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  1. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Why would they think children over 10 understand stoppages when whole media outlets still can't get their heads around a stoppage.
  2. One article: "Painful death" Another article: "Killed instantly" Surely it's not that painful if it's instant?
  3. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    HWSD is closed so they can replace the shade sails/roofs, they won't be streaming the games in there. I can't understand why they chose this time period to do it but hey, I'm not a multi million dollar corporation so what would I know.
  4. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    And nothing of value will be missed during this period.
  5. Buzzsaw stoppage - 22 March 2018

    Around 15 minutes? Oh the humanity! How ever will these people ever recover...
  6. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Obviously if it's open, the ride has been repaired, tested and deemed safe for the public. I drove past today and it was operating with people on it so I'd say it's definitely been sorted and reopened.
  7. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    That's actually a really great cost. For people with no friends and a little extra cash, It's definitely not a stretch to pay that and just smash balls on your own for half a day
  8. That video is so terrible because it makes all of the motions looks super jittery and not smooth. Without the camera shaking it would show that it is a pretty smooth ride. As for the OTSR, I can understand why they would be in place as some of the dives and motion look steep. I honestly wouldn't mind an OTSR because it allows the gondola to tilt more. Being DW, I can't see them having a seatbelt or lapbar restraint system because as we've already seen *cough* log cages, shockwave noose *cough* DW purposefully try to restrict you as much as possible by adding extra restraints.
  9. Here's the article for anyone who can't get past the paywall
  10. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    I feel like just a "like reaction" doesn't do justice to how spot on @AlexB is with that reply.
  11. Thank you (2018 edition)

    If anything I'd prefer a gondola similar to Falcons Fury. You go up seated, the gondolas tilt inwards you go down face first while sitting. Less carnage on the genitals
  12. I agree, Mark is fantastic at what he does but his name gets thrown around far too often in here just because he's the only "active" member in the forums that was part of a theme park senior leadership team. I'm sure there are many highly qualified professionals who could fill the Ardent CEO position.
  13. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    If the hotel does get built just outside MW in the next 5-10 years, VRTP will be a shopping precinct away from a mini Disney World type set up with everything you need without having to leave the property.