff or "characters" than customers. That picture shows what the kids area looks like more often than not, dead. Movie worlds kids area has kids running around having fun. And we all can relate to when we want short ride times, and dream of getting on and off rides on demand. Well excluding tot and gd, this more often than not the case. I've had plenty of instances where I've had to wait on a ride so that their is enough people on it to justify a circuit, like a carnival ride. I'm not completely hating on Dreamworld, but with lacklustre attractions, no atmosphere and little to no customers at points of the park, Dreamworld is really going to have a hard time recovering. These are also reasons I won't be renewing after the free 6 months. And if you put your own perspective on the attendance, just know that once the 6 months are up, their will be a drastic drop in customers. Meanwhile Movie World are building the biggest attraction in the Southern Hemisphere, which will be a major draw card for later this year. Even on this forum, everyone is talking about it, meanwhile at dreamworld, someone might rarely mention tiger Island upgrades. What's going to get more customers coming to your park, a rollercoaster not upgrades to an area. I realise this was probably planned before the incident, but Dreamworld need to get our and everyone's attention. I also noticed that when the no limits movie World hypercoaster was released by Gold Coast theme parks on Facebook, their were a lot of comments about people having to go back to try it, which confirms that they are going to have a boost in attendance. Their was also 100k + views at the time I viewed it, which shows that the public is intrested/aware. Also, in terms of flat rides, Dreamworld has many more, with the highlights being wipeout, claw, gd and tot. Meanwhile the highlights of movie world are for me batwing and Doomsday, so clearly dw wins that one. But for rollercoasters, dw is completely knocked out. I have no interest nor like any of the coasters their. Meanwhile movie World have 5 brilliant coasters. And for water rides, movie world obviously win. The main thing about Dreamworld is that they have no obvious or no theming. Buzzsaw has an excellent story but it wouldn't be evident to anyone who hasn't read the bio on Tot has decent theming, not that it's obvious your being launched into space or whatever's supposed to be happening. Hwsw has standard theming and so does mdmc. But claw, gd, buzzsaw, wipeout, tailspin, you really have no idea what the rides is supposed to be themed about. (From a customers persective) I have to mention though that pandamonium has good theming. Meanwhile movie World has doomsday which has amazing theming for one flat ride. Batwing has lacklustrer theming but is supported by the surrounding dc themed rides. Justice league has amazing theming. Wwf has terrific theming. Superman has amazing theming. Green lantern has standard theming. Arkham assylum has terrific theming as well. You also know what happening, whether your a patient on arkham assylum, or becoming a super villain saved by superman. This stands out a lot. I hope you enjoyed this article
  10. Sorry, I meant longer as in one length not track length
  11. Wow, movie world are really exceeding my expectations. It's already longer and taller than any coaster at the park. I can't way for the lift hill to be implemented aswell as the station. I'm also intrested in if their will be any theming during the coaster. Currently it looks a bit odd with a massive pink (or similar colour) coaster on a random field with grass. I wonder if they will concrete the floor or add stones. If you think about it, the ride would improve a lot if the grass is hidden or replaced and theming is added. Maybe even dark sections with strobe and fog. I'm getting ahead of myself.
  12. I think this picture depicts the colour of the track best
  13. Just taken today
  14. Please explain in more detail. Also, povs of the giant drop are on YouTube which can give you data.