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  1. Thank you 🙃and most definitely - as I was leaving MW I saw another vantage point for DC Rivals I want to check back on too. My last visit to Sea World was when the Sea Viper was SBNO closed for "maintenance" that never re-opened... so quite some time. The Storm Coaster is new for me too, and damn, that wooden beast should be pretty amazing.
  2. There is some post processing but actually really simple (compared to some of my other work) - mainly adjustments to shadows and highlights (is a high contrast subject after all), and a slight boost to vibrancy. Basically the simple edits you would normally take to process a RAW file - the light was really that brilliant on the day. Here's a few more from the day too.
  3. Actually no polariser here - I was travelling light (my landscape kit is too heavy and bulky to carry for something like this) so was just handheld, filter free. I did use my polariser and NDs at Natural Bridge on Tuesday though
  4. Thanks AlexB. I only got back to Melbourne late yesterday so haven't had a lot of time to process them yet, but here's one that really stuck out for me. The brilliant blue skies in the afternoon really helped show off the scale of DC Rivals I think.
  5. Hey all, I just wanted to pop back and say thanks for everyone's advice and input. I was at Movie World on Monday. Had an absolute blast of a day, and had no issues with my bag. Locker for Superman, but everywhere else was fine. Queue times weren't too bad, although if I had a do-over I'd probably get a fast pass to skip some of those 30 minute waits. Had a blast with my camera too (off-ride, obviously - I love my landscape photography, and rollercoasters - duh - so was great to have brilliant conditions for that too) Just a big thanks for everyone's input and suggestions - made heading out solo much easier knowing what to expect. And now I want to come back and do it all again
  6. Thanks for the additional input here - I think a small bag will be coming with me just to keep my gear together, and get the locker-needed bits out of the way before enjoying the rest of the day.
  7. Oh Superman I would try - I've seen that happen too when I was there last time. I think they had just some coins in their pocket but that was enough. Getting excited now... gotta get the work bit done first though ha
  8. That's so awesome, thanks AlexB. It will definitely be a weekday - Monday or Tuesday - dependent on weather so will get a ticket pre-purchased before hand. Arkham is the only ride I'll be missing out on due to maintenance (unless its scheduled maintenance finishes earlier) - I'd love to ride the (not-so-new-now) new trains - last time was still the old Lethal Weapon ones. Yikes that is years. Bag-wise, I've got a small satchel bag thing I think I'll take - size is for a 13" laptop so its not big. For Green Lantern, would the bag be a no-go and lock that up too, and get Superman and GL done without a bag? Really looking forward to DC Rivals though! At least the majority have a solution for bags (either on-ride or on-station) which is really good to know. Thanks DJKostya - really helpful to read too. I'll be lucky and have a ride to/from the park so can get away with ID, credit card, phone and some cash. Maybe my camera if I can get thrilled enough to pack it - I do love my photography too, but its that balance of being light and mobile vs a pain in the butt lol Zip pockets are good though... I'll make sure they are my worn pants too. Really good tips there, thank you for your reply
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster. Hopefully this is posted in the right area. As it turns out, I'll be in Brisbane for work in early August so am going to try to spend a day at Movie World - it's been many years since my last visit, talking pre-Green Lantern days. In the past, I've always been with friends or family - so can share a bag, someone can hold it if not riding, etc, but going solo, what's the best plan of attack? Basically travel light and hire a locker for the day, or do attractions have bag storage now? Any other tips for a solo visitor?