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  1. @AlexB it was rumoured that Big Brother could be making a come back hence why I posted it here..but yes Cosentino is coming
  2. Dreamworld need a restoration team to go in and clean all the mould on attractions
  3. @themagician what actually happened to that idea, they were advertising it when storm coaster was advertised.
  4. Why hasn't the Vikings Flume ride been removed yet and now they have added a permanent fence???
  5. Not a big enough space for another ride...
  6. Maybe the logride is currently closed because the new Aviation safety officer is assessing whether the logride actually needs cages.
  7. @Skeeta it actually said Closed until further notice about 10minutes ago
  8. Rocky Hollow log ride closed till further notice...
  9. Hahahaha Ardent you dick heads. That is not they way to destroy a ride, if you are going to do it this way could've been destroyed behind the scenes rather than open to public view...
  10. Instead of a chill space maybe they should've just left Wipeout as a memory SBNO like Eureka
  11. A new small roller coaster will come to Dreamworld in a few years time.
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