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  1. At Chermside shopping centre today - hmmmm.....
  2. I had a similar experience on Scooby yesterday too - but towards the end of the ride. I just figured there was a delay at the loading/unloading platform. And at Dreamworld they had to call maintenance to unlock the harnesses to get us off The Claw and for Pandamonium as the last carriage wouldn't lock into place. No big deal.
  3. I visited Movieworld today and they have 2 trains running on Superman. Brilliant idea now that school holidays are upon us. I went on 6 times in a row and the ride was practically a walk-on each time.
  4. Well I watched them winch the car back in with the passengers on so I don't think they did an evac. Just the same thing happened on a test run?? Sorry, I should've given more info in my previous post.
  5. Well guys, I'm here at Dreamworld right now and TOT 2 did it again. I wasn't on it this time - I was actually walking past to go on GD. I missed videoing the 'launch' but got some footage of the car rolling back out and sitting right at the tunnel opening. Then I have 2 rides on GD and walk back past and the car is sitting there again at the same spot - empty this time.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Buzz Saw originally scheduled for annual maintenance towards the end of April for about a month? Like from the 24th? It's just the dates have been completely removed from the website.
  7. This was in my facebook feed this morning. I was intrigued for about 5 seconds.... then realised what the date was.
  8. @Richard Are the women's size S gone already in both designs?
  9. I know I'm stating the obvious, but wow that video is a blast from the past!! It's so strange to see the ride without its tunnel or MDMC in the background. One of my few Dreamworld regrets - not experiencing the original TOT
  10. @red dragin & @Spotty - thanks for the info guys. But how does the computer lose track of the car? Like is it some sort of rare glitch, or had the potential to be an 'over launch'? Sorry to sound dumb but I know nothing about this stuff and I find it fascinating.
  11. @Theme Park Girl I know what you mean about missing out on interesting/exciting things at the park. I can't believe how incredibly lucky I was to have this experience today. For those of you interested, this was the ride photo -
  12. @Theme Park Girl It would've been about 1:15 pm today. I bought the on-ride photo and the timestamp on the receipt is 1328. @Santa07 Wow, a rollback? That's so cool!!!
  13. Sorry for the bad topic title but I wasn't sure what to call it and just wanted to share as I thought what happened was pretty cool. Again, my apologies if there is already a thread for this or if it belongs elsewhere. I rode the Tower of Terror 2 today at Dreamworld and the launch started all very normal but towards the end of the tunnel the car started to slow down considerably and we barely got vertical on the tower. We rolled back down but only got about halfway back through the tunnel. Then the car rolled back outside and we ended up coming to a stop right at the entrance of the tunnel. We sat there for a bit and maintenance came and they had to winch us back to the station. I would guesstimate that the whole experience was only about 10 minutes. I thought it was very cool. Have any of you fellow riders experienced something similar?
  14. I mean no disrespect @Brad2912 Background - I got my elbow stuck in the small gap between the restraint and 'cage' bit (on the right, front row) while the car was hurtling backward - I think because I wasn't holding on and the force just wedged it there. Cutting a long story short, I waited until the next day and called them to just simply report it. As I said to the guy on the phone, I was more embarrassed than anything but felt I had a duty of care to at least report that that had happened. Anyway he said that they would call me back and no one ever did.
  15. @willco Don't hold your breath waiting for them to call you back.