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  1. Rexillium

    Was Storm Coaster worth the money?

    I'm pretty sure the answer from most people will be no. I enjoy it with my nieces but that's about it, its not thrilling, its short, the only thing I like about it is how smooth it is on the coaster track, if it was longer perhaps it would of been worth while, the one in europa park known as "Poseidon" is a much better example of what the ride should be like. Storm is a ride that tries to fit a log ride with a coaster but ultimately fails for the price tag it was imo, the ride would be allot better if it was longer and had a lower height requirement so that a smaller audience can enjoy it rather than older ones who haven't really got much appeal to such a ride.
  2. Rexillium

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I was there on sunday as well went on it twice about 3:30 to 4:00 and yes it was still broken door number 3, the amount of people that stood there waiting for it to open despite an obvious traffic cone in front the door was amusing
  3. Rexillium

    Movie World Overflow Carpark update

    Here I was thinking they were just adding more parking so they could add more rides by building ones on land reclaimed from their main parking lot.... wishful thinking or stupid thinking I dunno but more rides!.. I know I know MW is fine atm, its seaworld that needs more..
  4. Rexillium

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Only one I know of is Ready Player One but that song is just a slowed down version of the original from the 1971 willy wonka EDIT: I can't actually remember if the physical phrase is actually said in the movie though, all I remember of the phrase is the song trailer making me wanna go see it.
  5. Rexillium

    Village theme parks extended trading hours

    Well its not like we'll ever get the US parks times, during summer holidays there is like 10am to 9-10pm six flags parks for 2 months there are also other parks open more hours but no need for comparing sure they have way more people over there and bigger parks but alas they can't even do that for the busiest two weeks of the year here. In all seriousness isn't it a loss of opportunity for revenue?
  6. Rexillium

    Summer crowds at theme parks

    Amusing when you see your own car in others random pictures, it mostly felt like families were there. Lines were shortish with mostly walk on lines, exceptions for that from what I saw were MD sidecars, ToT II and Big Red Car over half an hour queues during 12-3pm times. WWW was more busy but it was hot yesterday so to be expected, the lines for floats out front of rippers/huey never got past 20 mark thankfully as for other water rides not sure didn't get an opportunity. Only about 60-70% lounge chairs in the park had towels or some item on them. Annoyed with buzzsaw though, they have two signs out saying buzzsaw 'this way' yet I never saw it running, or a sign out front saying closed to stop you from walking down to it only to find the queue shut off with no one there.
  7. I would hope not, because that would mean Six flags or Cedar fair would be considered untouchable when yet I preferred going to Disney or universal by far when neither have such size coasters, only exceptions would be their flagship parks MM & CP imo.
  8. Rexillium

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    I can only recall see'ing nick or sea themed items in sea world, it would make me think VRTP placed a ride in the wrong park and should be put in MW's kid zone if they didn't (though considering the height restriction 120cm it wouldn't really go there either), like how surfrider would of suited sea world better than WnW, though personally I'd never wanna see such a thing in MW. I would really hope so as well, at least make it sea themed considering its surrounded by creatures of the deep or maybe colour it like the light house it just replaced.
  9. I forget when it exactly was but I think it was around July-August after winter school holidays, been on it about 3 to 4 times, no lasers, no smoke, no music, for some reason it was more common to have no music than no lasers was annoying and had you been on it more than once before it was very boring running that way, all you were entertained by was the sound of the fake screams of the cart further ahead of you, than do a fake scream yourself. The lasers in scooby should never be turned off!