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  1. RileyK

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Couldn't agree with you more. The prospective certainly lends itself to a photo taken from a boat or watercraft?
  2. RileyK

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Looks awfully close for a zoom.... not to mention the hand in the photo
  3. RileyK

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    The other thing you have to consider is this would be Doomsday's first major shutdown, considering the arms have been taken off for the first time since opening. This would typically entail greater inspection detail and correspondence between the park and manufacturer with data and feedback that would result in change that is unbeknown to park at the time of inspection or even the guest once it reopens.
  4. RileyK

    White Water World Slide Repaints 2019 - 2020

    Well we won't be able to "temporarily" do that now will we?
  5. RileyK

    Ardent Leisure FY 20 results

    That's becoming quite the extensive list now, particularly in a very short period of time... - TOT - Wipeout - Stingray - Big Red Car Ride - Flowrider - Log Ride - Buzzsaw (potentially has a short life to live?) - "Attraction of similar experience?" - "Attraction of similar experience?" Also a little disappointing that on top of this 2 to 3 of the Thrill/Family rides will be closed at any one time for the remaining months of this year.
  6. RileyK

    White Water World Slide Repaints 2019 - 2020

    Id be surprised if the Lazy River idea even eventuates. For a park that has now become seasonal and has a clear focus on clever expense management a Lazy River would go against this model from a labour prospective. You could spend the same capital with greater impact and lower operating costs. Not to mention Lazy Rivers in Australia (im also not just talking about WNW GC) typically don't operate in line with a parks trading hours year round for this reason, late openings, early closing, seasonal operation etc. Also correct me if im wrong but these plans were tabled shortly after new executive came in....
  7. RileyK

    New VRTP App

    Correct, MW is now showing queue waits for everything except Splash Zone and Fun'n'Games. The VQ offering hasn't change however. As of today Sea World is still the 3 attractions, Movie World - 8 Attractions and Wet'n'Wild - 4 Attractions.
  8. RileyK

    New VRTP App

    Id be surprised if these are all becoming Virtual Queue compatible. I think you'll find similar to Movie World yesterday these attractions will now display wait times when they hadn't previously.
  9. RileyK

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    Yes your right! Sarcasm aside, im sure there is more than just a chain... An rpeq engineer would have done a structural assessment and sign off considering this themed element is over the travel path of an attraction.
  10. RileyK

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Some quick points on my in park experience since reopening: Disappointing that a number of the key attractions are closed, however I proceeded with my visit well aware of the experience ahead of me. Im glad @joz mentioned the digital sign at the ticket booths as this was noticed. The police officers adding comedic human to enforcing covid restrictions was a nice touch and really brought laughter to a number of guests and families. I only got access to two virtual queues however i did arrive just past 11:00am. Love that the old shows from the top of the street now travel down Main St and back around the fountain. Gives the park such a great feel and vibe. The park also presented really well and its evident that some time has been spent on general park presentation. Looks like the roof fairy lights are new, the roof looks like its been cleaned, the queue line hand rails look like they have also been repainted. The hallway in the Scooby queue used to always bug me also as it was damaged and the paint had been peeled away, this has now been fixed. The western area has a great new food offering where the ice cream outlet once was. They are doing fancy hot dogs and they are delish! I had the Mexican nachos style one and it was great! Social distancing seemed to be followed by most guests. I think the key point here is that the tools to achieve this have been executed by the park but there is a level of expectation that guests do their part. No different to visiting a shopping center. Plenty of available hand sanitiser. All team members were engaging and provided direction where typical processes have changed. For example I went to walk out of Village Bean through the entry and the team member kindly asked me to use the exit. In summary I think the park has done an exceptional job. Its certainly worth mentioning that you have to have a level of flexibility in your attitude when visiting. Particularly when its evident the park has used a number of forums/opportunities to educate guests on the changes made and that your visit isn't going to be what you would typically expect.
  11. RileyK

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    There is certainly hand sanitiser. I seen quite a few, what looked like new units that have a foot pedal at the base so they are touch free. Also can confirm that each attraction I visited (I visited with young kids) the attractions frequent touch locations were all cleaned and sanitised before the next guests were admitted. This included the Storm Coaster.
  12. RileyK

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    Well firstly it looks as though Batwing will be open by the 15th of July. Secondly I feel like its also naive to expect that any of the parks are going to open completely shutdown free. Lets pretend COVID19 didn't happen and my memory serves me right. Arkham was listed as closed, Green Lantern had a closure from the mid July for roughly 3 weeks, West had its closure extended to September back in March before the parks closed and generally at least one Kids WB attractions is closed on rotation from April to September. Lets also take a moment not just for VRTP but for DW to consider that when this pandemic hit hard at the start of the year two of the key locations that these parks receive their parts from were heavily hit by the virus, Germany and Italy. I recall they went into lock down for sometime? So its also probably worth assuming that the parks haven't completely sat back over the past 3 months.
  13. RileyK

    Australia needs another drop tower ride

    @AlexB is spot on the money. The overhead shield installed on the gondola was part of a design registration risk solution in the event of a cable snap.
  14. RileyK

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    As a long term pass holder I appreciate that regular communication is being made. This forum keeps a lot of us engaged and up to date however we are the minority, the majority would or could be none the wiser on what is happening with the theme parks.
  15. RileyK

    WB Kids

    Correction, LTRR storage area is indeed used for float storage. It may not have the floats used during the day parade, however it does have a number of floats from seasonal events plus a lot of the White Christmas floats and previous parade vehicles.