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  1. Ash

    Japan - Fuji Q

    Get yourself a JR rail pass, we were using the trains everyday whilst over there. Took about 30-40 mins from Shinjuku.
  2. Ash

    Japan - Fuji Q

    It doesnt suck the enjoyment out of it. It would be hear it in English but the ride and the animatronics etc take your mind off it. Japan is amazing
  3. Ash

    Justice League’s Future

    Would love a spiderman ride like the one in universal studios Japan, that ride was amazing
  4. Ash

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Kids area is overdue, took my 5 year old today and he was bored after an hour, lines were pretty short, 2 hours in the park we were gone
  5. Hopefully DW can keep it up, looking forward to riding this coaster. Love a good launched coaster
  6. Spinning rear seat is going to be wicked.
  7. Ash

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Handled it with ease
  8. Time for wet n wild top step up
  9. Ash

    Cheap Flights to Theme Parks

    Check out klook mate they have some discount tickets, downloads to your phone, then just show your phone at the gates
  10. Ash

    The Off Topic Topic

    That looks so good, rode the original at universal studios Japan, love what they have done with this one
  11. Ash

    'Big Brother House' Vandalised

    And I bet the little shits will get a slap on the wrist
  12. Miss the bermuda triangle and gremlins ride. He'll even the twisted and double screamer were wicked
  13. Ash

    Arkham Asylum Facade work

    When did they bam smoking in Disney parks? I was at Disneyland and Disneysea last year and there was still designated smoking areas. Mind you they are in secluded rooms with big exhaust fans. So not open to the public eye