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  1. Cactus_Matt

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Cant they replace that wall(s) with something harder to graffiti, like you know, actual brickwork?
  2. Cactus_Matt

    Cementing Movie World

    I think the biggest fallacy regarding Movie World is that they somehow need to tie their attractions to big film releases to stay relevant. Let's face it, it's a theme park not a museum, being relevant to cultural phenomena is secondary (generously speaking) to actually having a good ride experience. Wild West Falls being the truest indicator of this, a legendary ride originally (tenuously) themed to a flopbuster and thereafter renamed to possibly the most generic of theme park staples, and yet I don't here anyone frantically calling for it to be tied to whatever flavour of the month multiplex monstrosity that's raking in the big bucks. tl;dr, HWSD doesn't need to be Mad Max themed or whatever, it just needs to be good and fun and funny. Like, seriously just make it Police Academy again, who the f cares if it's not relevant as a movie franchise. Last time I checked people were still watching and enjoying the damn thing. stl;sdr; good ride/attractions >good theme/good movie tie-in.
  3. Cactus_Matt

    Japan rollercoasters

    Sucks to hear that about Tobu Zoo, they were on my itinerary for this trip. Guess I might have to give it a miss.
  4. Cactus_Matt

    Japan rollercoasters

    I'll be heading to Japan for my second trip this October/November so I'll give a trip report afterwards. On our first trip we went to Disneyland/DisneySea and Universal Studios so I can easily recommend that but I guess it depends whether you're after a theme park experience or just want lots of roller coasters.
  5. Cactus_Matt

    Are coaster enthusiasts being frowned upon?

    'Roller coaster enthusiast' is like the least embarrassing amongst my various obsessive interests. Also, I have no friends so it doesn't really matter anyway, lol.
  6. Cactus_Matt

    Six Flags Announcement Day

    I assume because the common man knows Wonder Woman is DC or at the very least 'comic book' themed. Whereas Rivals is relatively unknown by many people, so I guess they wanted Joe public to know its very much superhero, comic themed from the get go.
  7. Cactus_Matt

    Ekka 2017

    When I saw that @Slick I immediately thought of
  8. Cactus_Matt

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Ideally they'd be removing the Rapid Ride then, but let's face it, how long has Blue Lagoon been left their to rot without as much as hammer swung or shovel sunk, and let's not forget the Mine Ride. I know it's still early days (months/nearly a year) but I don't foresee the Rapid Ride being removed anytime soon if previous inaction is anything to go by. Still, happy to be proven wrong.
  9. I'm hoping the people in charge of Dreamworld (as opposed to the shareholders who only stare at the bottom line) have a greater plan for the park going forward, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now should all be roughly mapped out and if it isn't well then maybe I'm just an idealist who likes to think way too far ahead. Simply put there's two ways for the park to go if it wants to survive, either go full on theme park, ala Disney on a budget, emphasising experiences over thrills, or diametrically go full Six Flags/Cedar Fair and just pack as many high intensity attractions and coasters in as possible to deliver value for money and competition for what Movie World is/will be providing.
  10. Big metal skull might make the general public think it's knocking off the Tower of Terror (II).
  11. Cactus_Matt

    Euphoria Coaster

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I do like this quite a lot, it reminds me of the TV show Black Mirror. Of course it's actually just an artistic copy of the Euthanasia coaster, and speaking from a coaster fanatics perspective the ride he's riding is nothing at all like the aforementioned, but still I enjoyed the video (but then again I do enjoy pretentious bullshit.)
  12. Cactus_Matt

    Dreamworld Night Events Return

    Blindfold? Or imagination enhancer?
  13. Cactus_Matt


    Facebook news is a repository for embellished wankered nonsense, at least for me I can say with some certainty. But does anyone else feel a little bit sorry for Deborah Thomas (ex-CEO of Ardent Leisure at the time of the Dreamworld Incident) being maligned by the media for essentially doing her job til her job was made impossible? I don't agree and will never agree with the exorbitant golden parachutes CEO's and likewise garner upon their exit from a company, but this article feels like its blaming her for deaths out of her control and thus profiting from said deaths all for the sake of clicks (hence why I won't link the actual story, find it if you want if you want). Hmm... [Hey mods you can move this somewhere else if you feel it more appropriate, I'm just drunk and felt like venting about something that was grinding my gears. lolz]
  14. Cactus_Matt

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    I think it's funny that they even bothered to say 'one of' the world's first non-inverting loops in that ride video, might as well've said 'one of the world's first fuchsia coloured roller coasters' while they're at it.
  15. Cactus_Matt

    Wild West Falls Maintaince 2017

    I like the idea of the fuse slowly being lit as the boat goes up the hill, it's a great thematic idea that builds tension. As for this issue you mentioned, you could have an LED fuse (or something) going up the centre bottom of the lift hill, just a little bit in front of the boat so people in the boat can see it but it doesn't spoil the illusion for other people on the hill. And rather than audio sequences that have to be lined up such as dialogue, you could just have the sound of the fuse sizzling with some ambient music accompanying.