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  1. In their defence, Tailwhip by itself sounds extremely similar to another ride at DW
  2. Intamin prototypes and unique installations usually don't have the most reliable track record (in fact, any intamin product really). That being said I don't see much going wrong with the Hot Racer. When you narrow down to the core bits Intamin's done all of it before and there isn't anything experimental on the ride. Mechanically the ride is using the drive tire launch tech, the exact one you see on Jet Rescue and Motocoaster and has been used by intamin for nearly 20 years. Track wise this ride isn't anything substantial, it is basically the same normal intamin track but scaled down and
  3. This yeah. I'm 6'5" and am barely short enough to ride things like Superman. I'm also pretty thin (but relatively fit) and yet I weigh about 80kg. This disfavours taller people significantly who by nature of their height have a higher weight and can't do much about it. When the average weight for a man in Australia is 5kg under your limit that you are excluding quite a significant number of the population. But I see why they do it - insurance purposes. For dry rides though implementing test seats like what they have in the eastern parks is far more practical than weight scales. Do an
  4. A la Aussie World replacing theirs with a crappy run of the mill Zamperla spinning wild mouse that you see at the easter show? No thanks. Also Wild Mouse is subject to a heritage listing by the NSW government so it isn't going anywhere.
  5. I've watched Closed for Storm legally, i own the bluray of the film and bought it off Amazon a month ago. Wanted to support Bright Sun, a channel that's been an inspiration to me for many years, by buying the film. I thought it was good and provided a cool perspective on Six Flags New Orleans. I haven't watched the Coaster Studios documentary yet but will again watch it legally. Nice try on the 'I paid a few bucks in ad revenue over the years and therefore can do whatever I want with pirating a small channel's content' argument. As a fellow content creator who has made videos on our parks
  6. I remember one of the SE trains was essentially rebuilt not that long ago. Perhaps its the other train's turn to get the upgrade? Either way I've never seen it run with both trains outside of summer holiday peak so I don't know why a sign would be there in September.
  7. I see this post way too many times in r/rollercoasters but I feel on Parkz most attractions here in Australia get the praise (or criticism) that they deserve. On one hand, everyone loves WWF, while on the other, everyone hates Hollywood Stunt Driver. Except for one ride I have qualms with its rep and that is Storm. I feel that ride gets a lot of shit, which I feel largely boils down to it being the replacement for Bermuda and having a high standard to live up to. While I can agree it doesn't live up to its predecessor, standing on its own it's a very well presented and overall fun coaster
  8. Logistically relocating this coaster is more than likely impossible given how most of the supports are custom built to the terrain. I found the experience to be pretty poor when I rode it a couple of years back. Really poor transitions in some portions. A mine train would be a good addition to DW as they are lacking a family coaster but i prefer an intamin multi dimension coaster as i mentioned earlier
  9. I think DW building something like an Intamin multi dimension coaster with the drop track would be a really great investment for their next coaster. IMO thats going to be their main gap going forward, as they really lack a decent family thrill ride (something the rapids and rocky hollow once had). Plop it in the log ride's spot in a box and give it a good theme. See: Verbolten at Busch Gardens or Thirteen at Alton Towers. 2nd pick goes to a mack power splash. MW my vote goes to a dive coaster or a flying coaster. They are crowd pleasers for a reason overseas and I think it's the most logi
  10. I don't think Vekoma was offering new trains for SLC's at the time AA/LW was upgraded (correct me if I'm wrong) so Kumbak was the only option. Plus when Village made the deal I don't think they were aware with how much damage the trains did to Corkscrew at the time. After what happened with Corkscrew it was only a matter of time before something similar happened with AA. Village jumped the gun with the upgrade if they waited a few more years but they seemingly were eager to integrate the ride with the DC area
  11. Haha what? Lemme go through this post one by one. A certain park on the Sunshine Coast, a certain park a few kilometres down the road, and a certain park in Sydney would all disagree with that statement (to think about it, most of the wild mouse coasters we have/had are good ones haha) So what? Both of these examples were nearing the end of their lives. DW was quite fortunate to get ToT and Wipeout operational as long as they were able to given how both were in and out of operation in their last years. They didn't just say 'fuck it, we're removing rides to make the park smaller
  12. Old mate may have a point. The chair lift is missing from the park map nor is it on the website. It seems to have been closed last season as well. Take this as you will
  13. This is a good example of when it's done right. The trucks are themed appropriately to the event and isn't some random Boost Juice van plonked on the street or a Royal Show truck with stock graphics plonked in the entrance plaza. A custom graphic on the DW truck would have been nice, for example.
