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  1. The reasoning for closing is the ride is too close to Steel Taipan. So why include it in all of the animations? We all know that’s not the reason and yet they play us for fools and puppets anyway. We’re happy when the CEO sends us a heartfelt email about the state of the park, just as much as we’re happy to be given spin. Figures.
  2. Can I have what you are smoking? The titling and transitions are amateur hour. Greg’s fine (even if they framed him poorly in the shot) although it’s not captivating. Did they make it for the five enthusiasts on Parkz who care about ride procurement and those people who run that bland golden years Facebook group? So misdirected.
  3. It's beyond mental how both parks can't get their shit together on a few rides.
  4. - And by maintenance do you mean the Dreamworks license ending? Saying maintenance is definitely being "upfront about the current maintenance situation." - Didn't the same 10-year line get pulled by John Osborne? - This is the same company that including just a week ago, will push back maintenance dates back on the day they said they will re-open. Very upfront about the current maintenance situation. Turns out everyone has short memories. If enthusiasts looked through Parkz articles over the last few years they'd see It's the same old same old. But Because everyone's beloved
  5. It is nearly the exact same wording they used when they fired Deborah Thomas.
  6. There is something funny about forcing people to look at a chair while they stand around on a never ending walkway for one of Dreamworld's slowest moving queues.
  7. Here is is a Russian theme park's map that despite looking worse, being in a completely different language and clearly cheaply made is still way more useful than Dreamworld's map: https://park-belinsky.ru I do not know how something this bad makes it through. On this digital map it took me 18 seconds to find the nearest bathroom to Dreamworld's main entrance. On the old map it took me 3 seconds. Methinks it is yet another piss poor call made by a CEO with zero theme park experience. If anyone at Dreamworld thinks guests are going to bother with this mess they've got rocks in their heads.
  8. All the same criticisms from Movie World's 2017 map change can be applied to Dreamworld. This includes: It is rather amazing that the same people who were running the show at Movie World are now at Dreamworld and are making the same mistakes. The map has also been changed recently and Tower of Terror 2's yellow line is 80% removed. I do love it when a theme park ignores an entire community of enthusiasts but secretly uses them to fix their mistakes.
  9. You should know; the CFO at the time of the Thunder River Rapids tragedy is the now CSO who writes the news announcements that say they are new managment. When Warner Bros. Movie World opened up with some rides closed some people on the forum called them the next theme park hitlers for it. now dreamworld is doing the same old thing. dreamworld is putting up more barriers and closing more lands than wonderland did. dreamworld is closing rides forever for dumb reasons without replacements, they are pushing ride open schedules back and taking many thrill attractions down at the same time nex
  10. This is easily the most un-empathetic and heartless thing i've ever read on Parkz.
  11. I will fix your bias for you so it makes sense. Well, I reckon they might lose more than just the two. Sure they can announce plans now. But I am thinking they are going to lose a decent attraction within the next three years (Buzzsaw is a given, Giant Drop and Sidewinder/Gold Coaster/Cyclone are in the last decade of their lives.) You gotta save money. VRTP Ardent is brilliant at closing things or reducing staffing levels and never answering why. Arkham Wipeout has been was closed for a bloody long time with no explanation. Same with slides over at WnW Mine Ride/BRC/Kevil Hill/Padd
  12. What part of the land got sold? At 250% above book value, the rest of the land at Dreamworld is worth more as a redevelopment than as a theme park. Makes you wonder what they're up to.
  13. By that flawed logic, with Disney's latest earnings report being so bad they should let go of its imagineering department as it is just "behind the scenes."
  14. Tell me i'm wrong, but when it was clear the federal government wasn't going to bail Ardent out, they sacked a bunch of their employees and stopped building the rollercoaster. So now with this state loan, are the 50 people that got fired getting re hired? If not, how do they open Dreamworld up again with the same competencies in place and without compromising the guest experience despite having a quarter of their full time workforce gone? if they plan on re-opening but with a smaller experience like Movie World, how on earth are they going to pay the loan off when they can't possibly
  15. Yep. So you prop up the company that has not turned a profit a profit in half a decade precisely because they funnelled all profits for the decade prior into overseas investments instead of maintaining and growing their Australian operations.
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