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  1. Here’s some photos from tonight for anyone who is interested
  2. Dreamworld owner Ardent leisure HY21 results reveal $83.6 million loss as it builds new roller coaster Dreamworld’s parent company is hoping a new roller coaster will help it survive a pandemic spiral which has seen its losses almost treble. DREAMWORLD’S parent company is hoping a new roller coaster will help it ride out a pandemic spiral which pushed it to a net loss of $83.6 million for the six months to December 31 – almost triple the loss for the same time last financial year. More than $109 million was slashed from the revenue of Ardent Leisure, which said COVID-19 had hamm
  3. Have really enjoyed ParkLife. Very insightful for those who haven’t worked directly in the industry
  4. For those following the story at home. The campaign/fundraiser has now been closed. They ended up raising $1000 total, which will be returned to those who donated. Strangely they thanked Dreamworld for their contribution to the efforts - yet i never saw any contribution.
  5. They’ve been offering that the whole summer holidays on the app
  6. I believe USH is getting the DK ride, but not Yoshi from what I had read. Could be wrong though
  7. well to start with, Wet N Wild Sydney doesn't exist - and that fact speaks to it being a failure. Village Theme Parks sold it almost 2 years ago now to Parques Reunidos, hence the name change to Raging Waters Sydney. The Sydney market just wont sustain theme parks. It has some strong local support, but that's not enough to keep it financially viable, which is why VTP sold it. It's too far from the centre of Sydney and other tourist attractions to be of real attraction to overseas or interstate travelers. That may change with the opening of Badgerys Creek airport, and that
  8. What I get gigantic load of BS. True. Enthusiasm doesn’t trump logic and reasoning however (well not in business) I do, most here do. That doesn’t remove the ability to be critical of certain decisions. That’s certainly not me. If anything I’m a defender of the park. Again, that doesn’t make it or management immune from criticism. I don’t know if anyone is bagging the efforts - but it was apparent from day 1 trying to crowdfund $10k for one koala that may or may not be functional or repairable was a decision made on emotion and not logic. If anyone was to get
  9. Head to the Dreamworld - Remembering the Golden Years FB page. They are trying to raise $10k to acquire ONE of the animatronic animals from the Koala Country Jamboree. It's a perfect exercise in folly. But hey, if you donate more than $40 you get sent a video of the show. As Alex says, its sat at $680 for about 3 weeks now.
  10. I don’t expect MW or SW to move to an off-peak model with mid week closures or reduced hours. My understanding is both of those parks have a far greater PT/FT employment mix than WnW, and a reduction of hours potentially will see them paying large amounts of wages/salaries to staff when the parks are closed. the current hours listed to end March makes sense as the 1st of April is the first day of the Easter holidays for most (2nd April is Good Friday), so I wouldn’t read into the short date range pointing to an hours reduction. With the GC council and state tourism board p
  11. What hidden gems are there, small details etc in local parks that you know about that the GP may not pick up on? I’m sure ex-ride ops or park employees may know a few. I noticed today on WWF that about 3/4 of the way up the lift hill on the right hand side there is sign that says (paraphrasing) “Management accept no responsibility for injuries or deaths on this site”. And whilst that fits the theme with the various random signs on the lift hill, the hidden gem is that the sign has a sign off on the bottom from the pseudo-site manager “G. Yong.” obviously r
  12. 100% Leviathan I haven't been on a wooden coaster since Bush Beast left us. miss the unique ride experience a woodie brings and the location itself elevates it. also excited for Steel Taipan however and DW having a classy full circuit coaster after all these years
  13. Old Faithful is working, it’s the first spout on the left that the air jet works but there is no water so you just hear the jet - it’s been that way since it re-opened in spring. Scooby hasn’t had lasers for well over 12 months, the lighting is cycling as per normal in the disco room, though the ghost train section is substantially darker than usual at the moment
  14. Storm coaster generally does run at night, it’s just down for maintenance from Feb 1
  15. Thanks for the review. I was underwhelmed last year too, only benefit was it was a wet night so we just did countless laps on Storm as we were drenched anyway. Looking forward to going in a few weeks (actually we’ve booked the final date of the season )
  16. Wedgie was closed due operational/logistics issues with queue separation with Covid when they implemented the queuing one ground level. Simply not enough room to have 3 separate queues down there and manage people queue jumping from Green Room to Wedgie once on the tower
  17. I doubt we’ll see any substantial spend at MW this year, that includes removal of AA. The focus is all on Leviathan, are revenue wise they are still a long way from normal expectations. whilst we may get an announcement of the AA replacement towards the end of the year, I wouldn’t expect we’ll be riding whatever it is until late 2022
  18. Good to see some semblance of intelligent decision making...
  19. I’m pretty sure everyone now days just considers GL as SBNO and if you happen to find it open when you visit, well it’s just a nice surprise (until you get in the queue and it closes again before you get to the front).
  20. Fully 6 is now Fully 3, with slide 1 added to the closed slides along with 2 & 3 (speed slides). the remaining 3 slides have their water pressure significantly reduced on previous visits, with the slides flowing more like a lazy river than a water slide... RIP has also been closed this afternoon
  21. Yep it’s absolutely ridiculous. there are still 30+ degree days in April. should at least be open until the end of the Easter holidays
  22. Annual passes are loaded on the app so they’d always be able to see
  23. Probably worth a mention that WWW moves into "'seasonal" mode next week. After Australia Day (Tuesday) the park then moves to only Fri-Sun operation. Fri 11-4 Sat/Sun 10-5
  24. At first I thought they’d changed the actual ride vehicle, then realised they just haven’t attached any of the theming to it
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