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  1. I’ve only been to some of the parks in California so can’t offer any more info than the previous posters have but definitely agree with their recommendations I will add tho should you ever get the opportunity to go to Northen California, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a great park. I really loved that it had a mix of decent rides as well as the animal attractions. I paid the extra and did the Wildlife Discovery tour and it was awesome. I ended up being the only one booked for it and had my own personal tour and photographer. I even got to feed a bottle of milk to a tiger - through a cage though. It was one of - if not the - best experience of my life (so far!) And while you’re up that way, the Jelly Belly factory is in Fairfield and definitely worth checking out.
  2. Adventure World Kraken Accident

    Thanks for sharing that @ABYSS Not a great lot of details in the news clip but they said that they collided with a second raft. While it is sad that he broke his leg as a result, I also wonder why it took 9 days to make it to the news?
  3. The Off Topic Topic

    This photo was in today’s Friday Flyer at work Snapshot of the article that went with the photo -
  4. White Christmas 2017

    Thanks for the tip @pushbutton! We ended up getting the North Pole Passes with the buffet included. Looking forward to this even more so now as I’m working Christmas Day
  5. White Christmas 2017

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I haven’t been to a White Christmas event before so this year will be my first. Very much looking forward to experiencing it. Taking my 4 year old nephew and I think he’ll love it.
  6. 4 more rides on DC Rivals today. There was a film crew here around midday plus they ran a train for ‘VIP’s’ - no idea who they were though. Also, the right seat in row 9 was tagged out and not used as there seemed to be some issue with the seat belt. I was there when a maintenance guy came to have a look at it but they continued to keep it out of service until at least 2pm when I left the park.
  7. Wow!! 66?? I’ve ridden it 68 times in total but that’s taken me quite a few visits since it’s first soft open day - and my early access helped bump my ride count up. Looks like I’ve got some competition!
  8. I went back to Fright Nights last night and did the Ultimate Terror Tour again - just the standard one this time. I found that to be much better than the Hyped version. Plus our tour time was for 9pm which I thought was great as we had 3 hours to ourselves to do the mazes, a few rides, have some dinner, get our faces painted and also saw a show. We also had unlimited digital ride photos for the night - something that wasn’t included for the Hyped tour on opening night - although the camera wasn’t working properly on Superman and DC Rivals was closed. I was just wondering from those of you who have participated in both versions of the tour which one you preferred? Also, when travelling in the tram at the back of the park to get to the tour, what were the ride vehicles/trains/cars there? I couldn’t get a really good look and of course no cameras allowed. Were they from Gremlins? Or just props? They were on the left hand side of the tram, near a break room.
  9. My bad!! I went back to the park today and it is definitely $19 for single use. I guess I fixated on the word ‘unlimited’ and didn’t notice ‘excludes’
  10. Thanks for the tips!!! I’m looking at flying from Brisbane on a Tuesday or Wednesday and then visiting the park Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
  11. I’m hoping to get over to Perth the second week of November so that I can visit Adventure World. Would 2 days be enough time to allow to experience everything there? Is it very crowded then?
  12. I saw that sign there today too but I thought it was unlimited for $19? I would’ve taken a photo of the sign but I was pre-occupied with riding it.
  13. Yep. I hadn't done one at all before and neither had the two people I was there with. Plus the couple we did the panic room with hadn't done the UTT previously either.
  14. At the very end of the night we had one of the hosts (I think?) come and talk to us and get our feedback. We mentioned how there was too much to do and didn't take advantage of it all and all he could 'offer' was that If I do return to Fright Nights (and fork out another entry fee) that I *should* be able to use my DC Rivals fast track passes as they weren't date stamped and that if I talk to somebody upon arrival I *may* be able to redeem my face painting voucher - which was date stamped. I don't want to sound like a whingey member of the general public as I know it was the very first night, but at the same time can't help but feel a little disappointed.
  15. I completely agree with this. Didn't get to fully utilise all the extras included in the 'Hyped' Tour. We didn't get to use our fast track for any rides, didn't have time to get our faces painted, missed out on The Conjuring 2 maze as they closed it early and didn't see any of the shows. I'm not sure if it would be possible to do, but I thought there was time wasted in the 4:30 to 6:00 range and that perhaps letting us do the panic room and getting our faces painted before 6:00 could've worked better in giving us more free time later on after Fright Nights had officially opened. I had an absolute blast though and so did the two people I went with. Definitely am recommending doing the Ultimate Terror Tour if you can.