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  1. Sarm

    Media beatup

    I'm confused, how on earth would a tube flip on a tornado slide?!
  2. When people are terrified on thrill rides they close their eyes in an attempt to make the ride less terrifying, blindfolds are very similar to closing your eyes. I struggle to see how blindfolds will create a more intense experience. It's a great idea to open the park at night with all their "big 9" thrill rides running, but the blindfolds are unnecessary in my opinion, although hopefully they will get DW some extra money.
  3. Tower of terror over at Dreamworld isn't either according to MW's tallest and fastest roller coaster in the southern hemisphere claims.
  4. I'm personally pretty keen to ride the coaster backwards when I get the chance, and I'll definitely go forwards as well. What I don't understand is, if this has never been done before on a coaster of this size, why are people complaining? It may be a really good and actually give quite a different experience than the forwards facing seats. I personally wouldn't complain about it until I experienced the whole ride, in both backwards and forward facing seats.
  5. @SHOOKETH, to answer your question, no, she did not compare DW w/ Disneyland, she said that Dreamworld was Disneyland inspired, what's wrong with comparing the 2 anyway? Also, saying that nostalgia won't work for arguably Australia's most iconic theme park, that is now almost 36 years old is just a tad ridiculous. I 100% agree with @Slick that a euro fighter would be a great option for Dreamworld to keep themselves in the game, for not too much money.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised that the hypercoaster would put DW in an even worse position although, it could actually do the opposite. Sure, locals would probably opt to buy VRTP season passes instead of DW but the hypercoaster is going to bring people to the Gold Coast, it's an added reason for overseas tourists and even Australians not living on the GC to come to the Gold Coast. Many holiday go-ers may decide to spend a day at DreamWorld whilst they are on holiday, especially those overseas and may not ever come back to the Gold Coast, they're want to make the most out of their trip. It's optimistic, but it's possible
  7. Sarm

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    Imagine the wait for the 2 backwards seats per train... gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
  8. Sarm

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    I'm just saying... the music in the video was great
  9. MovieWorld have said something about their new hyper coaster: The end is near!
  10. Sarm

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Going back to the beginning of this thread, personally I would be devastated if the maintenance time resulted in the ride not being Scooby-Doo themed. The ride has become such an icon and is one of the best themed rides in Australia, its already made a name for itself as the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, why would MW give it a new name and theme? I was also a massive Scooby Doo fan when I was younger, and I'm sure many others where as well, it would just be plain sad if it wasn't Scooby. It's also themed to a movie that was made right next door to MW, and that in itself is special. Hopefully its just a revamp with some added special effects...
  11. @wikiverse, that is a very good point that DreamWorld's missing 2 key family rides, and that could possibly be one of the reasons WWW and DW combined. Although joining them doesn't necessarily make them be more competitive with VRTP, in fact having them as 2 parks would probably do that better. I also 100% agree with @GoGoBoy that DW's troubles should've prompted more focus on WWW.
  12. Sarm

    The Perception About Ride Stoppages

    I think it's good that they're speaking up about this, how else is the general public meant to know that the media is essentially only reporting these things for click bait and to make people paranoid that an accident may happen if they go on a ride. Not only that some of the information from the media is borderline false, I remember one article about the recent Arkham Asylum stoppage stated that the ride had stopped mid-ride. The photo in the article even showed the ride had actually stopped at the top of the lift hill. Now you could possibly say that time wise, the top of the lift hill is close to mid ride, although it's definitely not length wise, and you could argue the ride has barely even started when you are on the lift hill. The media just need to stop being jerks.
  13. @Gold Coast Amusement Force to continue grammar complaints, Movie World is a proper noun and needs capital letters.
  14. @Slick I have never had the opinion that WWW and DW should merge, I'm clearly not in the majority. @Skeeta you are right in saying that 2 new attractions in 4 years is not enough although over at Dreamworld, Motocoaster, buzzsaw, pandemonium, shockwave, tailspin, motor sports experience and rethemes of nickelodeon land and cyclone have taken place I'm sure a lot more has happened at DreamWorld as well. Some of these rethemes and new attractions have been successes although many would say some have not. Surely all of this money spent at DreamWorld on these new attractions could've been spent making more slides at WWW and/or a lazy river? If WWW was given more respect, and Ardent realised it needed more attractions, I probably wouldn't have even started up this topic, offering my opinion that even now as a very small park that it needs it own identity.
  15. Yeah, I probably should've noted that it's had its own website until recently, although the reality is it currently doesn't have one. @Santa07 made a good point that WnW would suit more for a day waterpark. One point you made I don't necessarily agree with is that because when people go to WWW they generally also spend a bit of time at DW and therefor its just easier to incorporate them, take away day passes and their website. To me that isn't really a reason to essentially advertise it as an add-on to DreamWorld. Admittedly WWW does need more attractions but it's still a great water park and far more than just an add-on, or section of a bigger park.