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  1. All references to Tower of terror have been removed from the Dreamworld Website
  2. Structure don't look very high. Slides look like they going to be very short
  3. Went to Dreamworld on Friday night and the place is so run down.
  4. Just sent a photo of the new concrete slab by the wave pool to Bikash and he said an announcement would be made soon. By the looks of it new slides are coming 🤞
  5. I said to a staff member last night that I wanted to be the very last person to ride it and he turned around and said not sure why you would want to be that one "we aren't spending anymore money on this ride, wheels may have fallen off by then"
  6. @Brad2912 were the restraints on the Ferris Wheel actually optional? Because I am hoping they take them off from Shock Wave as it's down for maintenance at the moment.
  7. I bet ya ardent is happy, dreamworld are now back in business after that and back to profitability earlier than expected
  8. @Skeeta they are definitely cracking down on it because of what happened to the GrenFell Tower In London.
  9. For those that wonder why many structures got knocked down Including The lazy river fountain, Scooby Doo Spooky coaster queue castle, Rocky Hollow log ride cave etc. It did not comply with the National Construction Code / Building Code of Australia as they changed the fire FRLS. this was not village roadshows or ardents decision.
  10. Wet N Wild is looking pretty sad these days. Definitely needs two major new Attractions.
  11. A wooden structure with a water fall feature has returned to the Wet N Wild lazy river. Not the same as what they had but it's better than nothing.
  12. @themagician Seems that village will only focus on New Attractions rather than the old from now. Let's face it though Wild West and Scooby are getting on in years. Hopefully village deliver a quality Atlantis Precinct
  13. Splash pad now under maintenance for Tower to return
  14. Looks very good. Although for the teens/adults they should implement some scary mazes at the back of park.
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