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  1. Joshw84

    VTP Annual Pass Changes

    Depends on the line up at the ticket window 😉, and if they can find you in the system. Took me 20mins for 1 ticket, glad we only had 3 to do!
  2. Joshw84

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Unfortunately, i had a fairly poor experience when i visited on Sunday. I was first told to swap gates with my stroller and kids from the gate that is dedicated to strollers and wheelchairs. The next young guy held his card reader, scanned our passes, then his first words were "your passes are not valid, you have to get new ones, go back to a ticket both". So, even though i have a VIP pass (paper one that expires in 2 weeks) i had to get a new hard plastic one, as they upgraded the ticket system. This also caused issues, as they had to re enter all our info again, as the new system didn't transfer our details. The rest of the day was ok, nothing special, but nothing poor, just average.
  3. Joshw84

    Log Ride "cage" photos

    Found this on Dreamworld's Facebook page.
  4. What i heard was from a ride operator, so should be taken with a grain of salt. I reckon a new ride would be great. I guess we wait and see
  5. Joshw84

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    No, i am not the dippin dots guy 😄, just talking with a couple of ride operators while waiting for tot2 to reopen, so take with a grain of salt 😉 P.s. long time reader, first time poster!
  6. Joshw84

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Tot2 and mdmc apparently are in line for some major overhauls/upgrades in the next 6 months. Tot2 today still having "operational delays" due to sensor issues. Seems to be going up the tower fine, but very slow to return to station, stopping briefly about 10m before then speeding up. Was running fine today
  7. Word from staff is that the mountain will go in favour of a new steel shed structure, with same track. I am at Dreamworld now and have asked a couple of different staff.