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  1. Please explain in more detail. Also, povs of the giant drop are on YouTube which can give you data.
  2. I'm sick of this to be honest. I have no care for Theme park news in general media
  3. Dreamworld have added 20 videos to their YouTube channel if you'd like to check them out. Including a video with Guy Sebastian.
  4. Do you guys think fast track will be implemented for the new roller coaster.
  5. Dreamworld really is expanding outside of rides.
  6. Chinese New Year painting, not sure why the quality is bad, original picture is better.
  7. Half of the people here haven't experienced doomsday yet
  8. Anything different
  9. Not going to lie, as much as the media makes things worse than they are. 3 rides in like a week is a bit ridiculous
  10. I know, it's great! They all look look like they want to be at dream world. Also, has anyone been on tot recently. They are always having parking issues with the trains wheels slipping through brakes. It's funny though when we start rolling back through the tunnel and people freak out or when you speed into the station. It took 5 miniutes for them to park the train successfully. Also, ride attendants are running rides past 9 so everyone gets to experience the ride they have been queuing for.
  11. Atleast their is flexibilty with what they could do with the current coaster they have. Wild West falls land edition confirmed
  12. Also, people have been saying hwsw was smoothed, just been on it and didn't notice any smoother section, still the same old bumpy stuff.
  13. I may have short term memory loss, can someone remind me, is their space to store your stuff on hwsw
  14. I was joking, Log ride will be demolished or one of the last couple open. My prediction would be giant drop.