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  1. Old video footage of our Aussie theme parks in 80's/90's

    It's a download link
  2. Cementing Movie World

  3. What's your favourite theme park video/photo/article?

    You said they stole your content
  4. What's your favourite theme park video/photo/article?

    Did you create that list
  5. Cementing Movie World

    You should, Sea World would/should be their focus now
  6. What's your favourite theme park video/photo/article?

    Number 1! Dreamworld's Vintage Cars Okay, no one gets it, the link is a list...
  7. Cementing Movie World

    With DC Rivals open, it's not likely that Movie World will make any big announcements or moves for a long time, which is understandable with what they have produced. This topic is to suggest little things Movie World can do to improve. Example, create a pathway from A to B. An example of what not to say, create a new area with all new rides and attractions. Here's my proposed plan, feel free to share yours. - Sail DC Rivals queue, just a few poles and some sails will do to create shade for the larger part of the queue, currently your fried waiting in a long queue. - Get rid of the queue for justice league, the queuing inside is cooler and is enough to compensate for the amount of riders even in heavy traffic. I don't see a need to have people queue outside for Justice League. Maybe even set up a DC Rivals Store. - Improve streets parade, just do it please, I have no interest in seeing looney tunes dance. The superheroes and super villains parade was great and I hope it returns for good! - Improve HWSD, I mean the show really needs a complete makeover, but we're talking minor, so changing the stunts and storyline could certainly help the show out for regular park guests who are not interested in HWSD anymore. - Improve Arcade, take out the outdated, old arcade games and add more recent and new arcade games. They have barely changed and the variety is very lacklustre. Their are also no good claw machines. - Shut down Scooby Doo until referb, all it's doing is making regular non-enthusiasts angry as they just believe that MW has removed the scenery and that's it. So close it until it is presentable, it's also influencing reviews of Movie World. - Change up the Shows- Once again, if you can change the shows for a superheroes/villains event, surely you can change/mix up the regular one's with new stories and character. *Hint - I want to see penguin. - More free roam characters- Superheroes/villains event did it right, always a couple of characters roaming, and they were all different instead of your vanilla batman and superman. I mean it's fine to have them seeing as they are the faces of Movie World, but chuck in some villains. *Not just the Joker. Also, it was good having the cop car as it was a good place to get a photo with a character with a cool background, instead of random people walking around. Makes photos feel more like ride photos where you are put into a setting. - More buffet options- Not everyone likes pizza, maybe mix it up, I mean pizza is the only option unless you fancy eating batman bread and chips. - Do a little bit extra with the Batwing- Smoke coming out of the bottom when you are about to take off, flashing lights when you take off. Just these little things enhance the ride experience. - More interaction- I don't think the DC wristbands are good at all, but if they want to make them more appealing, add some intractable games or whatever in the courtyard of Arkham asylum. Their is plenty of space, but make sure they are more interesting, maybe riddler puzzles. That's it for now, feel free to leave suggestions and tell me that this topic is stupid. Thanks
  8. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - soft open discussion

    Here's my thoughts, their more towards what the coaster impacts now the coaster itself. The coaster itself, you can easily see why it cost so much, you can tell it is a brand new coaster and is so smooth and enjoyable, it is truly indescribable. I am glad they added storage, I think if they add storage for Superman, it will make a lot of people happy. I honestly think this was a big blow to dreamworld, I am not going to renew their now as their isn't enough going on, where Movie World offers so much, and this coaster is worth the purchase of a pass alone.
  9. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - soft open discussion

    Soft Open to public Normal, single, fast pass, backseat No, still see most theming Audio from tvc on monitors No - Yes, 2 mack staff At the front of the queue Maybe one Idk There's someone from Mack and Bubba Ray Dudley
  10. DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

    Fast pass avalaible Single rider queue
  11. DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

    1 train running, pay for backwards seats People celebrating awesome clean queue with theming similar to green lantern. Very clean looking queue Monitors in queue, is outdoors that comes into a shaded section, a fan, a new uniform for staff There's a load area
  12. DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

    Okay now I'm being told that it won't be soft opening tommorow, that's coming from staff riding now.
  13. DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

    Staff of Movie World are riding the hypercoaster tonight. I think this is a very strong indication that their going to soft open tommorow.
  14. Eureka Mountain Mine Ride reopening discussion

    Where can you find blue lagoon, is it still visible?