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  1. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Awesome. Thanks @themagician !!
  2. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Coming along nicely. This is going to be my pick for a destination when its finished for our Punting Club end of season trip. We're all golf enthusiasts and love a good roller coaster. Never been to the gold Coast so this will certainly get us all over there. Thanks for the updates.
  3. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Cheers Brad!
  4. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Hey mate, created an account specifically to keep tabs on TopGolf and came across your username through my google-fu. Appreciate all the photos and effort you put into this forum. Have you got any new pics or able to link some? I've never visited Movie World or any of the theme parks on the GC and TG is going to be the reason I get over there.