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  1. If they want some good 'flash' apparel, maybe they could sell a long trenchcoat.
  2. When I rode Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland I was like, "yeah, such a great water ride!" But did I care about the theme, or the animatronics, or what the overall overarching story was through the queue and the slow sections of the ride was? No. Not a single bit, I didn't know that this was some old-school apparently racist live-action/cartoon hybrid adaptation, I didn't care about the supposed "stakes" of these rigid animatronics was throughout the so-called 'story', all I cared about was that I could look at something amusing and polished and entertaining while sitting down after having queued up for hours and get a 'rush and splash' at the end. I don't care about the IP, I don't have nostalgia for Disney brands (or Marvel or Star Wars brands for that matter) I just want something that looks good, sounds good and is fun.
  3. I'Il be in Japan on June 7th for 23 days. It'll be our 4th trip to Japan, we've done a lot of parks plenty of times (Disney, Universal, etc) but have yet to visit to Fuji Q or Nagashima Spa Land, any tips for visiting both with regards to public transport? I'm good with trains but when it comes to buses I've never attempted to take one and it's something of a source of anxiety which is why we skipped Fuji Q on our previous 3 trips. This'll be our first time in Nagoya so Nagashima is pretty much locked in, even if we have to taxi to the park, but is Legoland Nagoya worth a visit too? Not from an 'enthusiast' point of view just from something that's fun to do?
  4. I've lived in Melbourne for 14 years now and I've yet to visit any of these places. This trip report didn't change anything.
  5. I lived in Frankston for 12 years; I can assure you it is actually one of the Unhappiest Places On Earth* *excluding active war zones, prisons and sites of terrorism and natural disasters.
  6. Do I need to say this again, there will never be a Disney Park in Australia in our life times, there will never be a Universal theme park in Australia in our lifetime, heck there will never be a Six Flags parks in our lifetimes because apparently Australians are somehow allergic to theme parks based on all the evidence that's come before. Australian sucks THE END.
  7. I mean the answer is pretty obvious, how many kids (or teenagers for that matter) that you know are named Rodney? If the number is zero then the Police Academy Stunt Show was successful in eliminating that wretched name from the gene pool. #justsayin
  8. I didn't want to comment here at all because this post is stupid, the Australian theme park industry is stupid, and Australian's are stupid. The fact we've gone, 20 fucking years since the Australian theme park heyday and we have LESS theme parks and less iconic roller coasters on the whole means theme parks will NEVER be an influential thing in this country. I don't know why; I don't know why America and even Europe and some Asian countries (specifically Japan and China) have great theme park offerings from both the big companies and the small ones while Australia just shrugs them off is the norm. For whatever reason theme parks mean less to Australians on the whole and I stand by this because if they DID mean anything we'd have the populous clamoring for parks in the states where thrill parks have no presence despite millions of population like NSW. I'm a Melbourne guy since 2011, but I grew up in Queensland and I've yet to care for any theme park addition since moving to VIC. Wonderland was genuinely great but does anyone in that state care that all they have is a dinky amusement park by the bay? Doesn't seem like it. I don't know what point I'm ultimately trying to make because I'm drunk right now but whatever all I know is we'll never get a Disney, we'll never get a Universal park, we'll never get a Six Flags park, honestly we'll be lucky if we ever get another theme park that ever even cares to push a boundary beyond a roller coaster that's the first, biggest, roller coaster within the footprint of a another roller coaster that's painted a specific colour.
  9. *dreams wistfully of the Police Academy Stunt Show for the last 20 fucking years*
  10. On whatever topic we are, seems like foreign visitors (specifically in this one case US YouTuber 'AirtimeThrills' ranks Movieworld pretty high, mainly for Rivals, which he ranked as his 13th best coaster of all time, and he's ridden over 600 coasters around the world (for whatever that's worth). Otherwise he was pretty critical of the ride ops, both at Movieworld and especially SeaWorld. But yeah whoever the bean counters are behind the scenes at Village Roadshow need to get shown the door, just sell the parks to Six Flags or Cedar Fair (yes, I know, I know) or whoever has an actual interest in managing a THEME PARK and stop treating on otherwise "good" park as some sort of cash machine for people who think buying stocks in a movie studio-cum-theme park is a sound investment when everyone behind-the-scenes just wants to sell the land to property developers but is resisting the urge out of the desire to be inundated by bad press.
  11. I kind of feel sorry for ANYONE running a social media page for ANY Australian theme park because it's like, what else are you going to talk about?! I looked it up and I haven't posted on this website in EXACTLY a whole year, like literally to the day and nothing has changed in the Australian theme park landscape. This isn't a post defending bad socials, it's a post decrying the sorry state of literally EVERY Australian theme park and their lack of forward progress in any swift or meaningful way, the lack of any additions actually being exciting, newsworthy or even worth mentioning frequently at all. Being a theme park fan SUCKS in this country...
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