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  1. HandsyGruber

    Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Thanks so much guys for the info! Im going next weekend for fright nights and general frivolities during the weekend. Like I said I'm going to try no matter what, I don't really care if I'm embarrassed in front of people I don't know if there's a chance I get to go on an awesome ride! Fingers crossed! I'll post back here with the result for any other plus sized, nervous ride lovers!
  2. HandsyGruber

    Seat size on Hypercoaster

    Hi, I haven't been to movieworld for a few years and I'm very very very excited about Hypercoaster. I'm a fat person and just wondering if any plus size or bigger people have any comments on seat size on the Hypercoaster just so I know what to expect. I'm going to try no matter to squeeze my butt on but a heads up would be appreciated. In the past ive had only minor issues with tower of terror with my chest size, but giant drop, Scooby-Doo the motorcycle one, buzzsaw and green lantern I've had no issues with despite other forums suggesting I would- assumedly due to my squish factor rather than solidness.