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  1. Ash

    Quick February Dreamworld video update

    Yeah but everyone young or old likes rides that are operating. Dreamworld can't provide that st the moment, they have a better kids area than the other parks but for a family the park is obsolete.
  2. Ash

    Quick February Dreamworld video update

    You guys think it's thriving? I have both passes and can assure you Dreamworld is a ghost town. My 4 year old son would rather go to Movie world than there. I live 5 mins away and pass it 3-4 times a day. I personally believe it's the end for the park, SV can't bring it back, a decent coaster maybe, but I believe this ride was the wrong move.
  3. Ash

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    Storm coaster just doesn't do it justice, I for one love a good 5 minute ride. The build up in the opening area when there were 60 people in the room or so on, then onto the deck that spun. Was amazing. Whichever theme park does this again will have my vote, coasters are cool, I was in Japan a year ago, and even jurassic ride was nothing compared to bermuda. Obviously Disneyland is up there. But we need more rides like we used to have. It seems cheap and nasty what we have now even though it's not bit more theming is what I love to see. Interaction is key for me, personal opinion.
  4. Ash

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    100% agree, the theming in the driving school is half decent, although we have wild west, the likes of bermuda triangle and the Looney ride were wicked. I remember going on the triangle for the first time when It was near new, was the best ride most people I knew had been on
  5. Ash

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    Bring back the Looney river ride I say, was wicked for the family back in the day, kids area needs a revamp.
  6. Ash

    Quick February Dreamworld video update

    The fact that the party is looking dates, SV is delayed. I remember going on the TOT when it first was built the whole place was thriving. Nowadays not so much
  7. Ash

    Quick February Dreamworld video update

    Jesus this place is just getting worse and worse. I have not been in roughly a year and going by this or won't be anytime soon. And I live 10 mins away with both passes
  8. What a time to launch such an important asset to a struggling theme park, when all the kids go back to school and holidays are over haha
  9. Ash

    White Christmas 2018

    I just ordered 4 adult north pole passes no issues at all
  10. Ash

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Rode it finally today after being away from work. Been following this since day dot. Was there at 930 got first ride in row 10. Amazing. First drop was wicked bunny hops though were mine and the mrs favourite. Went straight to purchase backwards pass first of the day. Cant even put words together at to how good this was. We were blown away. Not knowing at all as to where you are going. The non inverting loop was crazy and onceagain the bunny hops getting air from your seat but being pushed into the harness was exhilarating. Backwards was by far the better of the 2. Keen to try the front but cant see it beating that $10 feeling of backwards
  11. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    Mate much appreciated. We are venturing outside of tokyo stay a few nights there etc. Going through your review now is getting me pumped. Cheers for the info.
  12. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    I think mainly tokyo. But we are wanting to do disneyland and universal
  13. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    Bit of both. Got the mrs and my 3 year old boy. But we will have a day kid free for a park with good coasters
  14. Ash

    Japan rollercoasters

    Bit of both. Got the mrs and my 3 year old boy. But we will have a day kid free for a park with good coasters
  15. Just booked japan for march, has anyone been and what coasters/parks do you recommend?