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  1. Claw and Tailspin pushed back the the 13th November. Also can someone please update the ride informations page. Giant Drop and Motocoaster still has its previous maintenance dates and Triple Vortex and Supertubes have been removed.
  2. I do hope they do improve the appearances of the other rides. Escape from Madagascar is literally a orange blob and the Dreamworld Express dosen’t even exist on the map with the exception of Central Park Station.
  3. Rainbows End's Invader Disk o Coaster was closed for a while last year due to issues with shipments of parts. Last time I visited DW, Shockwave's vehicle was lying in pieces.
  4. Tail Spin to reopen early on 25th. Shockwave pushed back to December 17. Also the website now say Shockwave has been down since April 29 but it has been closed since February 1 I believe
  5. Dreamworld only has 2 thrill ride operating today, The Gold Coaster and Pandamonium
  6. Dreamworlds ride information page can sometimes be a mess. Sometimes when the expected reopening date for a certain ride passes, the ride either returns to the open rides section with it’s maintained dates still there or they get removed completely. Typically when the dates aren’t removed when the expected reopening date passes, it’s closed. Also The Gold Coaster was scheduled to enter maintenance in a few days but is has thankfully been pushed back to November. It would be very disappointing to have only 3 thrill rides open considering the park a few years ago could have up to 9 open.
  7. Does anyone know if Triple Vortex is open? The slide has been removed from the ride information page and on its own page, it still says maintenance will end on the 25th September, 5 days ago.
  8. Dreamworld has recently added an online store which can be accessed from their shopping outlets page. Currently the online store only sells food and beverages from Kenny's Chick n Wings (Dough Bros), Food Central and Barrels Smokehouse (Barrels Burger Bar), which must be picked up at the selected stores.
  9. Hydrocoaster down until 7th of October. The BRO is down until November 30. Does anyone know if the slides were involved in incidents? I doubt it’s annual maintenance as they had 6 months to do it.
  10. It might be because the other queue would be used for Slide Express.
  11. I’m sure the ABC Kids World sticker was only added last year when the logo changed
  12. Triple Vortex is being pushed back day by day (don’t expect it to be open soon) Fully 6 slides 2 and 3 are closed until 31 October
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