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  1. I'll be riding this regardless of it having the potential of making me grey out. I've only greyed out on Goliath at SFMM and I just put that down to dehydration/tiredness more than anything as I'd been on it a few times - and in the back row - and didn't have that happen.
  2. Dreamworld Night Events Return

    As a few previous posters have said, the after dark event last night was fantastic. The view of the park on the Giant Drop was spectacular at night with all the lights. Yes the lines were long - I think TOT 2 was the worst at about an hour wait - but it was just great to see such a crowd back at Dreamworld. I only wish they were able to stay open later than 10pm. I heard whispers that they had to close at this time due to noise laws. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. HI @keninsha, I've just spent the last 3 days at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and it was a great park to visit. Haven't been to CGA yet. Joker is an extremely popular ride so if you can, get there early and head straight to it. Also I'll let you know that you can't take a bag with you into the queue for Joker or Superman. You can have hats, glasses, drink bottles, phones but you'll get marched out of line if you have a bag/backpack. And if you have the time - and the money - check out the Wildlife Explorer tour. You'll get a 90 minute 'back tour' to visit the vet clinic, see the tigers, feed a giraffe and get to meet a few other animals. I get that it's not everyone's thing but it was a great experience.
  4. Perhaps I haven't given GL a fair enough go - I have only ridden it once. I quite enjoyed the unexpected nature of the ride. I just didn't like smacking my head when it rolled backwards. Ill try it again when I go back in a few days.
  5. I'm currently in California and visited Magic Mountain yesterday (Wednesday). While I have no idea what it might be like to visit the park in August, I couldn't do the whole park in one day - and I had the platinum flash pass with X2 added, but I also rode some rides several times. Some of this is what the previous posters have already mentioned but I recommend - - Get there really early. I was there at 1000 for a 1030 open and while I got a decent park, there was a huge crowd already waiting to get in the gates. - Download a park map and familiarise yourself with the layout. Man I wish I had done this! There is a reason why it's called magic mountain. I consider myself physically fit and taking the left path is a killer. You definitely don't want to be doing this multiple times because you're not sure where you're going. - Download the app. This will give you approximate wait times for each ride. - If you have the cash, get a flash pass. Not only does this awesome device let you jump the queue but it also tells you if a ride closes and opens!! - If you do get a flash pass know that most of the rides have good signage as to where to queue. Twisted Colossus has nothing. I walked all over looking for any sign of that little symbol and nadda. I ended up asking somebody waiting in line. You go down the disabled access just FYI. Green Lantern was a bit confusing too. It had signs and then an arrow that pointed to the right but that just led to the main queue. I had to ask about it too and you go left and take the furtherest set of stairs (which you may not see until you're halfway up the second last set ) - I wasn't impressed by Green Lantern First Flight. It looks like it might be thrilling and fun. It's not. And I whacked my head something fierce on the second drop and had an awful headache for the rest of the day. - There are ride lockers on a few of the rides but you only need a locker for X2. For all the other rides you can leave your stuff in bins or off to the side of the station. If you decide to ride X2 don't stress if you've made the hike all the way to the front of the queue with your belongings. The lockers are on the ride platform.
  6. Disneyland during US Summer Holidays

    From the bit of searching I've been doing it looks like most theme parks are - or will soon be - open longer during the day. So far I have my six flags season pass - scored it at the right time when they had their 'Cinco de Mayo' offer (pay 1 day, play all year). I added on the unlimited digital photos pass and shopping pass. And I bought the Knotts/Cedar Fair platinum season pass and added on the photo and drink pass. I'm really undecided on which pass to get for Disneyland. I'm thinking the SoCal Citypass which includes a 3 day hopper pass for Disneyland/CA plus 1 day ticket to Legoland and 1 day ticket to SeaWorld. And then Universal. 1 day wasn't enough when I was there in 2005.
  7. Disneyland during US Summer Holidays

    @Troy81 I'm heading over there at the end of this month so I've been wondering the same things. I'm planning on visiting Disneyland, California Adventures, Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm, Sea World, Great America, Magic Mountain and Discovery Kingdom at this stage I'm pretty sure I'll need a flash pass for MM at least one day but not sure what to do with the other parks.
  8. The Off Topic Topic

    My sentiments exactly! I feel quite fortunate in having the platinum membership with Dreamworld. I feel like a 'rock star' every time I visit due to the discounts I receive. Plus I have found all the staff really engaging with the guests - myself included. And I really do love the 'see you next time!' and huge smiles from the Lego store staff when I'm leaving. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy visiting MW as well, I just prefer the vibe at DW. And the music.
  9. At Chermside shopping centre today - hmmmm.....
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    I had a similar experience on Scooby yesterday too - but towards the end of the ride. I just figured there was a delay at the loading/unloading platform. And at Dreamworld they had to call maintenance to unlock the harnesses to get us off The Claw and for Pandamonium as the last carriage wouldn't lock into place. No big deal.
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    I visited Movieworld today and they have 2 trains running on Superman. Brilliant idea now that school holidays are upon us. I went on 6 times in a row and the ride was practically a walk-on each time.
  12. Tower of Terror 2 - Slow Launch

    Well I watched them winch the car back in with the passengers on so I don't think they did an evac. Just the same thing happened on a test run?? Sorry, I should've given more info in my previous post.
  13. Tower of Terror 2 - Slow Launch

    Well guys, I'm here at Dreamworld right now and TOT 2 did it again. I wasn't on it this time - I was actually walking past to go on GD. I missed videoing the 'launch' but got some footage of the car rolling back out and sitting right at the tunnel opening. Then I have 2 rides on GD and walk back past and the car is sitting there again at the same spot - empty this time.
  14. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Buzz Saw originally scheduled for annual maintenance towards the end of April for about a month? Like from the 24th? It's just the dates have been completely removed from the website.
  15. Krispy Kreme Theme Park

    This was in my facebook feed this morning. I was intrigued for about 5 seconds.... then realised what the date was.