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  1. That's just some themeing that used to sit in a garden until it was forgotten about because it was mostly out of sight and under spaghetti junction.
  2. The problem with adding all of these fancy new effects is that it would inevitably end the same it always does at Village. Effects work for a while, it's exciting. Then only some of the effects work. Then none of the effects for a while. Finally they repair a few effects and the ride is in a constant state of only half the effects working.
  3. They had huge plans then suddenly had no money for those plans and let go a heap of staff, some of who provided great results for what they did. Now they suddenly have just enough to money keep them running and build the coaster while running on a skeleton crew in the offices and trying to squeeze every last cent as far as they can.
  4. It's been clearly much more thought out at Village
  5. That's.... one way of looking at it
  6. Unless they actually repath GD, it's going to be a mess because half of it will just be hanging in the air with dead ends and 1 entrance/exit that is right next to their SBNO log ride
  7. The fun part will be seeing what remains of it after Taipan opens. Since they've had to remove some of it for construction. We could see the jankiest iteration of spaghetti junction.
  8. Again, not pulling on any of their IP's, just suiting a more generic theme. Which is perfectly fine if done right but still means they have no strong, relevant IP to pull from if it's not DC related. Which is why we have primarily DC themes or generic themes. There is another Top Gun movie in the works too...
  9. If we’re talking a hypercoaster like rivals, it realistically doesn’t need a theme. As it is it barely has a theme. wild west falls, oh, that ride that was themed to a movie once but then reverted back to its generic “western theme”? lethal weapon lasted a long time... until DC hit the park and they realised there was more appeal by calling it Arkham asylum because no one cared about lethal weapon anymore. again with there isn’t much in the village IP bag that they can pull out which is why everything is just DC. I’m not saying they can’t use Mad Max, hell I’ve been
  10. That gives them a single ride theme at best. Also if you look at Mad Max then a brand like Superman, the level of popularity and notoriety is much different. They need a solid theme that will hold up a ride for 10+ years. After 10 years Mad Max could be just another cult hit from the past whereas DC are still pumping out related content for another 100 years.
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