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  1. Clark walked past us this morning whilst waiting for rivals area to open at approximately 9.45am. I didn’t realise who he was at the time. I’m wondering whether the big new ride will be located where the castle is. I rode the monorail sweat box yesterday and soon realised there are so many areas within SeaWorld that need some tlc.
  2. I'm very glad I bought the groupon special the other day for $89. If I hadn't I would be up for $199!
  3. This is the marketing guru that came up with that name? Wow! Greg seems a little embarrassed
  4. Great story, it's hard to imagine it going to be faster than Superman Escape, that's Wonder Woman fast!
  5. I know it's an old joke already but I'm looking forward to riding Wonder Woman
  6. I would love to see another water feature/near miss such as the water tower
  7. Agreed, we may all be way off the mark, I also forgot Cyborg! He would be longer odds than the Phantom though. Just wondering why they haven't put any teasers on social media or their website. Do you think it's because someone that knows would blurt it out?
  8. I don't know the result, I'm pretty sure you and others do, so maybe I should be the bookie. @MaxxTheMonster This Wednesday (release date) 😎
  9. What are your odds @Skeeta Here are mine (not real of course): Wonder Woman $2 Joker $4 Hollywood (on the gc) $5 JL Unite $5 Bizarro $6 Supergirl $6 Bladerunner $7 Suicide Squad $10 Power Rangers $15 Lex Luthor $16 Sinestro $20 Snagglepuss $21 Aquaman $22 Flash $25 The Phantom $100 😜
  10. My money is still on Wonder Woman, I am a betting man but haven't been able to find any markets 😆
  11. I also noticed that the merchandise post was removed, maybe this was a request from MW?
  12. Never thought I'd be putting the skis on the roof to head north! I would prefer to invest in an indoor park, with something that resembles snow, not sure about that plastic stuff..
  13. When the pink banner first appeared on the temporary fencing a lot of people on this forum said Wonder Woman, then when the pink track arrived most people seemed to go off on a different tangent. My first thought was Wonder Woman, and still think it will be, or JL Unite 😂
  14. I'm thinking TPSN is onto something without knowing it? Soon to be an "I survived the Wonder Woman Hyper Coaster @ Warner Bros Movie World" T-shirt next to them?
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