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  1. Cactus_Matt


    Disneysea is my favourite theme park, been there twice. Next Japan trip (once there's a vaccine for the covid) will go there again without hesitation.
  2. Cactus_Matt

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Pretty cool that they're already lighting the ride AT NIGHT even though it's not even fully constructed yet. Kudos to SeaWorld.
  3. Cactus_Matt

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    This might be a controversial opinion (or maybe a brilliant idea, either way) but does anyone else think Wet n Wild should be closed down entirely and incorporated into either Movie World or Sea World in the same way that White Water World is connected to Dreamworld? Granted I'm not the biggest fan of water parks in general and the overall lacklustre state of the park I only know about from Brad's trip report in this thread but considering how few rides they have now it would almost make better business sense to attach them to one of their other parks. Movie World is the obvious choice because of how close it is for transporting the rides, but considering Sea World's seaside locale and how empty that park is I think the latter would be the better choice.
  4. Cactus_Matt

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    InB4 we learn that Dreamworld just painted the coaster to make her look good for potential foreign buyers...
  5. Cactus_Matt

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    The Gold Coaster, eh? InB4 people start calling it the 'Old Coaster' because lets face it, that's what it is at this point...
  6. Cactus_Matt

    Australian Season Passes

    I mean sure but 11 years ago Dreamworld was actually a worthwhile park so...
  7. Cactus_Matt

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    I find it to be a pretty uncomfortable experience to the point I don't ride it at all when I visit Dreamworld. But then again I had the benefit of riding it when it was Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney and it seemed like it was much smoother back then (or maybe I was just younger and it affected me less).
  8. Cactus_Matt

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    According to ~internet statistics~ only 8% of people in Australia have ever been to a Disney park so by that measure you can understand why Australian theme park owners are less concerned about the "theme" aspect of their parks because the bar for impressing the average theme park goer is a lot lower. Not really a great excuse for our parks to slack off but when the competition is so minimal there's probably little reason for any of the parks to spend money on theming. What we really need in Australia is a new park to come along and completely blow joe public away with attention to detail and immersive experiences that way it'll force the other parks in the country to try a little harder.
  9. Cactus_Matt

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Confirmed, Stock Photo Roller Coaster Rivals: HyperCoaster coming 2022!
  10. Honestly don't think Dreamworld would be much better off than it is, financially and in the eyes of the public sure they would be better. But I think the majority of their ride removal decisions still would have happened as they seem more like an issue with mismanagement and expensive fixes rather than a direct result of TRRR incident. The only ride that might still be chugging away if the TRRR incident didn't happen would arguably be the Log Ride as it's continued "fixes" would be cheaper than those that cost the loss of Tower of Terror and Wipeout.
  11. Cactus_Matt

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Careful about calling them that the Gold Coast journos might get the wrong idea and start reporting on the roller coaster negatively
  12. Cactus_Matt

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    With the fountains underneath the ride we'll be able to call this a WET ASS HUSSY.
  13. All this talk of feet and you're gonna end up getting Quentin Tarantino interested...
  14. Good ones. Or any for that matter, just new theme park in Australia pls.
  15. Cactus_Matt

    Current State of Sea World

    One of my most vivid childhood memories is sitting in the Australia Fair food court eating Hot n Spicy chicken from KFC for the first time and watching the Bermuda Triangle volcano shooting its flames off every minute or so. Iconic AF.