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  1. Trip advice - Gold Coast in October

    Thanks @AlexB! I have also been following the progress of the new MW Hypercoaster with great anticipation as i am a massive rollercoaster fan! Knowing that we would probably be back later in the year we ended up buying the VIP Passes which are valid until June next year. Knowing that the opening may not actually happen until later in September it is a little disappointing to know we may miss out by only a few weeks however i guarantee even if i have to make a quick trip up for a weekend, i will try out the new coaster before my pass expires Sounds like the timing is good though in terms of being quiet or not? If i am looking at the maintenance of MW correctly, should only be the SDSC as the biggest attraction closed as well between 28/8 - 8/9. Do you guys think SW is worth going to in the state it is in? My 4yr old daughter may like the animals i guess but obviously not much for us thrill seekers? Although i did enjoy the Jet Rescue ride last time i went to SW two years ago.... my mother in law actually thought she could hack it and went on twice with me..... she then was sick afterwards hahaha
  2. Trip advice - Gold Coast in October

    Hey All, I am a new member to this forum but have been browsing for a while now. My family & I love the GC and were last up there around ANZAC Day. Looking to head up again later in the year around 28th August - 8th Sept. I am hoping this is also a pretty good time to rock up? It doesn;t look like any official School Holidays in that period with the first one being QLD holidays commencing 15th Sept?
  3. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    I have been checking the schedule daily as we are due to head up there from 27th August and love SE but was disappointed when the 3 month outage was listed.... Hopefully it stays as is now
  4. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Hi All, New to these forums but it looks like SE Maintenance schedule has changed and no longer 3 months