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  1. You know the other Reverse Free Fall coaster turbo track at Abu Dhabi, and It can be upgraded to be as high as over 100 meters to replace the TOT, and I hope DW could do this. If the Giant Drop in the structure of TOT, I believe that DW would replace it by Funtime Skyfall with over 100 meters or Intamin Skyjump(Ikaros).
  2. I went to the Cypress Avenue today, and the Funtime Vermatron was removed. A ride operator told me Vermatron is going to go to the Russia. Slingshot will be removed after Chrismas, but there is a new more larger slingshot is coming to Cavil Avenue, and the operator told me it would be higher than 100 meters. Whereas, operator told me the new slingshot will be built on a building.
  3. yeah, I think DW do not need the coaster with huge capacity, and RMC Raptor is enough. If there are many people, that just operate twp to three trains is ok.
  4. That's a good idea to add the possible RMC, and actually I don't think RMC is expensive for both Maintainance and Building by comparing to the Giga Coasters
  5. I just heard that the TOT is going to be removed, and this is really sad. I stay at the Gold Coast for only a half years, and I did not ride TOT for so many times. Although TOT will be removed, what kinds of new rides do you think would replace it? I am not sure whether DW wants to add the new rides with the same height as TOT. If they really want to build another roller coaster with over 100 meters, I believe that the upgraded version of Turbo Track at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi would be a good choice. Another Roller Coasters, such as B&M Giga, Intamin Gig
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