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  1. Disney's California Adventure in 2007... Probably not the best introduction to overseas parks but we only had a day at the resort and we were told to knock the DCA rides first and spend the rest of the day and night at Disneyland
  2. They thought it was smoother and ran better then it did before the refub. I couldn't really tell any difference myself.
  3. That's what me and my friend thought as well, but not many people are going to get the connection I reckon as it's so haphazardly done. As for the ride itself I was disappointed as the last scene before the drop as it didn't play and the green screen effect was not that great but it did work, my friend however thought the actual coaster ride itself was greatly improved.
  4. Althrough they only play the movie up to Scrappy Doo's reveal and then it's just the logo for the ride for a few minutes before the movie starts again.
  5. I was mostly joking but I'll happily take the credit for idea, more power to me.
  6. Should this thread be spilt in two and one be named Volcano Bay: Electric Boogaloo.
  7. Don't try and stop this now it's a live wire here.
  8. Hey MC, getting onto the internet is not a problem in China the issue is getting past the firewall that blocks alot of websites, however if you set up a VPN then you can get past it and access everything you would want too. Here is a guide that includes how to get past the great firewall of China. https://tdrexplorer.com/shanghai-disneyland-planning-guide/#access-blocked-websites
  9. I can't help but wonder why he didn't try to blame higher management as we have seen evidence that they wanted spending on maintenance to be reduced or outright stopped, surly he could have made a case that he and the maintenance team were under pressure not to spend money but keep the rides going. Then add on top and say that he was unaware of the past incidents and that he couldn't of imagined something like this happening. I know this wouldn't absolve him completely but it would feel like a much more believeable story and would fit in more with the testimony and evidence we have witnes
  10. We can all safely assume that Mr Ritchie does not want to go to jail or be the one to take all the blame for this but that is really low to so utterly throw the ride operators under the bus especially if all they had to gauge the water level was a frigging scrim on a wall. It hasn't been the easiest to keep track of all the details but did any alarms or warnings go off when one of the pumps failed and if so would the procedure been to start closing the ride or keep going if one of the pumps was still running? If they had no alarm or if the procedure was to keep going then it seems an esp
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