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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster, in a few years, anyway. The ride is ok. And that is it. Ok. Nothing too special, but I think that will do. Anyone that believed Kirby in his original media statements had it coming, more PR spinning. I think the one thing the ride has is its surroundings and views, right onto the water, which is pretty cool. I guess. However, I really love the New Atlantis sign and the archway leading up into the precinct. Once the plants mature, this will be a pretty cool entrance. Thanks for the caps by the way! I am hoping to post on here more often!
  2. I do agree, but as long as the ride doesn't look to 'temporary' (ride sitting on the flatbed of a truck type of thing) I think it should be okay with some complementary theming.
  3. I've seen 3D projection mapping in real life and it sure doesn't have as much of an impact then what physical theming has. I did read that the new refurbishment will also include a mix of physical theming and props, so who knows, they may pull it off, definitely hope so!
  4. I really hope the upgrades are just more then a half assed light/laser show!
  5. The Junior Driving school consists of existing themes and rides. My idea referred to a whole new area with new themes and franchises.
  6. Completely agree, I was only there last week and thought of this. Seeing all the other areas have had significant ride investments, why not the kids WB section? It is a well themed area and the rides are great for children, but I would like to see a new family indoor/dark/rollercoaster ride (not superhero theme) targeting families similar to Road Runner. Speaking of this, my idea for long term future expansion would be a brand new additional area of Movie World. Currently we have DC heroes, villains, Wild West and Kids WB. My idea for a new area would be 'WB WORLD', it would be a mix of r
  7. The facade is now gone... 😪
  8. Hi everyone, I've been lurking these forums for a few years now but today I have decided to open an account. So here we go, my first post... This isn't really an improvement, but more of a suggestion. I'm sure this has been discussed here before, personally, I find the covering over Main Street very unpleasant to the eye, and it takes away from the magic of the main Street that it once had. When the shelter was erected, it looked alright but it hasn't aged well. Wasn't the purpose of main Street to make it look like a movie set? I get the idea of the shelter, but I think it's removal will
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