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  1. That's better lol. And regarding my previous response I was only teasing; blame the neighbours for complaining about everything LPS related to begin with.
  2. I mean the rides actually look PERMANENT for one thing at least. They just need beefed up embellishment. But like I said I honestly think money's just too tight right now. Once more events can be held at the Big Top and Crystal Palace that's when the cash starts to flow in and some can be invested in finishing off park theming.
  3. I finally got to return to the park for the first time in months this evening which was a perfect opportunity to see the current status of LPS with my own eyes. I took photos (duh). First, the Big Dipper: I also took a video of it undergoing a test run: IMG_6274.mov Next, a few outside shots of "Luna Land". I noticed that unlike the midway, the music playing was contemporary pop music (Sledgehammer had, well, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel for example which is hilarious considering how innuendo ridden that song is and it's playing at a family destina
  4. Wonder if they'll ever demolish the old Plantation tour track completely? Also I still want the Bunyip back and part of the expanded water park and I will die on this hill.
  5. Probably to do with that video I saw on Facebook where the ride got stuck upside down for a good minute. Yes that did happen.
  6. So 9 News did a story last night on Luna Park before they reopen. I think it's safe to say, judging by the mere banner they have for "Luna Land", as opposed to the proper signage in the concept art, money genuinely really is tight with them atm and so theming has had to take a back step. https://fb.watch/8NTy22YqPl/
  7. Christ everyone's a critic aren't they? I would like to bring back this quote of @Jobe's from last September. And I would also remind people once again what park manager Warwick Doughty himself said on the History of Luna Park Facebook page. And who's to say theming won't be beefed up in the longer term once finances allow it? COVID has hit every business hard and Luna Park is no exception. Finances need to be directed to where it is most needed and if theming has to take a back seat at the expense of general maintenance or running events, then that's the way it is. The
  8. Anyway Coasterlife has received more footage from the North Sydney local who's been filming park progress and has uploaded a new video. Includes shots from the reopened Glen St stairs and a detailed look at the Big Dipper entrance station including stairs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aDzJKvX7cA
  9. This is what I've been wanting all along and I will not rest until the River Caves come back; reality be damned!!
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