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  1. I accidentally came across a pic from Sea World in October 2020 and they have the same on theirs. Does anyone know if these models differ between the 3 parks?
  2. Also an 'exclusive' (about a good thing) brings more visitors than an exclusive to an enthusiast site.
  3. Cool, yeah that makes more sense. Direction rather than location being the big change. Cheers.
  4. excuse my ignorance, the carousel is round, why would moving the booth to the front rather than the side change visibility?
  5. Dreamworld lose Wipeout, Seaworld gain Vortex Seaworld lose Monorail, Dreamworld gain a new train
  6. Honestly that really sucks, and that menu sucks because its just the same sort of foods elsewhere in the parks. If its going to be a set menu at least offer something different than Burgers, Hot Dogs and Chips...
  7. Someone up further said the same about shark bay. They are aquatic themed exhibits that you can move through in your own pace and not forced to wait 1+ hours for a 1minute ride. Shark Bay specifically is a bad example to call out against my comment cause the upstairs portion is enchanced by the location. The fact you can go downstairs is added bonus that takes nothing away from the space or attraction. My comment was more on a whole dark ride. In my opinion the reason you would want a dark ride is to control the whole environment but as I said before, I think doing that at SW wastes the best natural environment I've ever seen at a park in the world. Storm Coaster has that indoor element, but the main attraction of the ride and peak of the hight gives awesome views across the park and water. I get people here get hard for old Bermuda. Sure it's a great ride, I'm not saying it wasn't. My point is i would prefer open air, but it's also gone so 🤷‍♂️ And I'm also not saying you can't have shade from natural or unnatural methods...
  8. Sea World has one of the most beautiful natural locations. I think a dark ride at SW is wasted.
  9. Little white lie of "My kid has allergies" if they question your home packed foods.
  10. Just calling out, the $387 by 4 people is $97. So, bringing back the sub$100 passes if bought in bulk. Honestly a smart move and would love village to offer a "family pass" pack too.
  11. I agree with you 100% and what I'm about to say is more FYI rather than putting blame on the customer. This thing is available on Google, but the issue with these things is that they are only accurate at the time of posting, and only benefits people planning on coming after the park has been open. That said, they need to do something, and probably should open an hour earlier and close an hour or 2 later each day in the week(s) that the states have holiday crossovers, at a minimum. + everything everyone else said, including Ky getting some lovely extra attention from the bosses over the next week or so. Earlier works better for young familys, and opening until 9pm, although legal, the park tends to only do infrequently I believe to keep favour with the neighbours and to allow all quests to vacate the park. I think 7 or 8pm is the better close time.
  12. Maybe its both and a case of bad wording? It will be closed until July, when it will enter its refurbishment and service until Sept?
  13. Yeah why edit out escorts? Thats the fun part!
  14. Not sure what was happening when you posted @Rivals but the images are all correct when I checked today.
  15. Justice League is 10 years this coming September. I don't know enough about lifespans of rides and referbs but I feel tech has made leaps and bounds in the last 10 years and this ride could benefit. Or knock down and put something decent in. The JL ride is the wrong ride for that "thrill" area of the park.
  16. I guess I can never post again...
  17. Day early lets them be the first seen. I've noticed this trend recently. The sponsored ad is common these days for April Fools messages as it shows they are a "fun" company/service to more people than their existing customer base, and I'm sure its got some targeting, making it a "cheap" ad.
  18. The real question, which rollercoaster is that actually?
  19. Repeating what I said in the Leviathan thread. We let our passes expire. Nothing grabbing us at either park to fork out that sort of money for the family. I'll prefer to send my kid to Bounce or something
  20. I think a horizontal wooden fence would probably be nicer though and still has the gaps between the planks to see through.
  21. Can only hope so. And hope the inside effects are operational again too
  22. Car insurance is cheaper for white cars as the replacement parts are cheaper. I believe the parts are manufactured in white then resprayed to match the car colour, unless its a specialist part, otherwise no idea.
  23. Unless the announcement of it becoming Sea Movie World is just months away! Country Movie Paradise is shortly after.
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