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  1. What are they doing to the tower during the refurbishment
  2. These types of station are just sheds without most the walls
  3. Its good to see village actually theming this station instead of just buying a shed from Best sheds
  4. Yeah demolition I was in a bit of rush and it would seem like they are making a new structure because of them demolishing the old waiting area or whatever it was.
  5. So the demolishment of that hut near pad 1 was for the relaunch of the pad. if anyone knows what was that hut there for because when i had been to sea world I have seen it empty?
  6. I find interesting that WWW was the only park closed today would of though at least W'N'W would of closed too?
  7. Well we have the first park closure due to todays rain
  8. Why haven't they fixed that sign in years to the point where there are visible cracks all over it
  9. Sega is diminishing but it is in the incline with games like persona 5 becoming big hits and Sega's quality of games (besides the recent sonic games) have been really good and when sonic frontiers release's I hope it makes Sega as a company more powerful in the video game industry
  10. looks like it might not be happening anymore https://www.gamespot.com/articles/sega-exits-the-japanese-arcade-business-after-50-years/1100-6500070/
  11. I should of made it more clear but yes a date night kind of event Is what I was referring to and I should of made that more clear. obviously sea world does not fit a fright nights like event but as you said a date night or a big B&S ball might work in the park but it would be hard to attract that type of audience to SeaWorld because as it stands right now its a kids and family theme park. which is why I said they need to add more intense flats and a roller coaster before they can think of doing an event like that.
  12. I do feel like sea world need to add some more thrilling flats like vortex and and trident and a roller coaster on the sea viper land before they can do a more teen - adult oriented event but that's not for another 10 - 15 years at least
  13. I completely understand what you’re saying but I think I’m my point still stands that sea world needs to have a new event for the older crowd to entice them to visit and spread word of mouth to their friends or family. Something like a food and wine festival like at Epcot
  14. I admittedly haven’t been to any so ya my opinion is kinda invalidated but I got my ideas from the videos I’ve seen of the last few years if you want say that i don’t understand it because I haven’t been to one in person go ahead
  15. I can't see Carnivale lasting much longer if this decline in popularity continues. the best case scenario is that VRTP changes up the event to make it fit in more with SeaWorld but I don't see VRTP making the effort to change the event besides new food stalls and maybe a new parade float or two. My idea is that they should just give sea world a more teen to adult oriented event like some of the ones at the US SeaWorld parks.
  16. At least for now they can go a little faster than the family coaster nearby
  17. Judging by what @jjuttp said, the company that owned that location left that deal leaving the Carrara markets location owned by the markets. now the main company that owns the surfers king tut's will be moving to other ventures or going out of business guess we'll wait and see.
  18. Probably just haven't been in years so I don't remember any of it
  19. Well from what I remember there is one other King Tut's at Carrara markets so go there if you need your King Tut's fix
  20. If they are able to they should do something with the other half of the LTRR space. They should put a few small flats in LTRR space and a bigger flat on the speedy plot.
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