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  1. The first video on WB MovieWorld

    So this was my first video I did on the park back in | June 17, 2016. | I had already been to the park over 6 times before the ticket's ran out. And I tried to scope the coaster out as best as I could. The only problem was, I was with my family and they didn't want me to stay behind for photos, but no worries. So after a few weeks of creating the coaster. | NOTE, I was making the coaster with just a normal track, not a custom ctr/cfr. Then after a week of trying to get a design good enough, I just couldn't get the side vertical bend right. then that's when the internet would come into place. To make the Mumbo Jumbo ctr, you would need like 3 different ctr's in order for it to work. And I will tell you now, it was not easy. So after installing everything all I had to do then was make the cfr, design the station and add the custom cs! So please let me know what you think of my part one park?
  2. RCT3 WB MovieWorld. Starting where I left off

    I do indeed have both these cs models. The only problem with these is you can only see them from a curtain distance, witch in my case was not good enough to place on the Green Lantern. But thanks for sharing anyways! XD
  3. I've made three videos on youtube for this park so far. As of today it is the only full replica of the park made from RCT3. I started with the Green Lantern, then the Superman Escape and finished with the Arkham Asylum. all as best done as they could be made in this game/simulator. I've had the game for over 8 years and never really thought to build something like a park, or replica. So I started with DreamWorld first with the original contents of the game. Then after finding it wasn't good enough anymore, I started to look more into the Custom scenery side of it. And there and only there was where my future of my WB MovieWorld replica would begin! So here's a few pictures of the park so far, and I'll do a separate post on the videos. Let me know what you think? Even after the videos in my next post there will still be more to come!