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  1. Last Night, our group was able to get all 5 mazes done and 2 rides. We first did Scooby as 'It' already had a large crowd and then did Zombieland and Leatherface all before 7 pm. We did Batwing which had a 30-minute wait then after this we decided to queue for It which lasted 45 minutes. After this, we grabbed photos with some of the actors and decided to do Doll Haus and then finished the night with House of Kain. Had a great night and definitely enjoyed the entire night!
  2. From the Movieworld Snapchat location, it seems that you can see people going on the ride, not 100% sure though
  3. I remember reading somewhere that it was by this Financial year if that helps!
  4. Buzzsaw opened at about 11am today with Tailspin shut. No line for most of the day!
  5. Why couldn't they just do it this time and save everyone the anticipation of it all?
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