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  1. Considering how proactive Dreamworld are at ignoring Parkz, one has to consider how long it will take them to ignore this post and fix this website bug.
  2. Gary Weiss was behind the current facade. As of writing he has a majority stake in Ardent Leisure.
  3. This response to worker opinions from management that are contrary to management's own opinions are how you end up with an international incident. To all enthusiasts: just because a CEO gave you the time of day, let you see a ride before it opened or says they have grand plans does not make them a successful CEO. If that were true, Bruce Jenkins would be Dreamworld's best CEO. It is common to see here in Australia and in North America that theme park fans often confuse pleasantries and performance as the same thing and worship the ground management walk on.
  4. Good to see the river clean again. @themagician have they removed the dilapidated bush ranger outpost that was on that middle island near the farmyard friends attraction?
  5. Present day leadership did not see any value in the indigenous program and are only interested in the most profitable animals. This is why Corroboree is no more (the team were made redundant or forced in to other departments) and only key animals are left. This is a great idea. I find the best first impression you can make is to hide your new ride's launch with a closed ride's abandoned building that was once part of the area that caused an international incident.
  6. Actually, Dreamworld is turn of the century, meanwhile, Movie World is themed as a set which is not dissimilar to Universal's backlot, that is why there is big fake movie lights on top of the facades. If you were to apply the most literal idea of that premise, movie sets often have food trucks to feed crews. The showbag trailers are disconnected from everything else County Fair and look to sit opposite claw. By your own applied logic, Boost Juice is more at home than those gross showbag trailers. But am I wrong? Dreamworld apologists will decry Movie World for putting a food and beverage van where there's been food and beverage fans while they are also super silent on the above abomination. Speaking of abominations, that watermark.
  7. Tacky as f*ck showbag stall from some toothless Nerang redneck is NOT on brand for how they pitched the Spring Fair. https://www.dreamworld.com.au/what-s-on/spring-county-fair/ Tell me how is that on brand? I don't love the Boost Truck or where it's located in the park and neither have any place in a theme park but you have to do some serious mental gymnastics to pass off Dreamworld's over Movie World's.
  8. A friend sent me this - this is a photographer that works for the park. What if it is a farmyard they are building?
  9. The reasoning for closing is the ride is too close to Steel Taipan. So why include it in all of the animations? We all know that’s not the reason and yet they play us for fools and puppets anyway. We’re happy when the CEO sends us a heartfelt email about the state of the park, just as much as we’re happy to be given spin. Figures.
  10. Can I have what you are smoking? The titling and transitions are amateur hour. Greg’s fine (even if they framed him poorly in the shot) although it’s not captivating. Did they make it for the five enthusiasts on Parkz who care about ride procurement and those people who run that bland golden years Facebook group? So misdirected.
  11. It's beyond mental how both parks can't get their shit together on a few rides.
  12. - And by maintenance do you mean the Dreamworks license ending? Saying maintenance is definitely being "upfront about the current maintenance situation." - Didn't the same 10-year line get pulled by John Osborne? - This is the same company that including just a week ago, will push back maintenance dates back on the day they said they will re-open. Very upfront about the current maintenance situation. Turns out everyone has short memories. If enthusiasts looked through Parkz articles over the last few years they'd see It's the same old same old. But Because everyone's beloved Greg Yong is at top dog it looks like it is all smiles and roses.
  13. It is nearly the exact same wording they used when they fired Deborah Thomas.
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