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  1. Does anyone even remember when Surfrider first went down?
  2. Dough Bros has a 1.3 star rating on Google which the latest review being a 1 star review from 6 months ago. General consensus seems that the pizzas are overpriced and overstuffed which leaves parts of it undercooked.
  3. The Wedgie’s side of the queue is probably being used as the Slide Express queue for The Green Room. This means The Wedgie will barley run at all unless a new staircase is built.
  4. Surely they would of sorted out the queue issue for the Wedgie by now…
  5. Dreamworld’s Instagram story shows that Old Time Photos is back. This is something I never expected to make a return. I’m going to assume it’s in the old BuzzSaw store?
  6. Oh dear, The Gold Coaster’s lift hill is in a bush. There gonna be a ton of lawsuits from guests being stabbed by the branches.
  7. I think Dreamworld will announce the opening dates once they 100% know it’s going to open on that specific date. They don’t want another repeat of what happened with Sky Voyager.
  8. It’s inconsistent for me. Sometime it works sometimes it redirects me to the photo competition
  9. Dreamworld’s 40th Birthday “Making Memories” is now on Dreamworld’s website under the “What’s On” section. It links to a 404 page however The logo consists of Dreamworld with it’s modern day attractions but in the classic logo style. What do you think of it?
  10. Little Puff has returned and has been refurbished. photo credit to DW Golden Years
  11. I think Tail Spin already had its annual maintance this year. Not sure about the Claw though
  12. Ouch. Steel Taipan's opening could be scrutinised if this continues on. This summer school holidays is very important to perfect (possibly the most important summer) as it could determine the parks future. If people visit Dreamworld to experience the new Steel Taipan but find out that the rest of the park is in bad shape (closed/dormant rides, food and shopping outlets and attractions), they probably won’t return. First impression is very important to perfect as we have seen. Considering how small Dreamworld's attraction line up is now, there is very little room for error.
  13. I'd rather have a custom family thrill water ride than a thrilling water coaster to be honest. Yes Dreamworld is lacking in thrill attractions but they are also lacking in family thrill attractions. A custom log flume will also give Dreamworld the chance to expand it's snake themed area and draw more families towards that area too. Dreamworld's main theme is Australia and there are many places to theme a log flume to in Australia. I would see a Ultra Surf better fitted in Ocean Parade rather then Rocky Hollow.
  14. The BRO pushed back to December 2, Shockwave pushed forwards to December 10. Fully 6 slides 2 and 3 appear to be opened? Can any confirm? Slides 2 and 3 along with Hydrocoaster and Triple Vortex are missing from the maintenance page. Also the swimwear requirements for Fully 6 have been added to the website.
  15. Gold Coaster's maintenance has been removed.
  16. Claw and Tailspin pushed back the the 13th November. Also can someone please update the ride informations page. Giant Drop and Motocoaster still has its previous maintenance dates and Triple Vortex and Supertubes have been removed.
  17. I do hope they do improve the appearances of the other rides. Escape from Madagascar is literally a orange blob and the Dreamworld Express dosen’t even exist on the map with the exception of Central Park Station.
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