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  1. Seems they wasted no time implementing their new pricing strategy that was mentioned the other day... No chance in the world I will be renewing in June at that price point with nothing overly concrete locking in for their future.
  2. Artificial ski park planned for Gold Coast

    Am I missing something? Where is the snow? I give it a week before someone flys off that ramp sideways and hits concrete...
  3. New passes have launched from this morning. $199 standard $139 locals This is now the only annual option (no longer any vip/magic etc available) No cheap option without night events Fright Nights not included Village Roadshow One Pass Experience all new feels and the southern hemisphere's biggest collection of over 95 thrill rides, slides, shows and animal experiences with an all new pass, the Village Roadshow One Pass. As a local you’re entitled to an exclusive local only price of $139! 12 months unlimited entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast and Paradise Country One free entry to White Christmas at Movie World One free entry to Carnivale at Sea World Unlimited soft drink refills for only $7.99 per visit (save $6) Unlimited digital ride photos for only $10 per visit (save $39) Get your year of priceless memories and adventures now!
  4. Reckon it would go well at somewhere like Night Quarter if zoning allowed
  5. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Don’t hold me to it as I didn’t see it first hand but was told in Park yesterday that these “free” guests can upgrade to an annual pass for $40 in the park.. Also wondering why so many people had grey DW hats on... they are free when you buy or renew a pass
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    Pretty sure that’s the old second train that is slowly being stripped of parts as they are required on the operational train
  7. Seems the majority of the world disagrees. I’ve seen the trailer and it looks like typical teenage d-grade rubbish. Wanna see a good horror movie - see A Quiet Place.
  8. Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Can you believe this article (same one posted above) is actually being pushed onto people’s facebook timeline’s as “sponsored content”. The media are actually paying money to make sure people see it...
  9. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    DW’s move away from a discount model has come to fruition, they have now moved into a free entry model...
  10. Cue GC council & Qld government trying to reactively build some more “we’re open for business” promotion... bit late now... “we need cuddly animals and a media call to Broadbeach... now!” “can we bring our DW mascots too?” ”nope - no commercial promotion unless you pay us $2m” ”then no Koala’s” ”Bring em down! We’ll even pay you!”
  11. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    All DW passholders can bring a friend for free each day until the end of April..
  12. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Maybe VTP evaluated and decided the ROI wasn’t high enough given their target market and the expected tv audience demographics? I seriously doubt either of our parks didn’t investigate and evaluate a partnership opportunity. Maybe they believed the marketing $$ were better spent in more targeted campaigns following the games?
  13. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    No commercial promotion or activation is allowed in games venues or in precincts.. only paid sponsors (namely the Star, Optus & Woolworths) are allowed to mention the games or athletes in promotional activity (hasn’t stopped small business from trying to piggyback off it, but a large corporation like VTP would get done). The Comm Games sees itself as a brand - and as such doesn’t want others stealing exposure from its operations
  14. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    There is a reason only the Swimming Stadium had a naming right sponsorship... bucket loads of cash for what is basically limited exposure as only the swimming program and the athletics finals rate particularly highly on tv. 99% of people attending the events are aware of the theme parks, so really there is no benefit to being the “village theme parks squash Centre”
  15. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Not taking into account the likely reason for the closure. Wow. Just wow.
  16. The Off Topic Topic

    Might be Comm Games & QLD school holidays but the coast has never been more quiet.. I’d be very surprised if visitors numbers at the parks are not well done on same period last year
  17. The Off Topic Topic

    @themeparkaddict yes that photo is of the studios yes it was a bit of a hike. the big brother house is basically abandoned. I doubt anyone is checked on it regularly. Blue lagoon seems to be used as a staff smoking area so there are people there regularly. Concreting in a unused pool is commonplace. Dirt settles with rain and compacts requiring refilling, periods of dry weather make it extremely dusty. It’s easier & safer to concrete over. The old slide would likely be in the trash or graveyard somewhere no idea about the excavators, may just be kept there for storage
  18. The Off Topic Topic

    I believe the all the pools were filled in about 10 years ago but it appears to be a run off area. Yes that is the train maintenance/storage bay. That house is the big brother house The red-roofed building is either an old f&b outlet of an amenities block from memory, they did use it when Big brother was being filmed for the studio audience. The sheds your circled are maintenance/storage/grounds keeper maintenance
  19. The Off Topic Topic

    Was 500 free tickets given away, and then tickets were upwards of $60-120 to purchase. I know the 500 free were snapped up, but given they are free a think a lot of people didn’t end up going (2 of our group couldn’t make it). 300 May have been an understatement but would not have been much more if there was.. we got there at 6:40 (gates opened at 6:30), waited in line for a few mins to get in, walked down towards Dreamworks as had my 5 year old with me, didn’t walk past a single person, and we were the first and only person to ride Madagascar, then were the only people on Dronkey Flyers, Sword swing & Gingys Gliders. Then went back to Madagascar where there we 6 people on the cycle before us, we were again the only 2 riding on our turn. In Dreamworks I didn’t see a ride run a cycle at capacity all night. From what I saw of the thrill rides in passing it was no more than a 1 cycle wait for any ride (didn’t venture down to the TOT2 queue line but would have imagined capacity meant that would have been longer). Final show and fireworks at 9:50pm after rides had closer wouldn’t have been more than 150-200 people watching - far less than say the nightly Music/fire show was on last January.
  20. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    Ardent are not going to invest significantly all at once. It does seem they have a plan in place to revitalise the area but it’s a probably a 5+ year plan. They are not going to drop $100m in one year to build a whole new themed land... I’d be happy if they consistently add a new attraction each year for a few years to bring some life to that side of the park
  21. The Off Topic Topic

    Corroboree was closed so I unfortunately couldn’t head down there to ask the animals after the fact. I did see a tiger and he said he thought they were GRRRReat!
  22. The Off Topic Topic

    Pretty cool night event at DW tonight and only about 250-300 or so in attendance which made the queues amazingly short/walk on. Plus had the PotBelleez, a foam dance party and fireworks (first time i’d seen the top of tower used for an extensive launch pad for fireworks)
  23. @Redboost it won’t include drinks as meals at movieworld don’t include drinks. There is a whole FAQ about it on the website. Unfortunately the link to the actual food you can access doesn’t work, but the FAQ mentioned burgers & seafood, as well as scoop ice cream, fruit salad and churros
  24. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    It’s absolutely unforgivable if they have re-opened after such an extended closure with any, let alone half, of the effects not working.