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  1. Maybe just make the ceiling panel high enough above the ride vehicles that even if some idiot stood up they wouldn't reach the hole? Just a suggestion...
  2. The fact that Movie World hasn't issued a formal (or heck, even informal social media statement) apologising for doing literally nothing to mitigate the problems shows that the park is 100% just in it to make as much money as possible by this holiday period even if it translates into terrible word of mouth, scathing reviews and horrible guest experiences. The absolute rock bottom bare minimum they should be doing is having their social media person explaining that capacity is currently lower because of additional coaster trains/boats being out of commission instead of blaming the very people who are lining the parks pockets.
  3. Echoing what some people have said in this thread but going a bit further, whatever plans Movie World has for the Arkham area should be either put on hold or completely thrown out in favour of a super-high capacity family adventure ride like what the park had with the Loony Tunes River Ride, something that can board 20+ people per boat/car with a continuous loading/unloading platform without the need for complicated restraints. It might sound like 'pie in the sky' thinking but what I think is, rather than spend $20+ million on a record breaking roller coaster or 3 random roller coasters (or whatever the plan currently is for Arkham) they need a Disney level attraction that can just churn through guests consistently.
  4. Unless you're on a very limited time holiday in a foreign country, there's absolutely no reason anyone should ever wait 4 hours in line for a ride. Movie World is taking the piss with these kind of operations and sadly it seems like the general public are all too happy to drink it up without a care in the world. Something needs to change otherwise Movie World is just going to keep on delivering the bare minimum and reaping the profits.
  5. When I think "Dreamworld" way down the list of nostalgic thoughts is the animal area (I'm sorry, does it have an actual name now, I don't even know), I mean heck I'm more nostalgic for the chair lift ride that used to bridge Gold Rush Country and umm... err, I know it had a name I just can't remember it... But yeah as @themagician said revamping that area of the park should not be a priority until the rest of the park can be brought up to better standards!
  6. Come on now, they got rid of all the rust and replaced it with shopping center chic!
  7. If Disney bought a park in Australia it'd be overhauled to use it as a landfill for all the garbage from their other parks, that's how much Disney cares about Australia as a potential destination for a future park - that is to say zero percent. And yes I know you put the "/s" to denote sarcasm, but Disney is about the least likely thing to come upon our shores short of China launching a World War, them winning, co-opting the Disney brand as an invasion strategy and becoming the new world order in their conquered territories. (P.S. I'm very drunk please ignore my comments tonight).
  8. Hopefully Dreamworld can invest in becoming the theme park on the Gold Coast again, it needs to spend big money on doing so though, they need to reinvigorate their younger kids area, put in a "world class" family water ride and eventually a new eye-catching roller coaster to steal the crowds away from Movieworld. It'll be a hard sell for them to do all that and spending the money considering Steel Taipan seems like its been underwhelming for getting people through the gate but they don't really have a choice at this point.
  9. You okay? Did you have a stroke while writing this?
  10. I'm not debating that (based from accounts on here) that Dreamworld is in a better operational state than Movieworld, that's pretty much fact, I'm just going off my personal preference and what offers the most bang for my buck. If I got up to the Gold Coast and Movieworld had a ton of rides closed (which based off recent times is more than possible) than yeah my preference would probably flip to Dreamworld. But ride for ride and assuming they're all open, excluding the way the park is being presented and run, Movieworld is my preferred park. Also, I'm not going to 3 theme parks in the space of a single week long trip, I don't have that kind of stamina anymore. Every trip to Japan I've been on I've had to make 3 weeks long just so I had time to recover (though comparing a day at Disneyland/Sea or Universal versus the Gold Coast parks is a bit of a stretch so who knows).
  11. Listen, I'm still bitter about Wipeout and Tower of Terror being gone (half serious). Then add to the fact there's no water rides at the park (I don't do water parks so WWW doesn't enter into the equation) there's very little at the park that interests me. Yes I want to ride Steel Taipan but that's like 45 seconds of an entire day at a park, I'm sure Sky Voyager is nice too but I'd hardly call it a major drawcard. I'm just saying paying hundreds of dollars for a couple new rides and a bunch of other rides I'm sick of isn't worth it (okay Giant Drop and The Claw are fun).
