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  1. Last time I spoke to DW, they were working on preserving their history and organising some kind of showcase to display things like the Rocky Hollow sign. I guess that ideas has gone the way of Hollywood House
  2. When you want a song but it's just a virus and bill Clinton saying he didn't have sexual relations with that woman
  3. Are you even old enough to swear?
  4. Nah, we've been shitting all over DW and will continue to do so. The difference here is that DW decided to make some form of acknowledgement and apology. They make a good move, they get praised. They make a bad move, they get shit on. It's pretty simple honestly.
  5. All passholders? Aww. I guess that means my pass is expired or i'm been banned from the property. It's weird because i'd normally get 2-3 of the same email whenever they do a mailout
  6. Saw it happen, can confirm, some parts of trough were removed but majority were just filled over
  7. It's off at the painters becoming the "generic dragon and donkey carousel"
  8. It's a reverse layout. You climb up the helix, go down the lift hill and hit a brake, causing whiplash
  9. I'm pretty sure Blue Lagoon will be the last of old DW to be removed purely because they wont have a reason to do anything in that area for many more years.
  10. Gotta get that chopper experience money somehow
  11. Covers half the price of a AP and then you can take the other $50 left and buy a burger in the park
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