  14. How far have our theme park standards fallen when Royal Show-level trucks can just be plopped in like this? The MW example is more egregious as it is a big green truck that breaks the presentation of main street but DW's truck is still tacky. LPS sells showbags in its own dedicated building so why can't DW do that in the main gift shop?
  15. Apples and oranges comparison. Wipeout was an unreliable ride type (that was one of 2 standing in the world at its closure with barely any spare parts around) that so many parks gave up on years ago. DW was lucky that ride was able to run as long as it did. Gold Coaster is the complete opposite, the ride is mechanically very simple and the layout isn't forceful enough to put much stress on the track compared to bigger rides of the same model. DW should be able to get 10 years out of it at a minimum if maintained correctly.
  16. People really do forget Village is going to be building a hotel at some point in the next few years on top of the planned AA replacement which is by all accounts going to be a significant capex investment. Did we say Village was declining during the 2010-2016 era where a good chunk of the major attractions at SW were closed without a replacement?
  17. If memory serves me correct, the planning rules the state government put in place at LPS a few years ago limits rides be no taller than 30 metres making installation of something like Buzzsaw impossible. Hair Raiser was grandfathered in as this was implemented a few years ago and all the new installations are made to be compliant with these regs.
  18. I'm sure that some random with a gopro mounted onto a chest rig would create a better POV than what you see here
  19. The more I think about it, the more I realise that the eurofighter would have been pretty lame. I've not seen the POV or animation at all, but I could picture a layout pretty much in my head and needless to say I'm glad they didn't end up picking it in the end. There is only so much you can do with the plot of land that's been allocated for BD and the hot racer is the best choice for that by far.
  20. The train is literally full on racing deco. Exhaust pipes, grille and everything. It's like this coaster is in an identity crisis as to what it wants to be themed. Hopefully there's another train that I don't know about because capacity is going to be steaming garbage with just 1 train
  21. IMAScore have done heaps of work for parks in Europe. A lot of European parks in recent years have involved them for onboard audio on their new build coasters (ie Helix, Karnan, Movie Park Studio Tour, Taron, The Smiler) That being said I don't expect Ardent to be setting any precedents by going above and beyond to hire these guys to do a score for Steel Taipan but man it would be a nice touch. But it's better to have nothing than try and half ass it by having freestyler on the speakers. On board audio is either something you have to do really well or just don't do at all. Given I don't s
  22. Chinese parks will probably end up buying the domestically produced knock off of Buzzsaw that's quite popular over there rather than a used copy of the genuine version. My vote goes to Southeast Asia as well. I'd be keen to see Rainbow's End buy this though, it's a real bargain for a big thrill ride, but the park is landlocked, has developed almost all its land, and would struggle to fit in even Buzzsaw unless they plopped it in the parking lot. Adventure World is far from pressed for space on the other hand and this could be easily plonked in whatever space they wanted to if they were in
  23. I see the "Dippin dots guy said this" meme that goes around the roller coaster enthusiast community has now eventually spread onto here. It was only a matter of time. Why would you suddenly be aware of an NDA (let alone be covered by it) if you weren't an employee of village in the 1st place? Are your mates breaking theirs giving you this "information"?
  24. When the vehicles were upgraded in 2015 they installed fitted out Vekoma train bodies while leaving the original Arrow chassis intact. Cyclone/BD vehicle bodies were very likely thrown in the skip bin after that, without any real use for them, or were thrown in the boneyard and eventually cleared out a few years after for the lazy river. Wasn't there another original Big Dipper carriage that fell into the possession of somebody else and still exists? The park itself maybe? Even then for a 'theme' there will probably be some photos and captions of the previous coasters to look at but even
  25. Provided that literally nothing has been changed externally to Boomerang's ride vehicles other than some decals I'm going to say it'll be the same deal for Big Dipper. Maybe a decal or two on the lead car, but nothing much else. Hopefully Intamin have a generic version of the ride vehicle with an alternative wheel bogie cover because I would say with the one seen in the animations looks quite dumb and out of place for LPS.
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