  12. Never happen, a roller coaster built and opening in less than a year, during a PANDEMIC? With all the SHIPPING DELAYS? Not to mention THIRD EXCUSE?
  13. I mean I am actually planning a Gold Coast trip for the end of the year and it's especially difficult to decide where to go because a) I'm visiting family that I haven't seen in about 4 years and b) I don't want to go to 3 theme parks in the space of a single trip. Though my trip is more likely to be 5-7 days. I haven't been on a hypercoaster before so that kind of puts Rivals and Movieworld at the top of my list even though the park has very little else going for it at this time. Though I haven't been to Seaworld since 2005/2006 and if Leviathan opens before I get up there that'd mean 3 roller coasters I've never ridden to ride which would be pretty cool (Jet Rescue, Storm Coaster and Leviathan). No interest in Dreamworld in its current state at that price tag. Sorry not sorry.
  14. I only ever rode it as Lethal Weapon so my experience was always like being slapped in both ears by Will Smith or maybe should that be Danny Glover in that case.
  15. Lethal Weapon/Arkham lasted 27 years. Loony Tunes River Ride lasted 20 years. Batman Adventure (both incarnations) lasted 19 years. I think it's fair to say that anything that survives from being culled from a park after 20 years deserves to be called classic at that point especially in Australia where it seems our rides have faster expiration dates (at least compared to older, more 'historic' parks). Wild West Falls is classic, Scooby Doo is technically classic even if it needs a lot of work to be what it once was, Superman needs to wait 3 years to be actually classic by this arbitrary measurement but some will argue it's been a classic since the day it opened.
  16. It used to be a theme park, now it's an amusement park. I may hate how modern Dreamworld looks, would love for them to have properly themed areas and rides and have every fence, bench and footpath appropriate to said theme but that's not how this park is anymore. But at the end of the day if it's a binary choice between 'Dreamworld the amusement park' or no Dreamworld at all I know which is my preference.
  17. I didn't realise places charged to enter food truck markets, I've only been to one and it was free to get in, but then again it was in Frankston (it's like the Nerang of the Mornington Peninsula for reference).
  18. I get that Dreamworld really needs the money but I wouldn't even pay $5 to enter the park if there's nothing open in the park other than food trucks but whatever, I'm probably not their target audience so maybe it'll be a success, only time will tell.
  19. Just put another motion simulator ride with extensive queue theming like it was when it was Batman. Sure it's probably nostalgia speaking but the atmosphere around that queue/pre-show experience was so cool even if the ride itself was a bit predictable.
  20. If I had to hazard a guess at why there's been such a downturn in quality overall it could be something as simple as they've got very little in the way of competition and even when they had multiple rides out of commission the park was still as busy as it could be so from a success side of things the people in charge don't see there's anything wrong. People are coming to our park in droves and not going to the one down the road = we're doing everything right so why spend money on fixing/tidying things. It's obviously a bad attitude to have but it happens to a lot of companies when they're at the top. Being at the top and pretty much unopposed means you don't have to try as hard to win over every guest.
  21. Or maybe *puts tin-foil hat on* there was never plans to extensively theme Leviathan and its theming was going to be more minimalistic/modern like Vortex but after reading the "feedback" on here (and probably other places) they decided to theme it properly so as it not to look like Steel Taipan as much. And rather than admit they changed their mind on theming last minute they're blaming covid delays instead.
  22. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll find a new variant to blame sooner or later.
  23. Every time I visited Dreamworld when I lived up there (and the one time I visited since moving to Melbourne) I always rode The Giant Drop but never more than once per visit. I agree with Joz that it's a memory maker, taking my missus on the ride (her first time on it) and hearing her scream "holy fuck!" just as the ride reached the bottom of the drop and it echo through the surrounding area and her getting embarrassed was pretty classic.
  24. Fair enough, I don't deny it'll be a winner in terms of pulling and pleasing people (that sounds ruder than intended lol) after all it's been absolutely ages since Victoria got a new (second-hand) roller coaster. I was just under the (apparently false) assumption that the ride had a lot of maintenance issues, here's hoping it doesn't and has a long life for the park!
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