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  1. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Adventure World Inferno update: Driving to school this morning- Crane erected next to tower. Driving home from school- Tower complete with missing topper piece on top.
  2. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Sheesh the only source of shade were trees! 😂
  3. Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Not exactly related to mi4 but hey I’ll put it in here and keep general AW chat in here like for Goliath’s thread. Today was a great day at the park with @Tim Dasco with a decent amount of crowds for what was a very hot day for the first half of the day and than which became very overcast. Great to see that the dragons kingdom characters are out and about every morning on weekends taking photos with people and that the photography team are always around the park taking photos of people around the park and especially on Goliath as it doesn’t have a photography system as it’s a pendulum ride. Staff were full of enthusiasm as always braving the heat throughout the day and also entertaining the crouds filling the park. Big shoutout to Boden and Pamela for always interacting with guests and being kind to everyone. The AW staff team will be loosing one of their kindest and most interactive team members today, Pam who will be leaving the team due to personal reasons. Also a big shoutout to Shannon in the fairy floss cart for serving tens of families when the park had closed all by herself trying to ensure everyone could leave the park by 5:30pm. Overall an AWesome day and couldn’t really be fucked reviewing my overall experience today because well, it’s the same thing I would write all the time anyways. (If you want my real reviews, hit up the AW 2017 - Goliath thread) (P.S. Hey AW staff team! :))
  4. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Top of Inferno has been taken down again.
  5. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Good to see positive changes being made even after the departure of Mark!
  6. (0:17-0:23) Maybe before you judge a park by images on Google Earth or Nearmap, you should go to it first. And before you give me shit for posting this or the kid in the video, give him a break he has autism.
  7. Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    A lazy river would be a capacity soaker that AW needs for peak seasons and with a lot of heavy theming that the team is capable of doing it could be classified as a MI. However I’m convinced it will be a Proslide and wouldn’t mind a hybrid with many elements including the flying saucer element. EDIT: Heard from staff within the last season that The Lagoon (Main pool) was going to be receiving some TLC. Do agree though, not to sure what they would do anyway.
  8. Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Very excited to see what’s next for AW! Whatever it is I’m sure it will be a strong addition to the park and help out attendance for the 2019/20 season. Cant wait to stalk this thread just like for Abyss, Kraken and Goliath.
  9. Pendulum flat rides have been very popular in Australia over the last year with Goliath at Adventure World, Voodoo at Fun Fields and now SX360 at Aussie World!
  10. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    You aren’t the only one!! HAHA
  11. For anyone unaware or not following any AW social media platforms, Abyss is back up and running and open!
  12. Thanks for posting the Lights on POV! I had always wondered what the maintenance shed would look like knowing that the stairs lead down that way, constantly seeing operators walking down them.
  13. Adventure World Kraken Accident

    They also mentioned that the slide had a closure for inspection after the incident had occurred and when I was at AW yesterday when speaking to a ride op for Sea Seprents (Slide next to Kraken), he had mentioned that Kraken had been closed earlier on in the day (This was about 3pm talking to him) so I thought it had happened yesterday maybe but I guess not it being 9 days ago? (According to Channel 9)
  14. Today on Perth news (Channel 9), Adventure World was featured for a not-so-positive reason. Unfortunately a 16 year old male has broken his leg whilst on Kraken, Adventure World’s Proslide Tornado 60. The Facebook comments on the video all take different sides. Here is the link to the segment;