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  1. No I don’t maybe the fact that I have a life outside of this space and time is critical. After this comment makes me question the engagement piece. Anyhow i am going to leave this right here. Have a great day everyone. Best BR
  2. The only reason someone would get blocked from my personal FB is if they are behaving in a manner that is not right and I cannot remember this but can confirm that I do block people where necessary on handles which I control. Check you message that I have sent re catch up. all the best mate BR.
  3. JDude95 the group in question are a great bunch of kids that have good fun and do the best they can, I don’t believe I get treated like god and not sure where you get this from. Nonetheless i don’t need any attention from anyone at this stage of my career. Connect and send me a DM on one of my social channels and I will meet with you so you can clearly see that my aspirations are not godly and I really don’t give a damn about what people think or how they treat me, be respectful and treat everyone fairly and be nice. You don’t have to have a million followers for me to comment on your platform
  4. Hey buddy nothing to do with Greg grabbing the mike. Chalk and cheese. Sure...I can appreciate your excitement. It will be worth it over time. It’s is accurate and true. Announcement has been delayed but worth the wait guys. Please bear with me.
  5. I was never pumping self serve stations so am a bit lost on your comment here. The only reason I have not been here is out of sight and out of mind. I need to make more effort and I will. And it not a matter of why I am anywhere it’s convenient sometimes to be where I need to be. They are not a bunch of kids, they are good people trying to make a difference to their existence amongst other things. I don’t have any ambitions to be a god or have an ego that would warrant this. Face book is easy. I have reached out to Richard to have something here on a regular basis. But I will
  6. All good and the very best to you Zac Thanks for understanding, I appreciate this very much.
  7. Zac, I don’t need a media conference anymore, neither am I here to pitch VRTP but am here to contribute in a constructive manner. The guidelines set by the owners of this forum needs to be abided by, I am happy to offer views on things but I cannot be seen here just promoting VRTp. I am working with the owners of this forum to have a Q&A down the track where I can take appropriate questions. Please also remember that I cannot talk about certain things as they are commercial in confidence and unfortunately everyone will have to accept that. All the best...
  8. Looking forward to seeing you....take care and all the best
  9. Trident is going ahead so not true. In life no matter what you do there will always be people that will disagree with it. Our analytics tell us a lot and we structure everything accordingly. There is always room for improvement in the Theme Park industry and that is something which needs to be constant and evolving. Opinions are important and everyone has one right or wrong.
  10. I believe there will be a lot of positive for this industry and VRTP will do exceptionally well. Let’s hope we get some good runs on the board and in the coming months normalise as quickly as possible
  11. Thanks Magic man, if only I had your powers I would make it happen today Thanks for the support we appreciate this sincerely
  12. You are spot on about the kids area at MW and the Arkham area, working on this but please have patience, if we had a magic wand and a truck load of cash it would happen yesterday but given the challenges we have faced with the Dreamworld accident and now this CV19 pandemic it’s hurt us but we will come back bigger and better that I can promise you here publicly.
  13. Mr Magician, as your name says, we have plans for WNW, yes it needs love and we will bring that back, again let’s deal with sea world first and then WNW, what we have planned is out if this world and I hope we can deliver this soon. It will be a Southern Hemisphere first that’s for sure. After a lot of sessions with manufacturers overseas and here we believe we are on the right track to make this Park where it deserves to be. Will not happen overnight but yes it’s on our radar 100%
  14. Never say never as I say we are planning to only make things bigger and better, it’s all about timing and investment. I strongly believe that Atlantis is the start to something special moving forward. Yes we are working together and we believe that together we can make this industry strong. This pandemic certainly interrupted and affected everyone. I did not for one second initially think much of it along with a ton of people that I know. I strongly believe that collaborating with competitors appropriately is beneficial, technology, safety, sharing of knowledge is a good thing.
  15. Hi There, happy to answer questions but I guess you will have to wait and see what happens. Yes at this point it is closed for construction and yes the attraction is very old and we are weighing up options as we do with everything and when the time is right and appropriate we will announce as a buisness not on a place like so as it would not be appropriate to do so. All the best.
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