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  1. Jdude95

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    "nothing has gone wrong before, they would have told us about it... right?"
  2. Jdude95

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    The real question is, should we be concerned with DW removing planned maintenance?
  3. Jdude95

    Big Banana & The Coffs Harbour Bypass

    Radiation stinks? Never heard of it
  4. DW are in no position to blow millions of dollars relocating MDMC, only to blow a few more million to put a new ride in its place. If DW did build a new ride, don't you think they would more likely make use of the abundance of land that's currently sitting dormant behind a fence?
  5. Jdude95

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    You only have to press four different buttons because none of them are labelled.
  6. Jdude95

    Dreamworld - tiger escape scenario

    Well, out of all the counties I could have picked in Asia, I was close.
  7. This is why the bill was introduced to bring in the industrial manslaughter laws. Yes they aren't able to come into play here as it's retrospective but it does ensure the right people are held responsible if something like this were to happen again.
  8. Jdude95

    The Off Topic Topic

    That looks like a mixture of bird shit and worn away paint.
  9. Mark Gordon Maintenance fitter/welder Employed at the park since 2011 Mr Gordon isn’t aware of any risk assessments that has been completed on TRR. Mr Gordon is also aware of the unload e-stop button. Mr Gordon isn’t aware of whether the unload e-stop was ever checked. Mr Gordon advised he didn’t check the air pressure in the rafts as the air pressure gauge wasn’t available. Mr Gordon stated that he would check the air pressure by stepping on the raft tube to get a rough estimate. Pit and Sherry auditors were in the park on the day of the incident. Mr Gordon believes they were inspecting the wipeout on that day. Me Gordon was shown a photo of the control panel and explained that the e-stop button above the control panel would turn off both pumps and shut the station gates to prevent rafts being dispatched. Mr Gordon doesn’t remember this button being tested. Mr Gordon states the e-stop on the unload station shuts off the pumps, conveyors and every component of the ride. Mr Gordon doesn’t believe this button was tested either. Mr Gordon can’t remember any of the e-stop buttons ever being altered to do a different thing. That was the final witness for this part of the inquest. The inquest shall resume for 2 weeks on October 8th and run to the 19th. The inquest will then resume again for another 2 weeks from the 12th-23rd of November. Thank you for joining me for the liveposting. I shall resume when the inquest resumes in October.
  10. John Lossie Senior maintenance team leader Maintenance Electrician. Employees at the park since 2008 Often worked on special projects such as TV’s throughout the park, speakers, wireless receivers. Mr Lossie wasn’t required to train staff but was often called to assist due to his experience. Mr Lossie was often called to assist when his supervisor wasn’t available. Mr Lossie was familiar with park policies and the breakdown procedure. Mr Lossie is retrained in CPR every 12 months. Mr Lossie didn’t have any power to make decisions or changes. Gates were installed at the beginning of the station to prevent further rafts from dispatching if the conveyor has stopped.
  11. Sorry, I got caught up and got to court a little late Peter Gardner Engineering Supervisor Mr Gardner confirmed the ride was built in-house and that if there are any rides with an issue, it should be referred back to the manufacturer but as the ride was built in-house there’s no one to refer back to. Mr Gardner confirmed that e-stops should be labelled. Mr Gardner wasn’t involved with the sensors that was installed at the base of the conveyor. Prior to Mr Gardner’s employment, he believes the motors for the pumps on TRR were upgraded. Mr Gardner is now bringer asked about annual maintenance for TRR. The ride is completely shut down and assessed for any works that need to be complete. If required external contractors could be bought in to ensure the ride meets legislative requirements. An assessment of what is required to bring the ride up to standards is complete prior and during annual maintenance. Preventative maintenance is performed on rides as per requirements from the manufacturer. These assessments and maintenance are completed to assist maintenance staff with figuring out the scope of work required during the annual maintenance. If during annual maintenance, a maintenance team member notices any issues that occur, they will raise that with their supervisor. Mr Gardner confirms spending was available to his department to address safety issues. When a ride is built in-house, all of the components of the ride should have manuals and be referred back to the manufacturer if there are issues. TRR was shut down and de-commissioning began after QPS had commenced their testing in the days after the incident. All the rides and slides were inspected by Pitt and Sherry, an external company, prior to the park reopening after the incident. When the park re-opened, some rides were opened progressively as the external checking and any works required were completed. The checks that were completed inspected every aspect of the ride including the aspheric components. WHS inspectors were regularly onsite to assist and oversee this process along with the maintenance staff and external team. Once these checks were completed by the external company, an international company was then brought in to double check the external companies audits the rides couldn’t be reopened until the external international company had signed off on them. Mr Gardner confirmed that if safety concerns were raised within the maintenance department, it would be send to the supervisors and then sent up the chain from there. Mr Gardner did not assist with previous safety audits prior to the incident, he only acted upon recommendations from those audits. Mr Gardner confirmed that rides should be in line with Australian standards in regards to individual components. The south pump had tripped previously within the week before the incident. Those dates are 19, 22, 23 of October and then twice on the 25th with the third time on the 25th being the time the incident occurred. Mr Gardner confirmed the ride should not have been in service after the second breakdown on the day of the incident. Mr Gardner is unaware if TRR was inspected as part of the Pitt and Sherry review that took place after the incident.
  12. Jdude95

    Dreamworld - tiger escape scenario

    I would assume the DW trainers wouldn't be trained in firearms and would most likely use tranqs. I'm torn between whether they would wait for QPS/Animal handlers with a gun or have a live firearm on site.
  13. Alright everyone, here's todays roundup in a neat, easier to read format as usual. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1efAbeRV7gRoXRkHVhrUkhFAcRe9fpiBlUIFXO3gJnJs/edit?usp=sharing I shall see you all tomorrow for the final day of the first part of the inquest. Then we will pick things back up in October where I'll be back live posting updates from the next chapter in the Dreamworld Inquest.
  14. Jdude95

    Dreamworld - tiger escape scenario

    I'm hoping it would be similar to that Chinese zoo that dresses its empoyees up as animals to practice for an escape scenario.
  15. After the pump had 3-5 issues within the week leading up to the incident, an external electrician was being brought in the day after the incident to inspect the pump. Mr De Villiers was the electrical maintenance engineer who advised the park technicians how to restart the pump on the day of the incident as the electricians were busy in White Water world at the time. The park technicians then had the knowledge to reset the pump by them self. Mr De Villiers has been an electrician since 1992 Mr De Villiers ended his time on the stand by offering his sincerest condolences to the families of the victims. Quentin Dennis Electrical maintenance Been employed since Oct 2008. Outlined his general duties in his role which are the same as the previous electrical maintenance staff. Outlined his knowledge of the park policy and the breakdown procedure which is the same as previous maintenance staff. If a fault occurred on TRR, due to the complex nature of the ride, a supervisor must attend. If there was a fault on TRR an alarm would go off through the park radios alerting maintenance staff and the supervisory team to send all available staff to TRR. Mr Dennis has brought it to the attention of supervisors before about the unsafe and dangerous nature of the wiring in the main control panel. Mr Dennis states that it was brought up often and that the wiring should be labelled. And with that we are adjourned for the day. I shall post the compiled notes later and pick this up tomorrow.