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  1. Wizard of Oz - Wicked Witch of the West's Flying Monkeys Castle Escape. Also, if you don't leave the station without a Wicked Witch soundbite “Bring me that girl and her dog. Do what you want with the rest of them, but l want that girl alive and unharmed. Now fly! Fly! FLY!”
  2. I have a feeling it could be a time-lapse camera. I've seen many in white enclosures like that in Brisbane for BCC works projects.
  3. I actually had trouble remembering my username. I was a long time lurker until my return today.
  4. This site is truely great. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Yes the overseas Movie Park version of this ride does still exist.
  6. There was a WB store at Westfield Chermside and there was also one at Centro Taigum in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.
  7. Does anybody know if demolition or removal of ride systems has started in any of the rides appart from the Bermuda ride boats?
  8. Sorry about this, but where was riddlers lair located?
  9. What used to be in the Super Man Escape show building?
  10. Correct me if ime wrong, bur arent those the ride boats from LTRR
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