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  1. Maybe they could have themed vests (think hi-vis vests but instead of horrible yellow or orange, themed to each and every attraction) that staff members could pick up from a common location and pop them on before going to the relevant attraction. That way the park could handle washing the vests, keeping them in good condition, while the staff keep their generic 'Village' polos to wear underneath.
  2. If a ride is good enough it doesn't even need a popular theme to be relevant to the general public. I realise Movie World is in the position where it kind of HAS to theme it to a movie property but pretty sure Green Lantern movie or otherwise is on anyone's mind and yet it still remains a popular ride (when its not closed for maintenance).
  3. And what does this mean exactly? Is it going to operate three different types of ride cycle throughout the day? Will there be 3 queue lines depending on what kind of 'speed' you want?
  4. Pretty sure this has nothing to do with the theme parks, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. The names are showing up on my browser, but yeah, still ugly as heck - if this is a work in progress I wonder why they made it live because it's certainly not impressing anyone in this state.
  6. The only overseas country I have and will ever visit is Japan so once the vaccine is rolled out and covid case numbers go down in that country I'll be visiting Japan and its theme parks again.
  7. Not to be rude (just kidding I don't give a fuck) but is the park even that busy at the moment that a priority pass is even needed?
  8. I've got a way you can run WWF an hour later everyday during summer and Movie World wouldn't have to spend a cent. Introduce daylights to QLD!
  9. I don't think its insane, I just think its extremely unlikely given the state of Dreamworld's current management. Nobody would have believed a park like Dreamworld installing the world's tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world but they already did once before, so why not again?
  10. To be fair I've only recently returned to the forums after a long break so it's still pretty new to me. But I wasn't even meaning it as a joke really. Dreamworld has got a lot of work to do if they're going to convince me they can spend money wisely and build the park up to the point it was pre-TRR incident. 225 million buys a lot, but unless they spend it on the following 3 things then they don't have a clue what they are doing. 1. A world class flat ride, I'm not too versed in what innovations have been made with flat rides but they need something intimidating and wild looking to f
  11. It'd be cool to have a wing coaster that went from the Arkham Asylum site and fly over main street. Or rather would have been cool had main street not been covered up. Anyway, there's plenty of options to go above, around and beyond the Arkham site for a roller coaster with a larger footprint, its just whether they would bother to spend more money to do so. Only time will tell.
  12. Don't know if this is a dumb question (I'm sure I'll be put in my place by know-it-all's soon enough) but are they more likely to sell the ride or just scrap it?
  13. I know its unlikely because of the cost but it'd be amazing if they replace it with a Batman themed B&M inverted coaster, heck I'd even settle for a clone rather than an original design if that helped to keep the costs down.
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