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  1. Ash

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    The bloody track will need a repaint before they out it together
  2. I loved usj, was so busy when we went but everything from the theming, que lines, the happiness from the workers to the overall quality of the rides was mint. Such a good experience, as with disneysea and Disneyland, disneysea being the better of the two
  3. Ash

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Just renewed our pass at seaworld with the family and they gave us a bunch of extra vouchers for AOS and others. Was only there 3 hours, being the only ride really was the storm open. Was quite busy today actually, a lot of pissed of people with the boats only half loaded etc but staff were good
  4. Take it with a grain of salt but the GCB have just said there is announcement being made soon regarding the reopening of the parks so Jordan is right
  5. Ash

    WhiteWater World New Slide Ideas

    Amazon's used to have one, so much fun, was a good watermark back in its day
  6. Ash

    What’s next for movie world

    Kids area needs a major overhaul, flying coaster to replace AA, and a revamp or something to replace justice league
  7. Ash

    Japan - Fuji Q

    Get yourself a JR rail pass, we were using the trains everyday whilst over there. Took about 30-40 mins from Shinjuku.
  8. Ash

    Japan - Fuji Q

    It doesnt suck the enjoyment out of it. It would be hear it in English but the ride and the animatronics etc take your mind off it. Japan is amazing
  9. Ash

    Justice League’s Future

    Would love a spiderman ride like the one in universal studios Japan, that ride was amazing
  10. Ash

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Kids area is overdue, took my 5 year old today and he was bored after an hour, lines were pretty short, 2 hours in the park we were gone
  11. Hopefully DW can keep it up, looking forward to riding this coaster. Love a good launched coaster
  12. Ash

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Spinning rear seat is going to be wicked.
  13. Ash

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Handled it with ease