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  1. Than again, they should have two sides operating during a busy summer period. Covid means they need a four seat gap yet they only have one side operating.
  2. I agree that the monster truck show is just horrible in every way. The seating, the heat, the horrible preshow entertainment. The show itself was boring and they only used the main dirt jump once at the end of the show. What a waste of money... Could've been put towards anything else and it would have been better spent.
  3. Pretty certain its never said "native wildlife". Must be new
  4. Dreamworld should consider taking legal action towards the media who are misleading people in certain scenarios to think there is incidents happening all the time. Someone with a disability not being able to go on a kids ride is not an incident.
  5. They better hope it opens in a few weeks... Having Buzzsaw, Sidewinder, Pandamonium down for the start of holidays is disappointing to say the least. Many people are going to leave disappointed with lots of people coming from other states now that borders are open.
  6. There is an inherit risk with partaking in recreational activities like amusement slides. She took that risk and I believe the injury that was sustained cannot be attributed to Dreamworld or the manufacturer of the slide. However if she is going to win this case, than it will be from her claims that no one took it seriously, which I doubt. Too say that she was soaking blood throughout the park and water was covered in blood... Surely we would’ve heard people that were at the park speak out about it. But now is the first we hear about this. Also, if she was pouring blood like described, she wou
  7. Well with a Dreamworld pass costing 99 dollars, and now only 50, I am not going to be impressed by higher attendance...
  8. Problem is the general public find out what's open when they buy a ticket and enter, not prior to the visit.
  9. Lol same channel has videos from all over the log ride site despite it being off limit.
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