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  1. I'm absolutely positive it was the fault of a dumb...
  2. Jdude95

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    And just like that, everything Gold Rush and TRR is now completely gone and filled.
  3. That music is just terrible.
  4. Disney used to have a bad habit of just closing attractions or gutting them if a new sponsor didn't come along to pay for the upgrades. Village had enough money for the upgrades without having to engage a sponsor. If a sponsor came on board, cool, if not, they are still able to open the attraction.
  5. Jdude95

    WWW expansion 2018

    Sorry, I'll make sure everything is tagged as sarcasm in the future to avoid confusion.
  6. Jdude95

    WWW expansion 2018

    If a non seasonal park closed every time they installed a new ride... well Dreamworld would be fine but most other parks around the world suffer. Why was that even necessary to mention in a media release.
  7. I find myself in a constant battle between hating you and loving you for your comments like this 😂
  8. Jdude95

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    What the hell? This park used to be the pinnacle of crowdflow because the whole park was designed as a giant loop made up of smaller loops in the specific areas. This is just blowing my mind how management have fucked pretty much every aspect of a theme park.
  9. Jdude95

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    I can confirm, they are definitely ripping out the concrete channels before filling them in. I was worried that they were just filling over it when I first saw photos. Once I got down there, there was an excavator with a hydraulic hammer and claw, ripping through the channels and putting the rubble in trucks to be removed. There was still water in the reservoir and in the channel that used to run under Eureka but they were in the processing of pumping that out when I was there too. Granted, the water level is fairly low, so they've already drained a heap of it. Maybe they are doing the ol' switcharoo? Take the dirt from WWW and put it in Gold Rush, then take the water from Gold Rush and put it in WWW? 😂 Oh and I have no idea what @themagician was talking about because the reservoir or at least the deepest main part of it, is still very much there. (The part where rafts used to float into before they installed the gate)
  10. Jdude95

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    So Pitt and Sherry are now working for MW too? Adding excess restrains to rides that have existed for years that don't match the restrains on any similar models?
  11. Jdude95

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    But all the rain today refilled the reservoir because they were too slow in filling it. Back to square one, boys. <\sarcasm>
  12. Jdude95

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    Someone sent me a message saying that Road Runner now has seatbelts as well as the lapbar restrains. Anyone been down recently that can confirm this? I thought DW were the only ones adding extra restrains.
  13. These final two days next month will be crucial. That will determine if the inquest gets pushed into next year or if any criminal/class action proceedings can start taking place next year. Here's hoping they can finally wrap this thing up before the year is out.
  14. When I was there yesterday, I didn't see or hear the train run once and I've heard reports of it not running during weekdays. I understand they don't have many people in the park, but really, just stopping the train altogether? Anyone able to confirm if they've seen the train running on weekdays over the past couple of weeks?
  15. If anyone is interested, I also have way too many videos of the demo/earthworks going on too. Also, the pile of dirt in front of Buzzsaw is the dirt being ferried in from WWW, it was about triple that size by the end of the day @Skeeta Yes, the dirt is being piled on top of the old station turntable area (as I've had a few people asking) Note: My reply didn't include every photo that was posted because I forums etiquette goodly