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  1. Wasn’t exactly referring to theming. Moreso their overall offering. They wanted to add in multiple rides for people to enjoy, injecting a large sum into a park that quite frankly was needing it. As others pointed out, this wouldn’t have been achievable if they had gone in-depth with theming. I’m not saying this “generic modern design” is superior, I quite admire LP’s theme that it has kept for decades, but Maloney’s corner is only so big and finances aren’t crazy plentiful.
  2. Isn’t Maloney’s corner now “Luna Land”? So if the theming doesn’t correlate to the Midway, is it truly such a bad thing? Outside of theming though, I still think it was all presented nicely. No longer can you see the tyres on attractions like you could with the Ranger, and the base under the Boomerang seems well implemented. I get wanting to have a more cohesive theme to the park, but I think they wanted to broaden their horizons. Besides, they’ve improved the midway over the years with facade touches, so I wouldn’t rule out upgrades in the future.
  3. I think LP owns all the space it ever will own… and quite frankly I think it’s plenty. I do love the idea of the River Caves though. honestly, some other park in the next few decades will probably prop up somewhere in NSW, where all these crazy attractions we desire will spring up. LP suits the ‘boardwalk-esque’ size of its park, so as weird as it might sound, i think it’s great as it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hmm same way they do it with WM i suppose? I can’t remember if that’s just stairs though… is there any other way to access the wild mouse without stairs or is that the only way?
  5. That was not how I was expecting the train to be themed. Maybe it’s yet to receive a paint job?
  6. Well without getting political, I think the progress that’s been shown is exciting none the less! Always nice to have something to look forward too during times like this
  7. Might be hoping for too much here but I wonder if the BD will be done by the time this lockdown is over… at least, considering the fact that there’s no park visitors so perhaps it’s easier for construction to take place?
  8. No clue on 2019 either, but 2018 definitely did. They were where sillysub is now and were “back to back” in some tent.
  9. Not true. They had two there back in 2018 + MM, plus a house where Volare is. I haven’t been since then so that’s why I was wondering. Makes sense. Glad they’re using big top for it. Thanks.
  10. Slightly off topic to the new rides; but now that a lot of space has been taken up where the houses for Halloscream used to go, does anyone know/have a possible idea on where the houses might go this year? (If this has been talked about in another thread, please link me lol)
  11. Well if they do than so does 7 News... https://youtu.be/biZ_XGfLjk4
  12. Not too sure if Parkz is the best place to talk about a carnival but I felt that people here would know more than anywhere else... I understand that the show is practically identical year after year in terms of rides but noticed that this year Space Roller was missing (a personal favourite of mine). Was curious to see if anyone knows where that ride is/went? There’s also another coaster this year that I hadn’t seen before (nothing crazy new/exciting but for those interested; I believe it’s called “The Edge Wild Mouse”). A great video of the show’s here in case you
  13. I think I read this here on the forums once, but a clever way someone put it was that WetNWild somehow managed to be completely packed of people whilst simultaneously loosing money.
  14. Yikes.. to say I’m guilty would have to be a major understatement - honestly did not mean to upset anyone with that notion. I always knew Coney Island was heritage listed but had thought that the interior had more flexibility within those restraints (i.e. the mirror maze). My bad. Apologies for that. On a different note - I wonder if enough room remains for pirates revenge? I suppose if roundup was moved to where Spider was it could be feasible, at least for the Summer heat.
  15. Well at least refurbish it - some of the functions/features on the walkway in don’t even work, plus some areas could do with a paint job (I didn’t mean stray away from the “fun house” aspect - my bad, I should have made myself clearer). I definitely wish they would extend the facade all the way around too - especially considering those lined up for BP will get a view of it.
  16. I wonder if after this expansion, Coney Island will get some attention? It has soo much potential and I feel that if they remodel the interior, they could really maximise their space. (Don’t get me wrong - I’m far beyond grateful for the expansion we’re getting now. Just got me thinking on what would be next as this basically leaves the wild mouse and rotor to be the oldest attractions in the park - of which I don’t see getting removed anytime soon.)
  17. This and/or a proper dark ride of sorts. Although in saying that, I'm not sure it'd suit. LP to me is more of a boardwalk-esque park, rather than a fully fledged theme park like something in the Gold Coast or Florida - (Think the Santa Monica Pier in LA). They're pretty limited for room too, so unless they expand beyond Maloney's Corner (or should I say Luna Land) to where the train yard is, I don't think any other attractions would be feasible.
  18. I definitely stand by the mine train coaster - I can see it complimenting WWF well, plus anything that’s NOT DC is good in my books haha
  19. I noticed the article also mentioned upgrades to existing rides - do we know anything on this? (I’m guessing minor paint jobs if anything but just out of curiosity haha)
  20. I JUMPED when I read the news... props to Luna Park for keeping it under wraps (unless I'm just completely oblivious lol). I'm so excited to see the changes!
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