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  1. BuzzSaw is under maintenance once again after around two and a bit weeks of operation. It was scheduled to reopen on the 10th, 11th and 12th and is now pushed back to the 26th. Any speculations on why?
  2. Does anyone know why The Giant Drop is the only ride without a scheduled maintenance date?
  3. BuzzSaw was operating fine on Monday, it’s just that the camera wasn’t working in the morning but they later got that issue fixed.
  4. The entrance is where the old Kevil Hill attraction was.
  5. Yesterday the ride was running very efficiently. There were at least three ride ops at all times. The queue was non existence yesterday, didn’t have to wait more than five minutes to ride. The exit is still a confusing mess of stairs and ramps.
  6. I think that Redline has been removed prior to when The Monster course was introduced for Halloween last year.
  7. It says Sidewinder maintenance ends on the 19th. I’m assuming it would reopen on Sunday instead of Saturday as it was previously expected.
  8. Wipeout has once again been replaced with Kickback Cove even though its point is missing. The “Steel Taipan Coming 2021” sticker has been added Eureka Mountain Mine Ride is back
  9. Pandamonium, Triple Vortex and Fully 6’s slides 2&3 are now all closed until the end of the school holidays.
  10. BuzzSaw is now pushed back to the 23rd. My prediction is that BuzzSaw won’t open until 2021 judging by the fact that BuzzSaw was supposed to reopen on the 7th of March. Tbh I don’t think one ride this year at Dreamworld has reopened on its original reopening date even before the parks closure.
  11. At least you don’t have to use two fingers to move it around
  12. Now Dreamworld is under fire after a former Paralympian was kicked off the Dronkey Flyers ride.
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