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  1. tahnee

    Tower of Terror Update

    there will be fog i saw that too, it was an electric motor, a replacement for the one that was broken.
  2. tahnee

    Tower of Terror Update

    no i dont work at the park.
  3. tahnee

    Tower of Terror Update

    There is a stairwell on the inside and the maintenance people can stand on the catch car and ride it to the top in jog mode where they climb into the winch room. From there they can climb onto the roof. The tower will not be getting a new paint job, the que line is getting a full overhaul the skull will be re painted there will be lights in the tunnel and the new car will be going backwards.
  4. tahnee

    Dreamworld, July 2010

    Dora will be down for alot longer as it will cost more to repair her than to replace her.
  5. tahnee


    The claw has brake calipers and a disc and if the e stop is pushed it shuts the motors down and applies the brakes which lets the gondola swing to the ground at a slower speed and will however swing past its home position and then back close to home position. The operator then must wait for engineering to reset the ride home the gondola and raise the floors.
  6. tahnee

    Dreamworld, May 2010

    I reckon those pieces of steel on that pellet may be for the hand rail on top of the giant drop. They look the same shape