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  1. I do agree kids are pretty well catered for most of the time at dreamworld, unfortunately the carousel and the dronkeys are shut so that did limit our toddler a bit.
  2. Was there today, the Big Red Boat door is broken, so the ride is only running at half capacity and the ABC World continues its descent into disrepair. It's an embarrassment to the park.
  3. Me too, it's long overdue. I think I originally read it was going to cost $1,000,000 which in the grand scheme of things doesn't seem that large. Bluey + a couple of cheaper kids rides would be an instant win.
  4. This year Movieworld celebrates 30 years, with the last anniversary celebration being June 2016 (25 years). This will be a major opportunity for the new owners to showcase Movieworld's past but also focus on the future. Last week they did some filming at the park which I am thinking may be linked to the 30th anniversary celebrations. In June/July of previous years Movieworld has run the DC Villians event but this was moved to January this year, I am wondering if anyone has any predictions about what might be occuring?
  5. I think reflecting on the Summer activities Dreamworld got it right with Bluey, but very wrong with Monster Trucks. Extended evening trade would have been a cheaper and more appealing option I think.
  6. I think it makes sense to move most maintenance to Feb as borders are likely to still have an impact on tourism, but boy I think I will skip the park in Feb with all that maintenance.
  7. Does the vortex have a fast pass queue? It’s not available for VQ on the Seaworld app yet.
  8. In the email blast today it says to actually meet Bluey costs $20. Outrageous when they were at Westfield Coomera in Jan for free. dreamworld will upset a lot of people with that decision.
  9. I would say this is a bit of a test as before COVID Dreamworld was heavily hinting that bluey was part of the abc world refurb
  10. I know overseas they have unlimited food options, I would be all over that.
  11. As a business Padlock'd is going from strength to strength on the Gold Coast, recently expanding their hours. Movieworld normally offers something similar but it is cheaper but i would say probably not as good quality. To me it's a good addition.
  12. I just noticed White water world has changed their hours for Jan - March. They will now be open Friday/Saturday/Sunday in Feb and March.
  13. On Saturday when I was there it was operating, but no side cars, so maybe they are updating the requirements for the ride
  14. Personally i've always thought that Dreamworld should look to integrate some dining precint outside the park. If you think about Coomera it is still missing a lot of things that are down the coast and more readily accessible (Grill'd, Schnitz, Pancake Kitchen etc.. fast casual). If they could think of a way to have a dining precinct in that area it could mean that more after dark opportunities are possible. Westfield Coomera's dining area is good, but still missing a lot.
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