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  1. Well you're not wrong. I just don't like waste.
  2. If it's never gonna open, they might as well get rid of what's left. It's just a waste of space.
  3. 19Michael96

    Near Maps updates - 2019

    God I miss having NearMaps for free. Wait you have two penises?
  4. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    *DIDN'T; I meant to say DIDN'T.
  5. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yes. Sigh... look @Jobe already gave his two cents on this matter months ago and I agree with him wholeheartedly. Everything new has teething troubles every now and then, and the SBF Tango Train was operating perfectly fine for a good two years before it went down for maintenance. For all we know it could be coming good again very soon.
  6. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I checked out some of the progress at Luna Park again this week. The Rotor has it's cartoon figures back on the facade. And one image I did get a chance to take last time was this poster of the Volare that was up inside the Helter Skelter facade as you enter the ride. Oh and the Tango Train is still down for maintenance. What the hell is going on with that ride?
  7. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I asked Luna Park some questions regarding theming two weeks ago. They finally responded to some today.
  8. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Anyway, TIME FOR MY FINAL WEEKLY VOLARE UPDATE! Seeing as the ride is pretty much complete now, this is basically going to be my last update focused on the construction progress of this ride. Here's some pics I took this evening: Here's the "bridge" entry to the ride. Obviously not as grand as the ones of yore but it's pretty nice. And considering the main entrance is the Helter Skelter structure, it's nothing too major. Now THIS is something that surprised me. They've fixed the giant fake plug that attaches to the Helter Skelter (ex Lighthouse) structure. I honestly thought they might've been removing this bit of theming considering it was from the 90's era of LPS and they might've wanted to move forward but low and behold... And finally, here's a video I took of the Volare in action: IMG_7918 - converted with Clipchamp.mp4 In other news, the Tango Train is down AGAIN. I'm hoping this will FINALLY be the time when they finish painting the office behind the ride, but I doubt it.
  9. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    7 News ran a story on the opening of the Volare last night. Turns out I've been pronouncing "Volare" wrong; I've been saying "Vol-air" instead of "Vol-aray". https://www.facebook.com/7newssydney/videos/1928879153888311/
  10. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    It's been pouring on and off all day. Before I got the ferry to the park, there was a huge downpour that luckily didn't last by the time I arrived. Speaking of which: WEEKLY VOLARE UPDATE! There's not much to comment on honestly. Ride's pretty much complete, just a few small details here and there. There has been some work done to the entrance however. And a nice little curtain mock up has been made as you enter. So that's nice. In other news, the "Hungry Horse" cafe has received some additional theming. None of these horse look like they're heritage though; they were probably custom made for display purposes. I might enquire if the park has a new opening date for the Volare or if the background theming will be redone eventually. Doubt they'll have an answer though.
  11. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    it wouldn't have been good to open it today anyway; it's a really wet day. Not exactly ride opening weather.
  12. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yeah I was at the park at around 8:00. I was home by the time you popped by. I do think background theming is a problem though. Not just for the Volare but for the Tango Train, specifically the office building behind. They told me two years ago that they were gonna finish painting it when the Tango Train was down for maintenance. Well since then, it has been down for maintenance and yet they haven't taken the opportunity to finish it off! I probably should ask them again.
  13. 19Michael96

    Wipeout is closed for good (retired)

    I know that's why I wasn't being fully serious. But a part of me is just so fed up with the bullshit, I just don't know how to fix it.
  14. 19Michael96

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    WEEKLY VOLARE UPDATE: Took a few night time shots of the ride again. It's pretty much complete now although I have some minor complaints. The cityscape facade hasn't been changed to fit theming and the ride's meant to open in a week. I thought this would've been a perfect time to give the area some consistency. Also, why hasn't the decorative roof over the toilet entrance been added yet as seen in the DA?