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    Fright Nights 2018

    GC600 on too this weekend will draw a lot of people to that precinct with nightly entertainment & concerts. I’ll be hitting FNs either tomorrow or Sunday night
  2. But everyone knows Koala’s are not really bears, they they are marsupials - quite the polar opposite really...
  3. Lol... given I had to overrule the autocorrect to make it spell that way, I assure you it was intentional... one doesn’t accidentally make a bear related spelling mistake when quoting a post about bears...
  4. Wow. Panda. Bear. Bearly. Oh and @RossL apologies if terrible dad jokes make you nauseous... but I have a good recipe that helps with lightenthefarkupitis
  5. Terential is bearly even a word. Did she have big bamboobs?
  6. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    And then he would have blamed the ride op from Oct 2016 for him needing to excuse himself to go to the bathroom in Oct 2018...
  7. So it’s a 20 person minimum AND maximum. So it’s 20 or bust? I’d say that’s ridiculous but on the Dreamworld-o-meter of decisions & ideas it’d probably only rate as ‘weird’.
  8. Maybe the maintenance team are on the way to fix the rides, but are walking REALLY slowly just to ensure no park guests think that there might be a problem...
  9. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    I won’t pretend to be overly knowledgeable about criminal codes & judicial/coronial hearings, but would I be right in saying the outcomes of this coronial inquest could lead to criminal charges? Penalties and fines to the park? Or is this purely fact finding to establish cause and effect, and then a separate criminal investigation/charging/court case follows?
  10. Because if anything goes wrong it will be the ride ops fault for not putting the right amount of people in the right seats.... so Mr Ritchie & the engineering department don’t care as long as they can tick a “it’s operational” box...
  11. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Mr Ritchie sounds like a tool who is looking of wipe his hands of an issue that was well and truly his responsibility and within the scope of his role. To say it doesn’t matter that the pumps are always broken as long as someone else does their job is passing the buck in the most extreme of terms. The whole idea of safety and redundancies is not to rest on your laurels in hope the final level - operator/human influence - stops a tragedy. I wonder if that’s why BS was retrofitted with seatbelts as an extra layer of safety redundancy, so Mr Ritchie could rely on the belts if he couldn’t be bothered fixing a harness that wouldnt secure correctly... after all, why fix it as nothing will go wrong as long as the ride ops ensure the seatbelt is done up...
  12. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    there was an incident on the Hotwheels Sidewinder where a train was dispatched from the station with a guests restraint not being locked down. say what? Thought there was a safety redundancy that negates this to be able to happen unless the ride was in maintenance mode?
  13. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Pretty damning TBH.... TWO Dreamworld workers have told the inquest into the October 2016 tragedy of the moment they slowed to a walk after realising guests might worry if they saw employees sprinting through the theme park. Dreamworld engineering supervisor Wayne Cox previously told the inquest he was unaware there had been a number of breakdowns on the ride the day of the tragedy and first headed to the raft ride in the afternoon. In his statement to police on October 25, 2016, Mr Cox told officers it was just after 2pm that he heard there was a Code 6 on the Thunder River Rapids and a technician was required. A Code 6 was typically used to describe a breakdown or ride malfunction. But minutes later, they were radioed again, this time signalling there was a “Code 222 Blue” at the ride. “Code 222 Blue” typically means there is a medical emergency at the ride. After hearing that, Mr Cox and Scott Ritchie, the theme park’s engineering supervisor, immediately left the rides workshop, located on the other side of Dreamworld and closer to White Water World. In his statement, Mr Cox said the two men ran about two thirds of the way through the park before slowing to a walk “so as to not draw too much attention to ourselves and alarm the park guests”. In the few minutes it took the two to arrive at the Thunder River Rapids, the code had been upgraded to a “Code 222 Grey”, a medical emergency involving mechanics and one that required all staff to attend. Dreamworld’s first responders were already at the ride, wading into the water to try and save the four adults but it was too late. The raft had already crushed four people to death. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE inquest into the Dreamworld disaster has heard claims staff were so scared of management they wouldn’t go to the bathroom. An email from a union representative was produced at the inquest that said there was a culture of fear among staff. Four visitors died when the 30-year-old ride malfunctioned on October 25, 2016, their raft colliding with another before flipping on its side. An inquest into the deaths of Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi is being held at the Southport Coroners Court. The email described how some staff members were so fearful of leaving their rides, they would allegedly urinate at them rather than going to the bathroom, reported 9 News. “It has been brought up... about staff having to pee at their rides, leaving their rides unattended and even being hospitalised with a kidney infection,” the email from union representative Jarard Drysdale said. “The point I am trying to make is that staff say, ‘supervisors don’t care - they are just out to get you’.”
  14. Brad2912

    Should VRTP sell Sea World?

    I’m sure it has been discussed somewhere. Anyways, although SW has become a less atttactive prospect from a Rides perspective, it continues to be very popular on the animal attractions standpoint, especially with Asian in-bound tourism. Whilst I don’t know the specific finanicial figures, I would take a stab that SW remains highly profitable despite most of us detesting the lack of rides or replacements for those removed. I don’t envisage for one moment that “Sea World” as in the US operators would want to be involved, nor do I believe the general community here would want it.
  15. Brad2912

    Universal Studios Australia?

