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  1. Jdude95

    Volcano Bay - Electricity Pun Olympics

    The topic definitely arced to another thread, it hasn't stopped surging
  2. Jdude95

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    That's also bad for its lungs
  3. Jdude95

    VRTP shares

    >CEO sits down to talk with the investors >Share price drops 10%
  4. Jdude95

    Lazy River / White Water World Expansion Construction Updates

    After looking at the site during a recent visit, it looks more like it's been abandoned and the rain has turned it into a giant puddle
  5. Jdude95

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    You showed interest once, that's all it takes.
  6. Jdude95

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    Isn't he on the AALARA board? Wouldn't he regularly communicate with amusement device manufacturers as part of that role?
  7. Jdude95

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I've heard the term "big gash" used by so many people at this point that I thought it was his nickname
  8. Jdude95

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    There's your problem... @Slick Also yes, this article is pretty much word for word taken from a different article from weeks/months ago In fact, I just did some digging and found the article that most of this was taken from here. If you can't access it because it's behind a paywall, here's a text version posted by @Brad2912 on May 3rd after the article went live, in this exact thread. So yeah...
  9. Jdude95

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    In theory... Could still be a few more months
  10. Jdude95

    The Off Topic Topic

    The big Sea World announcement is that they are finally nuking that ski truck
  11. Jdude95

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Sure, you may not inspect the frame of your house, but if your house is getting hit by 6 cyclones a day, you might want to check the frame every few years
  12. Jdude95

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    That's the word on the street but neither Greg nor Ardent have made any announcements yet Aaaand just as I post that, Greg goes and changes his Instragram. I guess it’s official now
  13. I'll only do it if there's an introductory price of $10
  14. 13. Although not officially announced; the Gold Rush amphitheatre