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  1. Nope just people at a couple of the pedestrian crossings
  2. Bus parking bays are all closed for site offices for ST and with BS coming down at some point soon they’ll be there still for quite some time. bus stop is currently outside WWW entry
  3. I was next to the TX7, it took them the same 40mins from Coomera station to dreamworld. An Uber wouldn’t get you their any quicker. If the park had advised guests they had sold far more tickets than they ever had previously people may have made other arrangements. at the end of the day their communication was horrendous and it upset/put off many people who may not be pass holders. I’m not overly fussed I didn’t get on a single ride, I can go back any day I want. But if I was a first time visitor to the park who paid for tickets for a family, I’d be pissed. even more so b
  4. You mean like how every other event in their history has been run? I’ve attended every night event they’ve run for the last 15 years and they’ve never sold more tickets than their carpark holds. the example of stadiums is stupid given stadiums hold in excess of 50,000 people often, and the majority of stadiums do not even have carpark but are located in public transport routes. It is 100% dreamworlds fault the capacity they set vs their ability to cater for that amount of people Are you really comparing the two? Come on mate.
  5. The launch is just fine, it’s the design of the track the eats the momentum up too quickly. No doubt that 3/4 of the ride is uneventful. It’s still very popular, but more so as a family ride and a “step up” launch coaster for younger kids. It’s not what it should or could have been, but it has its place
  6. Would you expect that if you got there 1 hour later than opening (perhaps to avoid the rush) that it would still take you more than 30 min to get inside? How does one plan that they are going to oversell tickets to the point that hundreds of people literally cannot get a carpark for the event?
  7. I live approx 5-7 mins from dreamworld depending on if you cop red lights all the way. I left my house at 5pm, expecting extra traffic like other night events previously, but still giving myself plenty of time to be parked and at the very least lined up at 5:30. At 5:05pm the traffic was already backed up to Coomera train station along foxwell rd. it then took 45 mins from the train station to the lights (circled yellow) due to the amount of traffic getting off the highway to enter dreamworld. I got to the entrance of the carpark at 6.05, and then it was chaos try
  8. FWIW… if you took the Mystery Manor away from Happy Halloween & the monster mayhem laser show away from spooky nights - the events are largely identical. both of those unique selling points are great and “make” the evening. based on 2021 only, I give the win to Spooky Nights simply because they managed capacity far greater and entry was seamless
  9. For anyone interested, the red line was the queue line at 6:20pm when we were finally able to get a carpark (after a 40min drive from Coomera Westfield 😡) the arrow is where the queue started we didn’t even try to do any rides. we got into the park just after 7pm. we managed to the 4 trick or treat stations, the spider trail add-on, have a bite to eat, and do the mystery manor. It was then 9pm and time to go. we wanted to do the vintage car spooky ride but the line was almost the whole way back to the bilby house. Whilst it was nice having corroboree open,
  10. No that was the line. No entry via WWW Someone has royally fucked up logistical here. this crowd makes fright nights at MW look like an off peak day at dreamworld
  11. We just got in. There is literally not a single car park left and lines still down the road to get in.
  12. Nothing happy about the lines to enter the carpark and the park. 40mins from the Coomera exit to get to the park, and the line to get in starts from dreamworld, goes down to the far edge of WWW at the far side of the carpark, then turns back and the whole way back to dreamworld. definitely oversold capacity. At current queue movement I think we may make it in by around 7:30 And they have the hide to send staff down the queue line asking if people want to pay $89 for a “pumpkin pass” which will let them go straight to the front of the entry queue
  13. Or possibly upon being incorrectly/falsely told that the ride was already registered that year, which in itself involves audits and checks, that their own audit was not as thorough as it should/could have been had they been aware of all the facts. Two wrongs don’t make a right but it wouldn’t be the first time someone has half-assed a job believing the previous person did sufficient groundwork to comply.
  14. Dreamworld’s owners have taken legal action against the engineer who certified the Thunder River Rapids ride as safe just a day before the disaster which claimed the lives of four tourists. Ardent Leisure, which owns the Gold Coast theme park, has blamed engineer Tom Polley for the October 2016 tragedy and the fact it had to pay staff more than $5m in compensation, according to court documents. The company has launched Supreme Court action against Mr Polley and his company Danski Pty Ltd, seeking damages for negligence and breach of contract. The claim reveals 15 affected Dreamworl
  15. Just a promo for DC Fandome this weekend, and the Justice League display at Madam Taussads in Sydney
  16. That’s called a lack of attention to detail…
  17. No photo more perfectly sums up the hodge podge theming synonymous with DW. we have ghosts, pumpkins and SUNFLOWERS….
  18. Zero chance of TOT2 being rebuilt. They’ve removed all the track already. I don’t think GD has any ageing issues
  19. Certainly marketing well, seen their signs as South as Robina and also up in Logan. Does look decent
  20. It certainly gives a strong leg up to DW this holiday period. Room occupancy is looking strong so far for the holiday period on the coast, and thats currently based purely on regional/state based travel, and will be further buoyed if some level of interstate travel gets the tick. It is super disappointing thought, especially in Leviathan's case, given from the outside looking in to the average punter, the ride looks basically completed and has done for a quite some time, and little to no visible work is being done on it. To hear it will be another 6 months + months away isnt great....
  21. May as well open the gates for free and offer a “free trial”
  22. and once again....only ONE PASS holders are eligible to win the prize, not membership holders
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