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  1. Dreamworld has stated I think that it will under go major refurbishment, in late 2019 with the upgrade of its Tower Of Terror that will be undertaken from its manufacture Intamin. In my dreams, Rocky Hollow log ride will get a new cave with theming elements returning from the old Thunder River Rapids that was demolished late 2018. I super duper wish that White Water World will see an expansion of a lazy river, during this time faded attractions will also be undergoing a repaint with Super Tubes hydro coaster already been carried out. In my wildest dreams Sky Voyager will be
  2. Log ride is currently down for maintainance for approximately 1 month , hopefully will see removal of the temporary cages during this process.
  3. Should Dreamworld even keep the rocky Hollow log ride with the cave now gone it's not really worth keeping, it be better as a foot path as the boats go really slow around the course anyways, people can walk faster. Perhaps they could make the plunge a slide instead.
  4. Sky Voyager was awesome, the internals was exactly what I thought. Themed as an airport. Runway stripped flooring, massive 747 passenger plane model on display. Awesome shop. Awesome film. Mist not yet working but the turning, spinning etc are great
  5. @Gold Coast Amusement Force a river ride is not needed considering they have a wave pool already. Replace hot wheels side winder with a RMC
  6. 17 million is pretty damn close to $30 million, considering they wasting money on a water park expansion as well
  7. @Slick do U know what is happening with this?
  8. Dreamworld / Ardent Leisure (Parent Company) stated that it will take two years to recover from the tragic accident that occured on the 25th October 2016 which seems to be not the case. The Problem: Dreamworld hope to draw back visitors with its new attraction Sky Voyager that was meant to open by Christmas but again Dreamworld didn't deliver on this promise, and no one is talking about it least of all Dreamworld and there's something very worrying about that. With $17million put into this attraction, it would've been better to see a similar installation like DC Rivals or a D
  9. Hi Slick , you have no right to ban me from this page , are you the owner?
  10. Got to ride Sky Voyager today and it was amazing.
  11. I work at Dreamworld and will be riding it tomorrow. I will get some photos.
  12. The rumour out there is they won't be DEMOLISHing it , will be a refubishment with new boats, control system and new ride name.
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