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  1. Shrek’s Orge Go Around has been pushed back to 27 August instead of 4th Shockwave just did a BuzzSaw and has been pushed back to October 1st instead of 28 July.
  2. Right now, Dreamworld has at least six dormant food/beverages outlets and five dormant stores. What do you think is the future of these stores/outlets? Food/Beverages: - Fast Foods - opposite MDMC - Billabong Buffett - Island Noodle Hut - Full of Beans - Shreks Treats - Near the Madagascar store - The Parkway Stores: - ABC Kids World Store (The only store in this list to still be mentioned on website) - Bunya Traders - BuzzSaw Mill General Store - Ready Teddy Go - Between the Flags In my opinion, Fast Foods will be demolished,
  3. It’s been a day since Dronkey Flyers reopened but it’s date not removed. It has also been two months since Sword Swing has reopened but it’s date not removed.
  4. After September, BuzzSaw would of been required to do the new 10 yearly inspections as the ride would be turning 10. The new process possibly would of made BuzzSaw harder to maintain.
  5. I must say some of the staff working in the toboggan slide today were quite unprofessional. They just seemed unhappy to be there and one of them even cussed about something to the other operator before launching some kids down. They both seemed unhappy about something. Dreamworld staff are known to be very professional and excellent and most of the staff on the toboggan today really gave a depression mood to guests. Dreamworld aims to be a family friendly park and having a member of staff cussing about something in front of children does not reflect that. I know these staff members may have pe
  6. Gingy’s has returned and is expected to reopen in Wednesday. Dronkeys has most of its parts returned including the dronkeys and the large dragon facade. Pandamonuim was under testing today.
  7. Dreamworld confirmed on Facebook that Vintage Cars and BuzzSaw along with all rides under maintenance will not operate during Winterfest nights.
  8. At least one of the log ride’s vehicles should be kept. If Dreamworld gets a new log flume, the vehicle can be displayed near the entrance. It can be used as a memorabilia and a photo op.
  9. Most ride’s were running smoothly at Dreamworld yesterday with only 5-15mins wait however: MDMC was running horrendously slow. The wait was about 45 minutes for the standard queue (it’ll be a even longer wait for the poor families in the sidecar queue). This is a very long wait compared to The Gold Coaster - 5-10 mins and BuzzSaw - A walk on. In my opinion, MDMC is the ride that most guests would use Ride Express on during peak period yet its one of the only rides that you cannot use ride express on. Vintage Cars was running with only three cars, making it a 30 mins wait.
  10. The only ride that a child under 90cm can ride now is the Play School Wheel
  11. The Gold Coaster is down until next Wednesday, Big Red Boat is down u til next Thursday. The Claw is expected to reopen tomorrow after being closed for two days.
  12. BuzzSaw, The Gold Coaster, Mick Doohans, Pandamonuim, Sky Voyager and Tea Cups will have its second or third maintenance period this year.
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