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  1. The park owns 1 carriage at least from the original Big Dipper. It's currently under tarps out the back but used to be on display. SUCK IT NEIGHBOURS!!!!!!!!
  2. I knew you'd be one of the guys up there. Why else would you all be up on the balcony looking down at the rides?
  3. Managed to check out LPS progress today. Glen St stairs have gone and ride testing progresses out back.
  4. Oh the envy for you still having access to nearmap...
  5. 9 News Sydney has done a news report on the revamp as we get closer and closer to opening: https://fb.watch/5SABbJ4mse/
  6. Last night the NSW Police Minister was giving grief to the ABC because they're apparently holding back information. Here's the follow up: https://tvtonight.com.au/2021/05/abc-extension-to-deliver-ghost-train-fire-files.html
  7. LPS has posted a video to their Facebook featuring a first person view of the Boomerang ride experience: https://fb.watch/5BKhgQOYRR/
  8. @Jobe I understand you were being hypothetical, I just still maintain a large degree of scepticism about these locations apart from the amphitheatre steps, which I am 100% in support with you on that front. The Green space above the carpark I can POSSIBLY see something happening maybe, but it's the access below I'm having trouble envisioning, no matter how many times I've thought about it. If it wasn't an issue I would be in total agreement with you. And I personally don't think anything should be built next to the Rotor, even if the loading dock was relocated. I feel it would make the park lo
  9. This is exactly what I brought up in a previous post of mine complaining about the location of the ride. If the Tug is going to be a permanent LPS ride now, then it needs to be placed in a more suitable spot that has good space surrounding it; not cramped in next to another ride who's queue fencing needed to be partially removed so people could walk past. And of course the ride should be refurbished to look permanent and fit in with the current park scenery. I'll be quite frank here, how many times have we had this conversation about space come up repeatedly on this forum in the past d
  10. Senior state minister Matt Kean has come forward calling for a Royal Commision style inquiry into the fire, as reported in 9 News tonight: https://fb.watch/5q4G6epcS6/ Also his Private Member's statement in parliament: https://fb.watch/5q4SHdise2/
  11. I hope they would. And put it in a more suitable location.
  12. Well here are some of my photos of the progress taken this afternoon: Steel beams sit on the future Big Dipper loading station: Overview of Maloney’s Corner and the construction going on: Foundations for the Big Dipper supports are preparing to be concreted: Good view of the construction of the revamped entry to Maloney’s Corner (though I reckon the other side of Coney Island should be opened up to the public as well which would make the back of the park more connected and feel truly permanent): Close up views of the (Whi
  13. Well the Luna Park social media team has unveiled the "Boomerang" to the public: https://fb.watch/58rhT-5RFu/ There's even a nice video to go with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoe3kOIWhQ4&t=55s
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