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  1. Jdude95

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    His $3 annual pass?
  2. Jdude95

    Movie World April Update

    WWF closing during the colder months? That can't be right, it only goes down for maintenance during summer
  3. Jdude95

    ABC Kids Month @ DW (2019)

  4. Jdude95

    Near Maps updates - 2019

  5. Or Cedar Point with the wing coaster. DW have a lot of space that can be seen from the highway and nothing is a better middle finger to Rivals (that's visible from the highway down the road) than a big coaster wrapping around the park that can be seen for miles on the highway
  6. Jdude95

    Near Maps updates - 2019

    Thanks Tim, these are amazing! I've been hoping someone would post the recent nearmaps. I wasn't expecting every park, very impressive.
  7. Jdude95

    Dreamworld April Update

    You know it's bad when we're praising them for just keeping their toilets clean
  8. Jdude95

    Wipeout Removal

    The floor is only a $10 upcharge
  9. Dreamworld: WHS isn't approving our rides without looking at them any more, that's why Sky Voyager isn't open. Blame WHS for wanting to inspect our rides, for some strange reason!
  10. Funny, If @Skeeta directed that joke at @AlexB or myself, we would have just laughed it off. I guess we shouldn't pick on kids?
  11. Oh my god! He lives! I didn't think you still visited these forums.
  12. The old Sky Voyager building
  13. Jdude95

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    that's probably because they haven't finished their new shaded seating area yet.
  14. Jdude95

    At last. It's OPEN! ☺

    @T-bone Maybe you can become the new DW train driver