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  1. Correct me if I read this wrong, but is the Danski/Polley defence "Ardent screwed up so our screw up doesn't count"?
  2. I wish the eyes had lights. Just a little thing that would probably not work after 1 year, but still, with the parks putting on more and more events and (particularly MW) just opening an extra hour or 2 later (in winter this pays off) the parks are dark enough to show off the lighting effects.
  3. MW realised that they probably can't get away with a euthanasia coaster so figured they would lower the bar and trial a seizure hyper coaster instead.
  4. "Never buy a smart car, the only way to make it go fast is to scare it"
  5. Since Hot Wheels is a sponsorship requirement, and honestly not that much of a mouthful anyway, why bother changing Sidewinder to Racer? At least it wasn't Hot Wheels Sidewinder Rollercoaster, or Hot Wheels Sidewinder Looper.
  6. Seeing as they are only advertising Vortex out of the new 3 as a Thrill ride and the rest of the lineup is very family orientated (with exceptions of Storm, although my child happily went on that at age 6 and Jet rescue does have a higher height limit) , I would say little, and they know and expect little. I think SW has their plans for being more family than thrill.
  7. Why does everywhere need a brewhouse. I dont give a shit if its made there. I just like beer. Edit: Also that screenshot looks wayyyyy more than $300m
  8. Pirate ship that can invert, 2 queue lines, 1 for intense, 1 for gentle. yaayyyy
  9. I actually just think it should be as simple as a different / additional lake show, like a "through the years" show, performing the iconic acts. Even incorporating Thunder Lake Boat/Truck since its garnered a lot of attention both nationally and online internationally. (I see gifs/videos appear on Reddits front page occationally) If they wanted more effort, then maybe a an original/different/varied seal and/or dolphin show since they more or less still do the same performance, just a different story and in a different order. And also, its completely understandable if they cele
  10. Hows a car going to keep out rabbits?
  11. Was the the one keeping the Rabbits out?
  12. Other Fun Runs and Bike events get around this by if you donate $xxx amount you get free registration next year
  13. If the load station is in a visible area too there is heaps of hype when the seats flip.
  14. If only there was somewhere VRTP could update the people who are super interested on the various stages of construction but not flood their socials with the less interesting updates. Just throwing ideas around, like maybe a construction blog. Maybe even host it on a VRTP owned website like https://themeparks.com.au/blog In fact I would specifically use this exact URL for no apparent reason. https://themeparks.com.au/blog/leviathan-construction?_ga=2.228424925.1978216344.1632288136-402189983.1632288136&_gac=1.245491248.1632288136.EAIaIQobChMI4fiwkOuR8wIVaJlmAh1DbgdKEAAYA
  15. Also agree. Otherwise a 4D like Eejanaika would be cool and has that obvious "different" look to other coasters. The only way a Strata or Giga would put us on the map is if it was more than just a Up down and back coaster and has additional elements, but that would cost way too much for our parks.
  16. If you turn it into a vertical garden, it will still be a Sky Voyager plant area
  17. Investment Firms don't care as long as they come out in the black
  18. Doesn't that boost truck normally have residence at Sea World?
  19. Don't we know how the ride feels? They didn't change the main layout from Blue Fire.
  20. I thought Rivals was initially "Leased" then the park paid for it fully a year or 2 later and the pay out figure was in a Financial release? if so that figure would purely be the coaster and not ground works
  21. God no. that becomes the entry building. May need to cut some roofs off.
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