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  1. Could it be possible to get this last wooden mouse coaster at LPS heritage listed.
  2. Here is a link to both an article and a video about the event by nine news. https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/01/05/19/22/gold-coast-theme-parks-take-show-on-the-road
  3. The one at the Mall of America in Minneapolis has different films as well even Soarin has changed the ride film from what it originally was.
  4. I remember asking a similar question of a sea world employee once about why the sharks dont eat the other fish in the shark tank and apparently the reason the sharks dont eat the other fish in the area is because they find it easier to be fed the dead fish by the employees than to hunt and eat the live fish in the aquarium. Although I was unaware there were two seperate lagoons.
  5. They already have started this trend at Michigan's Adventure and a couple of other parks they own.
  6. Personally I felt JDS was a bad call as they already had two driving rides for kids Tazs Bumper Cars and a Speedy Gonzalez Tijuana Taxi why do they need a third.
  7. Except for Johnny Depp who vowed on a tv interview to never return to Australia.
  8. Do you know why they didn't want to work in Australia.
  9. Be sure to do the Universal parks in both Orlando and Hollywood because Orlando Resort has many more attractions than Hollywood such as E.T. and a second Harry Potter area but Hollywood has the famous studio tour.
  10. I hope they bring back a pay per month on a 12 month contract pass for locals as $12 a month is more appealing to the general public from a marketing standpoint than $140 paid all at once ($560 for a family of 4) and they still at at the end of the year get $144.
  11. In case of an electrical fire in an inclosed area where guests will need to get of the vehicle and exit through the emergency exits.
  12. In the event of an emergency stoppage or fire on the log ride what happens when guests need to get off the ride does the cage have a gap in the side you can climb out of or does it open and close from the inside what exactly happens in this scenario.
  13. I think we could go one step above and say an Imax Dome could survive in south bank (If an Imax dome can survive in Saudi Arabia, Alabama, Iowa and Detroit it can survive in Brisbane)
  14. The somewhat decent theming (Probably be described as between average and good theming) is the shark that is hung up like jaws and the wood used being faded and aged all adding to the seaside theming. Well not so much the ride but the queue is anyway .
  15. The arkham asylum coaster and tail spin both have somewhat well themed queues all though they both have limited theming on the actual rides.
  16. It's not in the city of Dubai it is in the city of Abu Dhabi also known as the United Arab Emirates capital city (just a bit of a geography rant)
  17. I really hope (However Unlikely) that Dreamworld go's for a simulator ride similar to the kung fu panda simulator ride at Motiongate Dubai.
  18. Still better water park theming than at wet and wild
  19. This is actually a terrible idea from a marketing standpoint as it means now they will not be able to market the annual pass or tickets as including two theme parks which means it no longer appeals to the under informed general consumers sense of value for money
  20. It is not populated by thrill rides at the moment. (At least not ones that arent closed for maintenance)
  21. I think we will definantly see some kind of new theme park on the gold coast (or at least somewhere in Australia) If I had to bet the next park will probably be a Legoland (Not songcheng though I just don't see that panning out and actually happening)
  22. Defunctland is definitely a channel i would recommend with my favourite part not being his main history series but rather his podcast series where does interviews. Also his recommended channels list also features some other good theme park channels such as yesterworld.
  23. Why was dreamworld so full when everything is closed
  24. Not really suprised about whirlpool I have only ever seen it open once and that was as the spas so disappointed to see it still closed most of the time. Also what is the story behind zipline any particular reason it doesn't operate anymore.
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