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  1. 100% agree with the monster trucks, took my 2 kids and waited the half an hour for a very lack luster show. My 6 year old son even said it was boring. Good to see something new, but failed on the execution
  2. Anyone else seen the mariokart coaster and super mario world reveal, the amount of detail that has gone into it is crazy, will definitely be going back
  3. I agree, I love in ormeau, went there for the first time in a few years and was terrible, even my 6 year old wanted to leave to go to movieworld. Rode sky voyager for the first time to..... imo underwhelming
  4. Disneysea is fantatsic loved that place, the theming is unreal. Universal Studios is another must. As for tourist stuff, id suggest depending on when you go, is to do the Mt Fuji tour, such a great day and we also went to a Ninja Temple and watched them train. Love Japan
  5. Just came from a freezing white water world. Guys were still in the boom lift painting, people also working on the que lines. A few patches on the new paint job that has been sanded back due to i guess defects but not much has changed from the last update. It is a pleasant change though from the original colour and really ties in well with the white water world slides
  6. Well said Slick, your right the creativity has gone, just slap a ride here slap a ride there, no focus anymore on the immersiveness that our parks once had.
  7. I'm gonna vote 1 for Bermuda, that was a sensational ride that is sorely missing in today's parks in regards to theming etc. The Looney Toons River Ride and hell even The Batman Simulator are things I miss
  8. Would be a big loss if wwf was to close, I dont think it will, but we wouldn't get something of that teeming again given the current lack of themeing they are putting on there new rides
  9. The bloody track will need a repaint before they out it together
  10. I loved usj, was so busy when we went but everything from the theming, que lines, the happiness from the workers to the overall quality of the rides was mint. Such a good experience, as with disneysea and Disneyland, disneysea being the better of the two
  11. Just renewed our pass at seaworld with the family and they gave us a bunch of extra vouchers for AOS and others. Was only there 3 hours, being the only ride really was the storm open. Was quite busy today actually, a lot of pissed of people with the boats only half loaded etc but staff were good
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