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  1. I can't remember without looking over the notes but I think the empty raft was a test raft that was sent around after the pumps had faulted earlier.
  2. Jdude95

    'Tower Of Terror II' E-Stop

    I see they are still incorrectly reporting that the family from the new lawsuit were in the raft that caused the incident in 2016... Also, how in sweet fuck were they "fobbed off" if they received food vouchers and a full refund (assuming that was their day ticket?)
  3. The reporters essentially misreported parts of this (surprise surprise). If you look at photos of the incident from the news choppers, you'll see a third raft sitting at the unload platform. That's the raft this family was on. They disembarked the ride and were walking away when shit hit the fan. The husband then essentially told the wife and kids to get out of there as he turned back around to go toward the flipping rafts to try and "assist" Edit: A lot of news companies literally just rip articles off from eachother so if one reports incorrectly, a majority of the other articles will also have incorrect information.
  4. There are some projections on the left wall just as you leave the station. The lift has 3 screens, one at the front and two on the left side. There are a couple more projections throughout the ride but I honestly couldn't see anything that would require the surface to be mapped out to be projected on. So no, there isn't much in the way of "projection mapping" on the ride, just general projections and a few new TV screens
  5. I was also personally affected by this.... I want 1 million dollars.
  6. Jdude95

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    I guess they finished installing the evac ladders on the side of it.
  7. Jdude95

    Future Dark Ride at Dreamworld

    At this point, it'll never be either of those
  8. ...So did you take a video for dear old Fireball?
  9. But did you take a video for dear old Fireball?
  10. Jdude95

    The Off Topic Topic

    The real speed or the CURRENT speed?
  11. Jdude95

    The Off Topic Topic

    The real speed or the current speed?
  12. Jdude95

    Ardent Leisure Group HY19 Financial Results

    The inquest findings are still a few months off unfortunately so it most likely wont hit them for this financial report.
  13. Jdude95

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    And what exactly is it that I do? Please, englighten me. No there isnt? There was people talking about MI4 but none of the recent posts have been even slightly related to MI4 Yes, the Construction threads do garner a lot of attention, but that’s because there’s something to talk about, as opposed to people (you) who decided to use this thread to post a plethora of photos every time you visit the park without a single mention of MI4 or anything NEW coming to the park And with those other threads, if they get jammed up with irrelevant crap, like this one is, a mod will eventually arrive and split it. They can’t be here 24/7 to make all the topics neat, so then it’s the job of the contributors to try and keep their posts in their relevant discussion topics.
  14. Jdude95

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Y’know, you’re gonna start pissing off a lot of people if you start having an attitude of “well you’re not a moderator so it doesn’t matter what you say” No, im not moderating, @Richard won’t give me that much power. But I’m sure he would agree with me on my comment about the relevance of your posts in this thread turning it into an Adevnture World Mega Topic instead of its intended purpose which was to talk about MI4.... I’m sure Rich or another mod will happily let us know if the above is incorrect but that was my understanding of the forum guidelines around mega topics and derailing threads.
  15. Jdude95

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Okay, can we get a specific thread for Adventure World updates? This topic hasn't been about MI4 in a long time. It's just turned into a photo dump for every time someone goes there.