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  1. Open it up to a full ride tour. See Arkham before it's gone like you've never seen it before. Check out the control booth, the ride envelope, hell take the fences away from the queue theming and allow people to take photos up close with them. Seems like an appropriate up charge experience considering in the past we've had the opportunity to do essentially the same with Superman Escape and Justice League.
  2. Australia has picked up a heap of filming contracts recently so showcase could be filled with content for quite a while
  3. I'm terrified to see what the Ekka will be in 5-10 years time with the continued developments that keep popping up in the RNA
  4. Coming next year will be the written test you must complete before you're allowed on any ride.
  5. Poor Hugh, it's always his problem
  6. About the same time some dickhead decided to start flying his drones around the parks
  7. Just hang someone from a helicopter with a pressure washer
  8. The great part about Aqua coasters is that they can fit fairly easily because they aren't as limited by gravity. That's kind of their whole gimmick.
  9. BGH Capital isn't a theme park operator or a property developer but they bought Village. It all comes down to whether a company can find value in the park/land in anyway that makes it worthwhile to buy it.
  10. As I said to @ClassyDaedraup your game
  11. I do like that they've gone to the effort of having lighting on Leviathan. Even under construction, it still deserves to be lit up and look as great as it can
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