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  1. I know this may not said important, but references to the Monorail is back on the website. https://seaworld.com.au/attractions/rides-and-precincts/monorail
  2. Cannot wait for more of the first drop to be done next week!
  3. I'm talking about the last paragraph: "Tomorrow, something special will be revealed."
  4. And I cannot wait for that "Something special" reveal tomorrow!
  5. And it seems like they fix some of the footings. But.. I'm not too sure.
  6. I came back from Sea World today, and took some photos of the Jet Rescue's repainted tracks.
  7. I was there today, and the only thing that was standing, was the pipes of the tower. And.. R.I.P Mach 5. And also, there were alot of noise at the Black Hole ride. and yes, I do there is white netting around the ride, maybe to the repaint the ride.
  8. I know this might not seem important, but Sea World just put in a new Vortex sign installed on there billboard, but instead of saying it's opening on Easter, it now says "December" https://www.instagram.com/p/CG9BH6OpUc-/ And also, today is Sea World's 49th Anniversary.
  9. (Once again) Is there a Nearmap update? or is it the same?
  10. I'm hoping Jet Rescue won't get retired. Because it's my favourite ride in the park. 😟
  11. I'm Glad that it's a new Roller Coaster for Sea World. Because Sea World, in recent years, did lack rides, with there closures of there Iconic rides. But with these 3 new rides coming soon, i'm safe to say that it's gonna be called a "Theme Park" again.
  12. I came back from Sea World today! And I took some photos of Leviathan. I didn't saw anything happening on site today, But I'm happy that I saw The Wooden Coaster in person today. Unfortunately, I can't post the photos on the forum, Sorry. 😔
  13. One Question: How did you manage to get into the area?
  14. OzThrills on Instagram posted a Couple of Images on his Story.
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