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  1. That greeny colour is almost the colour of glow in the dark paint so maybe it'll glow in the dark? If not then that'd be a pretty easy thing to do later.
  2. Not defending Dreamworld's decision because I think the Gold Rush theme was excellent and remains pretty timeless, but I'm also okay with just a ride being themed (even if the theme is slight: the roller coaster is a snake amongst rocks, the path is its shed skin, the "bones" are of a slain enemy?) as opposed to an entire area themed to something detailed and specific. When I made theme parks in Roller Coaster Tycoon I'd more often than not have both themed areas and then specifically themed roller coasters that didn't exactly fit into any precinct but were big enough to warrant a theme.
  3. Just replace one of the hammers with a sickle, paint it red and boom, instant iconic theming!
  4. The parks might as well be seasonal at this point considering how many months of the year so many of their rides are not running, this goes for Dreamworld too. I swear when I lived on the Gold Coast back in the day it never used to be this bad...
  5. Wow, I feel dumber from having read the last dozen or so posts!
  6. I'd take Leviathan over Steel Taipan any day of the week but that's because I think Wooden roller coasters are more unique nowadays. But as much as people might like to make it out to be, this isn't a contest. Assuming the parks can do the right thing by guests and enthusiasts alike all the GC theme parks will be around for a while yet.
  7. Just dunk it in Sydney Harbour, that'll make it below the height limit AND make it useful as a new habit for sea life, its pretty much all its good for anyway.
  8. One roller coaster - while very nice looking and undoubtedly sure to be a crowd-pleaser - does not significantly change Dreamworld's prospects going forward. At the risk of sounding like a pessimist, it's just a band-aid on a broken bone. They could completely "stick the landing" and have a gorgeously themed area, removed the eyesore that is Buzzsaw, have a flawless launch and glowing reviews/word of mouth but there's still the covid uncertainty that's going against them, the grim spectre of the TRRR incident not to mention the fact the park is at its smallest (with regard to ride offerings) i
  9. Anyone else think this part of the track is way too close to the footpath (assuming this footpath is accessible to guests)? Seems like a prime place for idiots to play chicken with a speeding taipan...
  10. That just makes me sad that they used to have an ACTUAL chair lift and now its gone (among everything else the park has lost).
  11. The only reason I can fathom for them NOT making a path between ST and GD (assuming that whoever decided this isn't just a moron who doesn't realise the convenience of connecting the rides) is its intentional to make the average guests stay at the park longer. That's literally the only reason to create dead ends in a park like this, so people backtrack; passing through popular thoroughfares with food and merchandise areas to get to other areas of the park.
  12. Couldn't a snake scale printed footpath represent the shedded snake skin of the Steel Taipan itself?
  13. I don't think this is any great loss to Dreamworld as a whole considering the far more important and impressive rides they seemingly flushed down the drain with even less warning and fan-fare than they did give this one. I rode this "roller coaster" twice and that was enough for a lifetime. Unlike some people here I don't think this is going to erode any of the public's image of the park (the general public doesn't know/care how long a ride has been in a park, how much it cost to build or maintain, etc. they just care if something good is going away, and by most accounts it won't be missed). B
  14. Dreamworld Presents - Steel Snake Taipan: The Roller Coaster: Experience
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