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  1. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Personally I really liked the score for the ride, think it gave it great ambience which is lacking from the other rides. Rode it today so here is my first impression/thoughts - Super powerful chairswing, maybe I’ve only ever been on not up to par chairswings, but damn this one is so smooth, fast and powerful! - no shading over the queue?? Not only is the queue line super short, the sun BURNED - maybe this is because the ride is new, but the loading was super slow and made queueing in the sun even more unbearable. - didn’t really mind the city background to be honest, kinda fits with the apartments right behind. - makes SUCH an impact on the aesthetics of the park, you can see it from anywhere on the main strip.
  2. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    My friend won the free (and one of the first) rides on Volare
  3. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    AD displayed was very fitting lmao. anyways, new opening dates are 22nd and 23rd for annual pass holders and officially open for all Sunday 24th so in exactly a week!
  4. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    The apartment residents worst fear hahahah
  5. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Don’t mind me but what is a vinyl wrap? Hahah
  6. Apologies if this has been a topic before, but thought It would be really interesting to talk about. Also keep in mind theming and naming too for the attraction you would wish. Mine would be: MOVIEWORLD: A Wonder-Woman themed RMC Raptor coaster, like the coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. "Wonder-Woman's Lasso" Remove the JL attraction and use the space for something else, create a highly detailed indoor Justice League coaster dark ride coaster, preferably similar in layout to Revenge of the Mummy. "Justice League: The Invasion" (could be inspired by the old attraction) LUNA PARK SYD: Compact Eurofighter coaster with a carnival/circus theme could be really cool. I imagine a bright yellow or bright red track. "Carnivale" Would be excited to know your ideas!
  7. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Well we all know the ranger isn't it top notch condition and they were looking to sell it a couple months ago so its not totally off the table. I mean why would they of created random visuals just to create more hype>dissapointment
  8. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I reckon a nicely painted backdrop of a blue sky with clouds could look really nice to fit with the actual meaning of 'Volare', which is fly. Also would suit with the parks aesthetic as well. Either that or a painted wooden 'wall' to fit with the wooden flooring with windows in which depict blue skies and clouds looking out, just an idea. Also been curious about this for a little while, this video in which LPS posted onto their instagram: Is this a clue to the other rides we may be getting as a part of this expansion plan? I really hope the first visual will be replacing the Ranger. Interesting thing I noticed too is the first visual is the same as a ride at LP Melbourne.
  9. mason

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Wow it looks amazing. Surprised why they kept the city background to be honest, it doesn’t match at all and looks like a lazy ‘couldn’t be bothered’ leftover. BUT apart from that it suits the park so well and is such an amazing addition. Super excited to ride it