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  1. Great suggestion! Didn't even think of that!! I can't find it though... Any other ideas? Maybe all together we can find the next piece haha.
  2. I don't want to admit it, but I think we may have hit a dead end. I finally worked out how to look at old websites and found the number on the listing for it. The number used to be for Maleny Jumping Castles that don't seem to exist anymore (makes sense that he would have other amusement rides), but now the number belongs to someone with a different name in an aged care facility. I can't find any Facebook page or details for the seller's name either. It's so frustrating because obviously someone knows what happened to it. I hate to think it would be lying in a rusty pile somewhere but probably I need to give up on finding it. Would've been so nice to show my kids something that has so many nice memories attached to it. Thanks for your help anyway!! If you ever find out anything about it, keep me in mind!! 😊
  3. Thank you so much!!! That's awesome!! Fingers crossed they reply.
  4. That's great that you found the ad! I've found a post on another page from 2006 that said it was seen at Robina Town Centre. That's the most recent I can find. I'd love to track it down!
  5. Thanks for your replies. I've read that post but can't seem to find anything further than it was up for sale in 2006. The ad for it was on a website that now doesn't exist sadly.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the Dragon Coaster that was at Tops in the Myer Centre in Brisbane about 17 years ago? Apparently it got turned into a train with wheels for fetes, but I can't find any info on it after 2006. I'd love to know where it is now!
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