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  1. Speaking of the early days of Sidewinder/Cyclone/Big Dipper/Whateverthehellitsgonnabecallednow, I finally managed to find footage of the coaster in action at Luna Park. I have to say, having that view while riding is pretty freakin' cool!
  2. You do make a good point here - it would be great to see something along those lines as well. My main thought behind the Mad Max idea was that I think MW is overdoing it on the DC brand. While iconic & easily marketed, the park isn't called DC World & it further distances the park from what it was originally intended to be.
  3. I'd like to throw this idea into the mix... If AA is to be replaced in the near future, why not theme a new coaster on something that would fit really well into an Australian theme park & would be an easy property for Village - Mad Max. Keep the VR element & incorporate either original film footage or get something new created that is true to the franchise - original film footage could also be used as part of the pre-show. Not sure what coaster type would be ideal for this (though I do like the RMC Raptor idea) but it would need to be something intense & good theming would be essential so that the ride could be appealing even without the upsell of VR immersion. Thoughts?
  4. Ahhh, those were the days...though I daresay I was lucky not to come away with some neck damage after slamming into a group blocking up the slide to build pressure more than once! I get the feeling there were a few operators at that particular park (the long gone Willows Water World, for any of you that may know it) that weren't too fond of a few of us unruly teenagers! Lol
  5. Best news I could've started my weekend with! Next year is going to be awesome for my "thrill days" as a break from work! Only wish I hadn't already gone to DW yesterday...or that they'd snuck SV open a day early!
  6. Valid points. I guess I was thinking of a cost-effective approach (which DW seems to be more focused on these days). Carnival rides could still be useful though if they were part of an overall facelift that included at least one or two big ticket attractions/rides.
  7. Saw this a couple of days ago & immediately thought of DW -imagine this in the old Wipeout space: Thoughts?
  8. Would they get a decent model from one of those companies for $20 million though? Let's face it, they have to have something that will at least match DCR currently & that will be as interesting at launch as Leviathan at SW is expected to be. An RMC Raptor model might be good as a future replacement for HWSW, but I'd be thinking they need something bigger - and bigger usually means bigger bucks. If they've freed up as much as has been reported by some (figure I saw was $80 million), they may want to up their budget a bit to around 30 mill & go all out with something that can really take on VRTP. Just an opinion, mind you...
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