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  1. At 35 id say you are still a few years short of middle aged Alex... my 33 yr old self doesn’t like that that term could be thrown in my direction in 2 years. Gotta be over 40 at least to be middle aged.
  2. Log Ride "cage" photos

    RHLR still doesn’t have lap bars.. this change has nothing to do with lap bars... Last time I checked having a roof doesn’t secure you inside the boat... that tells you this change has been made to somehow mitigate a rollover causing submergance of guests in the water. The chances of a rollover occurring on a log ride, therefore requiring a mitigating redundancy, is clearly illustrated by the complete lack of this feature in any other log ride in the world.
  3. Sea World Carnivale 2018

    Disagree Skeet, but as I prefaced, I haven’t seen it done elsewhere to have a comparison. It could have been the worse water/laser/light show in the world but it’s all I’ve seen. unsure how you could make the claim of under-utilised lasers - I’ve seen a few laser light shows before and some of the laser projections onto the water spray - especially the rolling waves and the awesome depth they got on the barrels - were great and better than I’ve seen before. I do agree the song selection could certainly have been better - but from my experience, the lights timed in pretty well to the music to me - as did the pyro. maybe I have super low expectations, or maybe you are being overly critical? Truth probably someone in the middle!
  4. Sea World Carnivale 2018

    So made it to Carnivale tonight, I enjoyed it. I thought overall it was a vast improvement on last year due to the Aqua Colour light show. Not having seen vivid in Sydney or any such water show before - I thought it was amazing. Hopefully they build on that base for 2019 and make some changes to the food offerings which remained the same to last year. Certainly glad I found the secret to getting out of the car park easily - not parking in it. I parked in Phillip Park carpark literally opposite SW. We left our seats at the conclusion of Aquacolour at 8:45pm, and I was already merging onto the M1 from Smith St by 9:02pm. Given the “carpark full” signs were up by 6:15 - I imagine there are some poor souls still trying to get out...
  5. The Off Topic Topic

    Doomsday is a fun little flat. Motorsports area, well I guess it’s ok if you’re into that kinda thing. Rivals queue shouldn’t be long at all. Especially on Wednesday once all the kids are back at school. Enjoy your trip!
  6. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Dreamworld has already made it pretty clear that their intention, at least in the short to medium term, is not to compete with Movieworld on thrills and coasters. They are focusing on the family and experienced market. With Ardent’s long term involvement with DW far from certain, they won’t be dropping $40m+ on a coaster
  7. You clearly don’t have kids @themeparkaddict and hopefully you’ve got more between your ears before you do... a small kids flat ride is not installed to have a massive impact on your attendance. It’s to offer a further attraction to a key demographic in the park, a demographic that DW well and truly offers more for than MW. It’s focusing on its strengths, that is its family/young kids offering - that is smart business. to say a ride is a waste of money because the target demographic is under “parental authority” laughs in the face of the majority of Disneyland
  8. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Because ABC Kids world isn’t about family rides, it’s about toddler/kids rides (ie 2-10). MDMC doesn’t suit this demographic at all. The “BIG 9” doesn’t have to exclude family rides. Whilst MDMC wouldn’t be considered a thrill ride to me, it would be a an older child/young teenager
  9. Sea World December 2017 Improvements

    opening next year = 744 days to deliver the ride... you could build a 40,000 seat football stadium in that time frame. I don’t think they are anywhere close to reaching “damn we better get started” yet...
  10. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    It was testing 6 weeks ago as well...
  11. New passes at Dreamworld

    The only passes that were extended were those that lost time due to the closure
  12. Busy, as expected. Won’t drop off until the end of next week
  13. Sea World Carnivale 2018

    Oh great... food options were atrocious last year... can’t even comprehend them being more limited this year. Nothing says Carnivale like a Dominos pizza....
  14. Surfers Paradise alliance with VRTP

    Pretty much.. oh and Batman. its just cross promotional opportunities is all
  15. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    From TPSN (no idea who the statement came from as it’s not on DW’s page) Statement from Dreamworld Australia on the logride reopening! At the moment most likely it will not be opening Monday. We're in the final stages of testing, but we're currently working with external auditers, Workplace Health and Safety and engineering experts to get the final tick of approval. This end stage is taking longer than expected mainly due to the recent holidays. When we have a firm date we'll update our website and announce the reopening on our social media channels.
  16. Surfers Paradise alliance with VRTP

    Can you post the article?
  17. On the basis of negating an option based on a ride of similar concept existing, then we already have a family dark ride in Justice League. I like coasters, but am by no means anti any family friendly attractions, I have a 5 year old who loves rides and I would love to see more rides we can enjoy as a family. I’m just pointing out that dark ride doesn’t necessarily mean family ride. DW and MW are in competition so the existence of a similar ride at the opposing park doesn’t make a new similar concept an overkill or over saturation.
  18. Dreamworld - 2017 Log Ride reopening

    I’m thinking you’ll probably get more wet... the water that would usually shoot over/past you will now hit the stupid roof and fall back down on you. Fine for summer I guess... if they manage to get it open...
  19. Or you could comeback now and support them whilst they’re ‘down’... whilst the GC has plenty of coasters, the only ones basically worth mentioning are at MW. DW doesn’t have a decent coaster... whilst dark ride eludes thoughts of a family friendly offering... it could be a dark coaster... something Mummy-esque...
  20. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    In what world is Vintage Cars a coaster? And do numbers 8 and 9 not exist in this strange world?
  21. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    Not even 10 to list this year... I’ll have to drag this out... 1. DCR front row 2. DCR backrow (forward facing) 3. Superman Escape 4. DCR backwards 5. Arkham Asylum 6. Green Lantern 7. Jet Rescue 8. TOT2 9. Buzzsaw 10. Storm
  22. Could very well be a dark thrill ride.
  23. Draculas Haunted House Walkthrough closing

    if It was some type of market pressure to deliver only family friendly attractions, it wouldn’t have lasted over a decade... it’s simply a sign of the changing times and consumer interests.
  24. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    Not a single person on earth knows that answer definitively at this point in time.
  25. Really wish you’d remove that signature Push.. it’s beyond annoying. I’m not aware of any of this style of attraction that offers multiple ride programs and shows concurrently so I severely doubt you’ll find it happen with the DW incarnation. It will be the same format/theme for at least a few years imo.. that hardly hampers the experience if done well though.. BA:TR didn’t change for several years and it remained popular and re-rideable (well at least the original version)