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  1. Can anyone tell me if DW has modified the wings on Tailspin? I visited the park yesterday (first time in a couple years!) and felt like the wings don’t move as much as what I remembered them to. I used to be able to get a mad spin going for the entire ride but I couldn’t get my plane to flip once. I was in plane 3 and it was windy and still nothing 😑
  2. Hi @aussienetman, Not sure what time of year you’re thinking of going but I recommend getting the flash pass if you can. It’s pricey but on busy days it’s worth every cent - especially if you’re only going the one day and want to maximise your ride time. If you want to ride X2, put your belongings in a locker before getting in the queue. They only have a limited amount on the station and you will have to wait longer to rent one at times. The staff don’t manage the ride queues like they do here. For most rides it’s like ‘self serve’. You choose a gate and wait, they don
  3. Hopefully the wait is nearly over - I’m not sure how long it’s been on the site however.
  4. 100% agree. I was surprised at how much they tried to interact with guests - even before getting into the park And their ‘tests’ to check for contamination were clever too. The music they played was great too (imo anyway) - hard rock and heavy metal 🤘 Now I don’t mean to sound super harsh but it didn’t really feel like a Fright Nights event but more of a park after dark event with a few scare actors roaming around. Perhaps the locals could let me know if the event is in its early years? The maze was quite good and elaborate but there didn’t seem to be a consistent theme - but maybe
  5. That didn’t stop the locals from using the water park and slides!! I was nearly dying from the cold (hey, I’m from Brisbane) and there they are running around in swimmers 🤔 Also, they were closed agin today due to the weather and only opening for Fright Nights. Pretty bummed that I didn’t get to go as that’s what I had planned but oh well, can’t change the weather. Provided the customer service guy is true to his word, they will refund me the cost of my day ticket.
  6. I was thinking about it but if it’s going to be this cold again tomorrow (technically today) then I won’t. By the way, I totally understand now when you said you leave your stuff on the lawn. You could never do anything like that at any park in QLD.
  7. Thanks @Tim Dasco!! When I go to my local parks, I take a mini backpack (you know the Loungefly ones?). Would that require a locker at Adventure World or OK for the ride bins? I had little bit of an issue when I went to SF Discovery Kingdom In 2017 and I’ve been wary of it since. I certainly have - didn’t want to miss out! I booked 9:45pm. I also bought a fast pass for the night so I can do some rides. @AlexB I know right? 😀 But Movie World’s Fright Nights are already done for the season so gotta give kudos to Adventure World for knowing when Halloween is.
  8. First of all, if this post belongs under another topic please close this. In true Amy fashion, I have decided to do a spur of the moment trip to Perth on Thursday - just to visit Adventure World. I’m also planning on going to their Fright Nights event on Thursday night (tickets already booked 😊). I’ve never been to Adventure World before let alone Perth, so I was hoping someone might give me some tips eg: do I need a locker or are there storage bins on the rides, etc I’m super excited about finally getting to visit as I’ve been trying to get there for over a year and a h
  9. For me, Fright Nights this year is a big improvement to last year. While the ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ of the night are still the weak points (in my opinion), I’d gladly sacrifice them to have the bigger and better mazes which is what they’ve done. I attended on the very first night (on the platinum ultimate terror tour) and then again last night (standard utt) and was surprised to see the vast improvement - they’ve figured out where to put the utt guests for the opening, they’re sending through smaller groups at a time in the mazes and spacing them out and the scare actors are really
  10. I did the platinum tour and overall it was a great experience. Being the first night there were issues but at least the tickets were a bit cheaper. - SPOILERS AHEAD - Our group got to enter first and we had photos taken at the entry of the VIP room. We were greeted with drinks and canapés and given our tour gift - pen in a coffin shaped box. We were supposed to be going to do the panic rooms at 4:45 but we weren’t taken over til just after 5:00. I did the Dark Room and we were the first ones to escape - and in 18 minutes. We were escorted back to the VIP room and lead straight
  11. Stuck up where exactly??? This makes it sounds like they were stuck up the vertical part of the track. Right. So at the beginning of the tunnel. Been there, done that. One of the best experiences of my life - I even posted about it back in the day when it happened. I am surprised to read that they didn’t get any communication from the ride ops though. When it happened to me it took quite some time for the ride vehicle to come to a complete stop at the tunnel entrance. The entire time I heard a staff member over speakers saying that ‘there was no cause for alarm,’ ‘our harnesses
  12. Thanks @Rabbit2014 I was wondering if it had opened as I hadn’t hear anything yet. @pushbutton Aussie World used to have one of the cars from the Wild Mouse sit beside the Mayhem Maze but when I went to their Halloween night last year it had been removed.
  13. I have just checked my emails and have received this from Dreamworld today. They will be ceasing all memberships. While I’m not surprised by this I am quite sad about it as I don’t think I would buy an annual pass - not really a lot on offer there to justify the price.
  14. I thought they might’ve put the train there so maintenance could fix whatever they needed to. One lucky maintenance guy got to do the long climb up though. It only sat up there for about 20 minutes. The ride has been down just over an hour now. But I think it just reopened.
  15. Well I’m sure the fact that the train is sitting at the top of the drop will draw their attention.
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