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  1. Considering there is filming involved in this safety video I wonder if it will be in similar style to the sky voyager safety video.
  2. Thanks didn't realize this was already a topic just thought it was new since its pretty late in the year
  3. Movie world has posted some of their Maintenance for the 2022 season
  4. Now that we have a new wiggle replacing the current yellow wiggle when should we expect dreamworld to change the branding to included the new wiggle.
  5. Jesus this ride is closed for nearly a whole year that has to be longer than doomsday long maintenance a while back.
  6. Sdsc is closed today for unexpected maintenance
  7. Well they already have the Kevil building as a purposed bulit maze so why make a new maze in the exhibition center so it does make sense why they have it in the Kevil buliding.
  8. Better be some paint they throw just to make your shirt look like a hippie from Byron bay.
  9. They will just get an office chair from Officeworks and call it day like they always do.
  10. Whats bad about is that it’s a giant cardboard display that clutters up the entrance with the other cardboard displays with info that can be reduced to a sign at the entrance.
  11. At least it looks like the exhibition space will be used for something other then shows and glorified bouncy castles.
  12. I like it when parks do big party's like this. it really brings the park to life with music, games entertainment happing throughout the park.
  13. The new stuff this year seems to be 3 new precincts, a Pirate themed dinner at dockside tavern and a laser lightshow.
  14. Besides the paid fast passes the Disney genie does actually look really helpful and convenient.
  15. I suspect this area has something to do with the farm stuff they are doing this spring.
  16. We can only hope that now scaffolding and the flags are gone big construction updates start happening and is actually acknowledge by sea world and not left in a dc rivals situation.
  17. Because Dreamworld Just loves protecting their history of out of place dryers.
  18. Well Here comes another opening day delay. https://www.smh.com.au/national/australia-news-live-sydney-s-lockdown-set-to-be-extended-victoria-says-australian-open-safe-despite-grand-prix-cancellation-20210707-p587gy.html
  19. Big dipper is looking like one of these right now.
  20. Looks like it will have a head chopper effect on the tunnel which is new for dreamworld since i'm pretty sure they've never had a head chopper before on a roller coaster. Excited to see if it will be good.
  21. Here's a video of winterfest for people who can't go (credit to destination dad and daughter)
  22. I kinda like how the reopening now lines up with my birthday.
  23. That superman thing looks like an actions comic cover similar to something like this
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