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  1. honustly im disappointed because as a child I loved going on the splash out with my family never and it was one of many of the first rides there my antsy remembers when she first went there and the newest thing was the slide and she said she loved it and she still dose to this day she is going to be so sad to find out this news. When I found out I actually cried because it's am awsome ride in my opinion I state we should leave it how it is we all hate wating ik long lines for things true ?? Everyone can agree with me on that and building something like this will just attract more people and it's damaging our environment more than all the chlorine that's already in that ground area. And not to meantion it's a wage of money like what is it 7 MILLION dollars we would get more ppl coming to us and coining to our grounds if we out the money to good use such as helping the poor or the ones in need. The people who are loosing loved ones. Overall I think it's a bad idea.