    Except why would anyone visit Corroboree if it was stand alone? It would basically be a poor mans Currumbin Sanctuary. You’ve then got the problem of Tiger Island - it doesn’t fit in with an Australiana theme, nor is it geographically near that area, yet would be the only real drawcard if separated. WWW didn’t get enough unique visitors in its own right to the point they removed a separate gate, so they are not going to go back to that model, unless they charge $10 a head and $50 for an annual pass, no one would go... and at those rates it wouldn’t warrant operation.
  16. Brad2912

    Universal Studios Australia?

    Except VTP is total attendance across FOUR properties.... I don’t see DW ever being the type of park Universal would even entertain the idea of picking up and rebranding, the style of park, layout etc is about as far removed from a Universal park as possible. MW is a closer fit it it was to be any Australian park, but the reality is IF (and it’s as unlikely an IF as any imo...) Universal was to open in Australia in the future it would be a greenfield development, not an acquisition and re-brand
  17. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    You clearly have a strong passion for this area @Levithian and it seems a personal linkage or touchpoint. I understand and agree with a lot of what you are saying, but I don’t feel anyone here really falls into the category of people you refer to in terms of saying responders don’t deserve the right to sue etc.. I believe other guests in the queueline who witnessed the events are equally entitled to explore legal options also if they were effected negatively, Someone doesn’t need to be actively involved in an incident to be effected by it - just witnessing it can be enough.
  18. Brad2912

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    The Scooby Coaster Doo Spooky Coaster ? nope.
  19. Brad2912

    Universal Studios Australia?

    It’s not the size of the local population that matters, it’s the accessibility for tourists and the visiting population. Australia is literally in the middle of “no where” in terms of global travel from the Americas & Europe, whereas Singapore is a major stopover destination. Our population could increase to 40m and it still wouldn’t necessarily make us a more viable destination, as it’s not locals that sustain those parks, it’s tourists
  20. Brad2912

    Age Limit on The Giant Drop

    The rides has been open for the best part of 2 decades... the manufacturer suggestions wouldn’t change, and ability to handle g-forces isn’t age specific
  21. Better chance of ToT running a month straight without breaking down...
  22. Brad2912

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    What kids do you work with - Exclusive Brethren? And If they don’t watch tv, why are we even discussing what is relative for them, when nothing will be? btw my 6 year olds favourite cartoons are Animaniacs, Ducktales, Chip n Dale & the 90s TNMT. He’s been raised on them from a 2 year old because of my Appreciation for their quality, and I know many many people in the same boat. You are assuming kids don’t know shows because they are no on now, but kids watch what their parents put on in front of them
  23. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Who is Gary Newman?? and why do you believe that “Nau” phonically makes a “new” sound? Ie. Nautical - N-or-ti-cal not N-ew-ti-cal
  24. Brad2912

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    A FORMER senior Dreamworld manager is expected to make an application to give evidence under special provisions when the inquest into what caused the Thunder River Rapids Ride tragedy starts again on Monday. The special provisions will mean the employee will not be able to prosecuted for any information revealed about the tragedy during the inquest. The disaster occurred after a pump stopped working on the Thunder River Rapids Ride, causing water levels to drop and a raft to become stuck on the conveyor belt on October 25, 2016. That raft was hit by another carrying Luke Dorsett, his sister Kate Goodchild, her daughter Ebony, 12, Roozbeh Araghi, Cindy Low and her son, Kieran, 10. The four adults were killed. The children were uninjured. The second round of evidence follows two harrowing weeks in June when a number of revelations were revealed including a confusing control panel, a lack of training and cost cutting measure were in place at the time of the disaster. The inquest will spend the next two weeks hearing evidence from 22 witnesses — a majority Dreamworld employees including middle and upper management. Counsel assisting the coroner Ken Fleming said the next two weeks would shift focus away from the event itself and more onto Dreamworld’s safety policies. “We will be moving away from the actual event … it will be looking at that and seeing why they did this,” he said. The first two witnesses on Monday are Stephen Murphy and Grant Naumann, maintenance staff who were involved in ride breakdown procedures. On Tuesday the inquest is expected hear evidence from Dreamworld engineer Gen Cruz, safety officer John Clark and former Dreamworld ride operator Stephen Buss. Mr Buss was sacked by Dreamworld after a “safety incident” in November 2014 in which two rafts collided on the conveyor belt. Barrister for Ms Goodchild’s partner David Turner and Mr Dorsett father Shayne Goodchild, Steven Whybrow at the inquest in June read from Mr Buss’s termination letter that “a raft containing guests has bottomed out at the top of the conveyor due to water supply”. “An additional raft containing guests has then collided with it that continued to be pushed by the conveyor until it was shut down.” The inquiry was told Mr Buss shut down the ride and started it up again. The final witness on the list of the next two weeks is Dreamworld park operations manager Troy Margettes. Two days has been set aside for his evidence. In June ride operator Courtney Williams, who was at the controls when the tragedy occurred, told the inquest a manager named Troy had told her not to talk to police. Ardent Leisure Chairman Gary Weiss yesterday released a statement ahead of the next round of hearings. “Firstly, this will be a difficult time for many and our hearts and thoughts firmly remain with the families and all those affected by this tragedy,” Dr Weiss said. “Following the comprehensive three-tier engineering and safety review of rides and attractions that was commenced at the end of 2016, Dreamworld continues to implement parkwide safety initiatives covering rides, attractions, training and safety systems and procedures.” He said last month Workplace Health and Safety Queensland conducted a week-long inspection of all rides and no improvement notices were issued. After the conclusion of the two weeks of sittings, the inquest will return again in November. The November sittings are expected to focus on the role of the state safety regulators.