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  1. I’m not trolling anybody. I get it you’re all still pissed off at me I was just asking because I was curious.
  2. Thank you for telling me. Anything happening in the parks in general like new rides opening or stuff like that
  3. So any improvements to the ride not the right I’m not making that stupid spelling mistake again
  4. What does any of this have to do with the Scooby Doo ride
  5. So after my very offensive joke which I apologize for. Has anything been done to upgrade the right recently
  6. Wow. It really makes you wonder what did they do with all that money they got to upgrade that ride I know some of that went to actually upgrading it but did some of it went to pay off one of them right employees drugs debts as well? I agree with you there and I hope there’s better But after spending $1 million you would expect the final product to look a little better even if they are working on it. Yes it is and it’s more accurate to the movie with love or hate the movie that’s a improvement. And one of the only good things in that ride so far is scrappy just like the movie ironically, but there are other good things about it to, But I’m just saying that compare to the original ride this is a major downgrade to a lot of people. Basically Warner Bros. just did what Disney did with the tiki room we were expecting something better but now we got the tiki room under new management basically for the Scooby Doo ride. A major downgrade from the original that only has one or two good things going for it. But still makes people missed the original more
  7. OK I get it. I wasn’t asking about that I was just curious if they’re trying to slowly fix the ride so it’s not so crappy
  8. So, have they updateded anything in the ride yet
  9. Pretty much we’ve reached this. We can use seriously can’t tell the difference between a projection and a TV somebody help us
  10. It’s a stretch but it’s better than saying that they just gave up
  11. But nope they didn’t, But it’s an early testing stages so they will probably fix everything
  12. Yeah I agree with you there TV screens not projectors.
  13. Yeah very different but whatever the case the animation is not that good and they need to fix it for the future
  14. You know now that I seen all the videos about this ride on YouTube I have to be honest the animation on the demons does look pretty sad especially when it shows you the video of you in front of the mirror with these projector demons it does look very fake. I don’t know who Anna made in some of the scenes but they really need to update it soon, because as we all know the Scooby Doo Ryan totally replaced an awesome gremlins ride so they have a lot of weight on their back
  15. So has anybody seen the rain recently and have they made any improvements yet. I’m not asking for the video I’m done asking about that crap I’m just curious how the rides development is coming along