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  1. i posted it because normally if you don’t have proof on here you’re called a liar. I never normally share private messages in other situations however people on here are critical and i just wanted to share proof in which i didn’t think to ask, so how about we don’t question the morals and ethics of people we don’t even know
  2. i asked if it was anything to do with fright nights which was replied with no something else, and with it looking like Arkham’s demolition will be underway any day now (can’t remember if they have already started or not), we might finally be getting the announcement we’ve been waiting for. let’s hope it’s not the rumoured family coasters🤞🏼
  3. thank you for reminding me. I have removed the messages but kept the information up, i have now asked if it’s okay to share the screenshot just incase anyone wants proof. i kept the information up though as he wouldn’t have mentioned it to a random if he didn’t want anyone to know
  4. recently when talking to Bikash about the rivals paint job, he confirmed that there is multiple improvements and announcements coming to the park soon, these include: - fright nights will be returning this October - a big announcement will be made on the 20th of July he also confirmed that the Rivals Paint job will take 3 years, instead of the rumoured 6 years
  5. when they said ‘September 3rd’, they probably meant September 3rd 2031, just before the olympic start in Brisbane. hopefully covid doesn’t delay this🤞🏼
  6. the park map still states it’s a station and i believe they were doing renovation works on the station too. maybe the renovations just weren’t finished yet so it’s not opened for now
  7. The Dreamworld Train has now reopened (don’t know if it’s officially or soft opening) this afternoon: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfdNMSJppPK/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= - if link doesent work, go onto @jaggsjourneysau on instagram
  8. they’ve done it before by saying “coming these holidays, buy your tickets now” even after the changed it to a different set of holidays on the website. If September 3rd really was still the opening date why would they change it on the website, where people go to check out what the new rides are / buy tickets after seeing the advertisement saying they will be a open on a specific date.
  9. why would they go out of their way to remove the opening date just to release a new ad campaign the same week promoting the opening date that was just recently removed? they would’ve just left it if that’s 100% the opening date.
  10. i think the concept of having a meet n great stage was an improvement but my god the execution is god awful. I mean they could’ve at least made it look more natural or just added a stage where the old pounce n bounce was.
  11. was just about to comment on this. here is the video for anyone interested (credit: @jaggsjourneysau - instagram) FullSizeRender.MOV
  12. on MovieWorld’s instagram stories, it looks like they’ve added a stage around the base of the tree that’s located in the centre of the Kid’s WB area. i cant tell if this is an improvement or an eyesore tbh
  13. CGA looks like a really nice park with a decent lineup which does make it sad to see it facing its demise however, it makes me wonder where the rides will be going. personally i’d love a park here (preferably Dreamworld or some vic park) to buy Gold Striker if the park closes within say the next 3-5 years. there’s probably like a 5% chance of that happening sadly
  14. it’s great to here the park is starting to make little improvements here and there such as characters and ride operations which do overall help the experience a lot more then you’d think. was DC running any better today compared to how it was prior to its maintenance period / was it any smoother? great to hear you guys had a good day.
  15. we get it you like the idea of turnstiles you don’t need to keep restating it over and over again across many different topics. the attendants on rides like The Claw and Shockwave have to move guests sometimes multiple times per cycle as the guests are unable to seat themselves in a way which will fill the entire gondola and not leave gaps everywhere, i don’t think it’s that far fetched to say they wouldn’t understand how the turnstiles work. VR on a drop tower really doesn't sound like a good idea at all, we already complain about how slow the operations are at our parks, adding VR which will potentially double the load times isn’t a smart idea.
  16. 3 weeks after the opening dates have been removed off the website they are still promoting their passes with the promise of a 3rd of September opening date for both attractions. what a shame FullSizeRender.MOV
  17. which would actually make sense as the backwards option is no longer as popular as it once was when it first opened / was offered at a cheaper price.
  18. on an average day i’d say about 50% of the cycles consisted of the backwards seats being empty, that was when it was $20. If they’re going to charge $30 they should at-least include on-ride photos, or put the camera back on and include a video of their ride experience. $30 is crazy expensive for what it is.
  19. must’ve jumped up after the maintenance period, it was $20 prior to it closing from what i remember. it’s now $20 more expensive compared to when the ride first opened. let’s hope tail-whip doesn’t face the same fate.
  20. if they really wanted to split it between two periods, they could’ve just done one period for below 30m, and the second period above 30m. The first period would’ve been done now, and if heights the problem they could’ve done above 30m in one period as there’s only really 3 points that go above that height (NIL, Camel Back and The Drop / Lift)
  21. there’s no way it would take them 12months i mean it took them what, 2 weeks to do that part out the front? if they were that worried, open it peak periods, close it off peak periods until it’s done. Repaint doesn't mean the rides not operational, parks around the world do that all the time
  22. can confirm got the exact same as. I do hope the area turns out like this concept art though it looks like it’ll be a very well landscaped area
  23. if this is true by the time 6 years is up, the parts painted this year will already be faded and they’ll have to restart to process again. why not just close it for a couple months in the off peak winter months, paint the entire ride and reopen then repeat when it needs to be done again? sounds more logical, i mean look at superman it still looks fresh and vibrant from its full track repaint a couple years back
  24. i don’t remember seeing construction fencing on my last visit so maybe that’s a good sign? i don’t get what the point of only painting that section is, why not just do it all at once or plan / wait for another maintenance period where they can do it all at once?
  25. does anyone know if any work has actually been started on its removal or is this just false information?
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