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  1. Interesting thought - would Movieworld move to being operational at night to coincide with the hotel?
  2. It’s people who do things like this who ruin it for literally every other drone user.
  3. You know something is severely wrong when a customer leaves and goes to Dreamworld.😆
  4. TPSN isn't often known for their high-quality, reliable information... but wouldn't this be awesome if it's true? What would everyone's thoughts be?
  5. I dare say, not much. I'd say DC Villains was probably moved to January cause of the prolonged closures throughout the middle of the year last year, and there was increased demand for travel and activities over the summer holidays - probably moreso than usual. Did Sea World do anything for its 40th? I can't remember any of our parks doing any substantial celebrations on major milestone years, aside from some odd marketing here and there?
  6. It was actually like this as HWSW as well. Wasn't just implemented after the repaint.
  7. Correct. Also can’t fly over cars, private property, pedestrians etc..
  8. I hate to be the nitpick, but.. Video is fantastic, it’s great to get some good views of Leviathan - however, what this kid is doing is illegal and ruins the use of drones for the people who do the right thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the same guy who flew his drone through DC Rivals, over Movieworld and Dreamworld as well?
  9. Are these loading stations similar to the RMC Raptor’s, in that they are continuously moving?
  10. Just curious, if anyone has any knowledge on this.. Are the current rides constantly operated and tested through prolonged closures like this? Or are they left dormant until the park reopens? Pretty interested to know.
  11. If that was the case, wouldn't the slides at WWW then also be closed?
  12. I'm very eager to hear what your thoughts are about Wet n Wild's BMX shows, since Dreamworld's monster trucks are such a problem?
  13. Nowhere near the HQ. The most reasonable entrance is nestled between the old WWW connection to Dreamworld, and the little rippers.
  14. Hopefully that's not the full ride time. Other installations around the world offer about 2 minutes of ride time
  15. He's saying it's been reduced to a smaller size.
  16. Front 2 cars are white, middle two are pastel yellow, and the back 2 are pastel/baby blue.
  17. Just when we all thought they were clearing that land for the new coaster...
  18. Talking about lawsuits, did the case of the woman who fell off the flower bed at Movieworld ever come to a conclusion?
  19. Love this design. Interesting, wasn't there talks about a year back now about trains revealed at (i believe) IAAPA? I wonder where those went to?
  20. In a time where VRTP themselves were saying they could not operate without any government assistance and they needed raised capacity, i think it's a fair suggestion to say that they did not utilise some of their attractions due to money saving.
  21. Who says i'm making it up? It could very well be money saving considering there was virtually no interstate visitors for months, the parks were unusually quiet and students were at school - just a thought. You don't always need to jump down people's throats when their opinions or thoughts are different to yours Sorry you took offence to my comment 🤷‍♂️
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