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  1. They shod reopen it it would be very cool
  2. I still remember that loud sound it made shooting up and down the tower you could hear it all throughout the park
  3. So dreamworld has shown me their envisioning of main street to look like in the next 5 years, What do you think?
  4. I quite like the ice cream and candy shop how they are because I don't know if id want it to fit in with sky voyager
  5. In all honesty i did not ask for your response i uploaded the image here for a little laugh not for it to become something to say dumb things about just to feel like you are better than me because we are all people of different opinions so you should really take some time off if you have to be so serious about it and not see it in a funny way i joined parkz because i have a passion and a love for theme parks and all i want is a nice parkz community that don't backfire at every single comment at me or other parkz members because since i have signed up back in Jan 2020 it was probably this month when i started going on forums and all i have mostly been receiving is negative feedback from certain people and there are some truly wonderful people on here and i don't really appreciate those people who put out their opinion on different forums only to receive such hate from people on here almost all day like have you thought about going outside for a change like go on a bike ride just do something with your life instead of trying to make yourself feel like people care about your reputation they really don't this is meant to be something to feel happy on not to feel neglected. I rest my case
  6. i think maybe the leviathan queue will have the most theming and seeing as they are building a massive mountain structure as part of that precinct you may be wrong but we'll just have to wait for the final product does anyone know if the leviathan will have a metal track or a wooden track it could be due to budget cuts or it may have been whoever was in charge of the design and they thought how about blue instead but you know concept art does change the arch leading up to vortex is looking good and some poles have been added either side of the walkway
  7. my friend sent me that so go blame him he just sent it to me on instagram if you want him to do bikash i'll ask him
  8. All Hail Clark Kirby the Australian theme park God
  9. wow time does go quickly !CONSTRUCTION UPDATE! in this photo you can see that the vortex signage is up and they have added Atlantean language below the vortex signage this is going to be one of the best themed precincts in an Australian theme park i also added the Atlantis language Next month will most likely be when leviathan's construction will be going vertical as all the wood seems to have arrived and the groundwork looks near complete here is the video i got this from
  10. i moved dreamworld's coaster animation to merge with blue fire coaster but it's not super great it just shows the ride at it's proper speed
  11. Thank you for this i will start working on this in the coming weeks in my spare time and i have to learn some more stuff on creative cloud first before i would outline a map to start = )
  12. It’s basic editing it only took 5 minutes of my time no biggy Not gonna lie but that’s probably true and I’m still confused how it’s the most liveable city in the world
  13. So this was just something i came up with on photoshop and i thought this could be a forum where you could have a say of what rides and attractions you would want to add to Six flags Australia and hope if i can with all your ideas create a park map of what it could look like if i have the time but let your imagination be loose and enjoy with this park Here are some other Six Flags logos i made on photoshop
  14. this is basically the new paint scheme for the sidewinder almost the same as Hangtime at KBF but they may keep some of the yellow but we will have to wait to find out
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