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  1. Formally announced this afternoon Looking on the website all shows, characters, etc are identical to last year. No extended trading
  2. Ariala is also at Springwood now, haven't tried it yet but have heard good things. I love buffets - but there certainly are not many good ones around these days. The Star GC one used to be quite good, but i havent tried it out since it re-branded a couple of years ago. I used to regularly eat at Ricks when at MW and also at Billabong at DW - hope they do return one day - and given its popularity with the asian tour operators, i'd like to thing Billabong will with the return to normal of international tourism in the next 12 months
  3. Knowing the over-zealous safety culture - would not be surprised to see the movement mechanic removed, and the characters being stationary as the carousel spins…
  4. No RF cards on the interactive elements in the supervillains area, and also appeared to be none for sale. In lieu of this they have decided to let Killer Crocs’ water feature just run constantly, which is cool, except the drainage wasn’t build for that, so it just floods the entire pathway (and also seems a decent waste of water….) Gees…. Just went on JL. Time to just gut that place and start again… I’d say at least 50% of the targets don’t work/register, or the 50% that do, half of those don’t go dark after hitting. 2 from 5 of the projection screens do not work at all (but audio plays for the scene you cannot see), the fog curtain doesn’t work, the doors are stuck open so the effect of the portals are useless, and half the animatronics are dead/frozen. 1/10. Do better Movieworld.
  5. The carousel has been stripped back - all the characters removed accept for one lone Wile.E.Coyote who has a “Deformation Tag” on it - so assuming that may be the one the “kid” fell off. All the ceiling has also been removed, again accept for the section above the remaining character
  6. This seems as relevant a topic to post this as anywhere else DW has re-instated the buy 3 get 1 free locals annual pass promo. Only valid on the $129 pass that includes WWW and night events. Always popular and will no doubt give them a bit of an influx with people waiting until this time of the year to buy/renew. Family of 4 locals passes to DW will now set you back $387 compared to $756 for the village parks. That's a BIG difference and considering the current state of MW, would make it very hard for people to justify a near doubling of the price.
  7. i'll add that to the list of things that never happened, along with WILD and the return of Dipping Dots
  8. Mick’s flown the coup from the GC. His compound at Coomera is for sale if anyone has won the lotto recently. I believe one of the bathrooms still has Johnny Depp’s blood on the wall and part of a finger…
  9. The business’s processes and policies are in place, it’s the people that adhere to if they are being followed.
  10. Yeah that just have just been a bad assumption by me, as when on tail spin I saw all the buildings with food names “Churros” etc so admittedly I assumed they were for the street festival
  11. Made it to DW yesterday for the first visit since mid December. Park was not overly busy, though the passing showers would no doubt have impacted numbers. SV was about a 15min wait (one cycle) Shockwave about 10mins Tailspin 10mins EFMM 5mins Didn't get a chance to get ST a whirl as was with my son and he’s not at that level yet - but checked out the area and was impressed with how they’ve tried to tie the surrounding area into the theme. Will probably head down solo this week sometime to try it out. it was also the final day of the Street Food Festival. Was disappointed that the old Trolls area was closed so all those food options were gone. The concept however I think has decent merit and the options were popular from what I could see and the pricing was entirely horrendous
  12. It takes more than 6 years to shake off the negative perception acquired when a place designed to offer a fun and safe entertainment for families kills 4 people in horrific circumstances. I think it’s also being held back by the perception that they remove quality nostalgic attractions without equivalent replacement attractions, and that they are just the “poor brother” of MW.
  13. Is the issue that it’s ANZAC Day and the park is closed?
  14. As has been stated, many times, the houses were their long before the theme park, and the bigger, more thrilling rides that exist now.
  15. Seems debatable… if the sound is being amplified at a level above the tree line, the trees will do nothing to muffle it. the noise regulations and zoning is what it is. No point saying it shouldn’t be, it is.
  16. noise carries very easily especially at night when you don’t have the residual noise of cars/the m1 etc.
  17. There is a limited number of allowable late night operations in line with the zoning I believe. I don’t think MW is looking for drawn out legal battles as seen with LPS. The housing in the surrounding area to the park also pre-dates the park, unlike in LPS case when the park predates the residents
  18. No one here has the statistically correct answer to that question, but i believe it would be far closer to 50/50 than your claimed 80/20.
  19. Yeah well that’s a piss poor, privileged attitude if ever I’ve seen one. A theme park isn’t a restaurant, nor do you spend 7 hours at a restaurant. Anyone with enough money to blow $6 for a packet of chips that costs $1.20 at Coles - they can spend their money on it - but most people can’t. tbh you sound like an entitled moron with that comment. So people that don’t have much expendable money are cheapskates? You got kids? A family? Mortgage? Or do you just sit in your one bedroom apartment on your high horse looking down on people?
  20. That’s been the case for forever, certainly not new. they are fine with snacks (packets of lollies, chips etc) but if it looks like your bringing a picnic that’s where you’ll have a problem. WnW and WWW are the exceptions though where they don’t mind you bringing in food (as long as not commercially prepared) and being able to bring esky’s too is great
  21. You don’t have kids do you? Haha 8am is a sleep in. whilst I agree extended hours should happen in school holidays, being at a park by 9am is not encumbering for the last majority of their target market
  22. That’s a smug ass reply. Ky needs some customer service training. Can someone point to the place on their website where they tell people not to visit their parks in school holidays if you don’t like long queues? Whilst some will tolerate them, no one likes long queues. So is Ky stating that people should not attend movie world in school holidays?
  23. It’s a redundancy feature. It doesn’t lock, nothing is stopping you from undoing it the second you depart the station - but that’s on you and a personal risk. In the extremely unusual situation whereby the mechanical (and electrically controlled) harness disengages, you have a physical safety implement that will do it’s job to keep you safe. One would have saved that kid in the US on the drop tower a few weeks back.
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