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  1. So Rockin' Tug is definitely a permanent ride at Luna Park now, which I have no objection to; it's the perfect kind of family carnival ride suited for such a park. What I do have objections to, is it's current location. Right now the ride is right in between the Hair Raiser and Crystal Palace, which is a very tight area. I do not think the ride suits this spot; it looks very ill fitting, it looks cramped - they even took out some fencing on the Hair Raiser queue just so people have a clear space to walk past - and the "hire ride" nature of it just doesn't fit. On top of that, I'm p
  2. Damn these rides are coming up real quick. Might be finished with Maloney’s Corner quicker than I thought. Might give them more time to refresh the rest of the park south of Coney Island cause as has been said before, some spots REALLY need it.
  3. Ground view of new Boomerang track this afternoon: How the park looks now from McMahon’s Point:
  4. Some movement has happened in regards to a government response: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-08/nsw-premier-considers-luna-park-ghost-train-fire-inquest/100056548?utm_source=abc_news_web&utm_medium=content_shared&utm_content=facebook&utm_campaign=abc_news_web&fbclid=IwAR0_43nVLlWR5vavyp2bWYXt2EDtTyoNCQG0wB6L4_O8gmAzuSJCY8ABHLk A petition into a new enquiry is still available to sign here and I would encourage you all to sign it if you haven't: https://www.change.org/p/gladys-berejiklian-a-royal-commission-into-the-1979-luna-park-ghost-train-fire?utm_content=cl_share
  5. Might also mention that the SBF convoy they had as the 2nd kids U-Drive is up for sale for a bargain of $30,000! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/275472567327708/?ref=product_details&referral_code=undefined
  6. BTW if anyone has $7,500 to spare, the former kiddie wheel is up for sale on Facebook Marketplace! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/477007750344839/
  7. So this evening was the first time in two years that I got the chance to head down to Luna Park again, and I was able to observe the renovations myself. Of course I managed to get an overview of Maloney's Corner from the office balcony; work on Boomerang seems more or less the same as Baconjack's photos, Little Nipper seems all but complete as does the Whirly Bug (I refuse to call it "Bug" out of principle. Sue me). I did notice that the Rockin' Tug still seems to be at the park which I found interesting. The Big Dipper platform has become a space for storing tracks for t
  8. I get the feeling that relocation of the rides down the back was always a temporary measure and that they had more ambitious plans for Maloney's Corner, so they didn't bother with the theming. It's just just taken them until now to finally realise their plans.
  9. So I haven't said anything about the documentary until now cause I want to wait until the full story was aired. I've always taken a neutral stance on what caused the fire; I sort of wrote off the allegations of Abe Saffron's involvement as mere rumours. Even until I watched it, I was sceptical of this series cause from the promos, it looked very "tabloid" and "sensationalist". Having now finished the series, with all the evidence and witness accounts that was collected, I'm all but certain it was arson and that Abe Saffron plus others were responsible for essentially 7 cases of manslaughter in
  10. Quite an interesting document. I was particularly keen on reading about the conservation of the Art Barton artworks; quite a few need more more attendance than I thought. I'm reminded of what the late Martin Sharp said in "The Art of Fun" documentary; that Coney Island in particular needs a permanent curator to ensure the artefacts within are constantly maintained to high standard. Also pretty amusing how many of Art's paintings were coated over with varnish in the 70's leaving them yellowed; I know Peter Kingston and Martin were kicking themselves for doing that.
  11. Whilst it is great the pace is continuing and all, if I could just rant here for a moment: BUG is still such a stupid name for a ride. They couldn't even come up with something a LITTLE bit more innovative like "Whirly Bug" or something like that? They went with the most uninspired choice imaginable? I mean the other ride names I can actually understand and see how they fit but here? No, it's just pathetic. On a more positive note, I remember a few years ago that according to Jobe, there were plans to make a new "tumblebug" sculpture or similar in homage to the original. I wonder if this
  12. See I'm not sure if I agree with all the names for these rides. I would've at least have named some in homage to the old rides such as the Sledgehammer being named "Flying Saucer", the boomerang "Wild Cat", and I would've given the kiddie wheel a much more clever name than just "Bug".
  13. This news pleases me. If they bring back the Billabong Bunyip as part of the water park redevelopments (the lagoon appears to be part of the upgrades) then I'll be very happy.
  14. You know what, I don't believe anyone's shared the coverage of the recent news by Channels 7 and 9. So here:
  15. Depends on which David you’re referring to as there are a few there who I know. I assume you mean David Critchley - as he’s the only David who appears on traffic these days - whom yes I do know very well.
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