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  1. Ash

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Rode it finally today after being away from work. Been following this since day dot. Was there at 930 got first ride in row 10. Amazing. First drop was wicked bunny hops though were mine and the mrs favourite. Went straight to purchase backwards pass first of the day. Cant even put words together at to how good this was. We were blown away. Not knowing at all as to where you are going. The non inverting loop was crazy and onceagain the bunny hops getting air from your seat but being pushed into the harness was exhilarating. Backwards was by far the better of the 2. Keen to try the front but cant see it beating that $10 feeling of backwards
  2. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    Mate much appreciated. We are venturing outside of tokyo stay a few nights there etc. Going through your review now is getting me pumped. Cheers for the info.
  3. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    I think mainly tokyo. But we are wanting to do disneyland and universal
  4. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    Bit of both. Got the mrs and my 3 year old boy. But we will have a day kid free for a park with good coasters
  5. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    Bit of both. Got the mrs and my 3 year old boy. But we will have a day kid free for a park with good coasters
  6. Just booked japan for march, has anyone been and what coasters/parks do you recommend?
  7. The today show is filming at all 3 parks. The weather chick said she will be riding the new big coaster. Would say this could be maybe the first live pov?
  8. Just rebuild the footing nota majorissue as perhaps that support was just out of line. When your talking mm its quite common to not be exact. Surveyors could of been out. But a patch job would fix it. I was on the light rail where we had a tolerance of 1.5mm
  9. Won't be working today as Jack said
  10. The trailer has been out for a while now, the one released today is just another one
  11. Temporary fencingis being installed as we speak im here now. All the gravel area on the right as you drive in on the right side
  12. Just drove past. Ride on mower cutting the grass 3 utes in the area. Most activity theres been for a while.
  13. As stated above they are more a visual to promote a hazard. By rights they shouldnt be removed until installation is ready asap. Depending on the pc but that is the common law/rule on mine sites/construction sites
  14. Ash

    Coaster Track At MovieWorld (HOAX)

    I drive past everyday and at 4pm today nothing there. And if it was pink what sought of them would this be if they ate continuing the dc theme. I reckon it will be blue to coinside with aquaman being filmed plus they already have a red and green coaster as there skyline so to speak so leaning towards blue hence the conclusion of aquaman
  15. Agreed. No real need for a loop. We have them. What we need is big drops, serious air times etc something yet to be built in Australia.